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chanyeols-park’s Questions :

1. K-pop idol you don’t really think about? and why?
Uuuhm, like in the groups I like? probably the ones I don’t particularly like? I dont really think about alot of idols just because I’m super forgetful?

2.Who got you to discover the world of TUMBLR?
*All by my self plays in the background* I did it all on my own accord ahha

3.What is your Favorite group?

4. What is you fashion style?
I do have a really nice fashion sense but I just don’t have the confidence to pull it off so I opt for jeans and wither a hoodie or sweater normally. Just whatever I feel like wearing really.

5. Have you ever listened to Engrish from your bias?
Yes! ahaha. Who hasn’t?

6. Who’s voice do you melt by?
Byun Baekhyunnies! :D and Zelo :3

7. Who is your favorite rapper?

8.Top 5 favorite groups?
Super Junior, EXO, B.A.P, B1A4 and Either SHINee or VIXX

9. Top 5 favorite idols?
Eunhyuk, Zelo, Tao, Gongchan and Baekhyun

10. Are you from the states?
Nope, I’m from New Zealand :D

11.Favorite friend on tumblr?
Oooh this is hard one! There’s so many!
Apart from my best friend doodles-music-and-unicorns, I would have to say you-na-mean and m-jupjup, My  fellow NZ K-poppers :D

My Questions for you:
1. Do you use XKit?
2. Do you have any side blogs? If so what are they and their ULR’s?
3. Five favourite blogs on tumblr?
4. What group got you into Kpop? are you still their fan?
5. What was your favourite childhood movie?
6. Top 5 kpop groups?
7. What languages do you wish you could speak?
8. What was the last thing you ate?
9. Last movie you watched? 
10. Headphones or Earphones?
11. OTP?

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2. yeolinthedeep
3. fab-exo
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