Jen Delos Reyes, “Rethinking Arts Education: On the complex terrain of arts education today and expanded ways of valuing knowledge.

Whenever someone asks for a primer on unschooling, I point to “Astra Taylor on the Unschooled Life.” From now on, when I’m asked about arts education and how I teach (not just art), one of the pointers will be this talk by Jen Delos Reyes. It’s that good and it applies beyond art school. I also love the way she weaves together video and words from others, something similar to the stitched writing that I like to do.

I’m reproducing the entire bibliography (taken from the Creative Mornings page for the talk) here because it’s so similar to the lists that I have sent to friends curious about where to begin with teaching. If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time, you’ll recognize many of the names, titles, and topics it contains. I recommend all of these books, even the two that I have have yet to read (those from Rasberry and Repo).

  • Streetwork: The Exploding School, by Anthony Fyson and Colin Ward
  • Teaching to Transgress, by bell hooks
  • Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope, by bell hooks
  • Education Automation: Comprehensive Learning for Emergent Humanity, by Buckminster Fuller
  • Talking Schools, by Colin Ward
  • Learning by Heart: Teachings to Free the Creative Spirit, by Sister Corita Kent and Jan Steward
  • The Open Classroom, by Herbert Kohl
  • Deschooling Society, by Ivan Illich
  • Why Art Can’t Be Taught, by James Elkins
  • Experience and Education, by John Dewey
  • Freedom and Beyond, by John Holt
  • Notes for an Art School, edited by Manifesta 6
  • Black Mountain: An Exploration in Community, by Martin Duberman
  • Teaching as a Subversive Activity, by Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner
  • We Make the Road by Walking, by Myles Horton and Paulo Freire
  • Education for Socially Engaged Art, by Pablo Helguera
  • Rasberry: How to Start Your Own School and Make a Book, by Sally Rasberry and Robert Greenway
  • This Book is About Schools, edited by Satu Repo
  • Art School: (Propositions for the 21st Century), edited by Steven Henry Madoff

Thank you to Nicole for pointing me to the talk!

therealsurferrosa said: Teaching as a Subversive Activity’ Postman & Weingartner. It’s why I became a teacher and, after twenty years, it’s what I wrote my dissertation around. Probably out of print now and needed more than ever!

Thanks for the suggestion. I have come past this many times and will pick it up again and read it with a new set of eyes. Both authors have really changed education for the better! Luckily, it is not out of print. There is even a Kindle version.  This book is basically a manifesto for inquiry based education.

Here is a quote:

“There is no way to help a learner to be disciplined, active, and thoroughly engaged unless he perceives a problem to be a problem or whatever is to-be-learned as worth learning, and unless he plays an active role in determining the process of solution.”
Neil Postman, Teaching as a Subversive Activity

this quote perfectly defines the basic ideas of inquiry based education.

-Adventures in Learning