Some drawings from writing works I’ve read :)

1. Sorcerer randy from @anis5240fanfic about Randy turning evil and able to create red-black stank smoke and creating chaos to Norrisville High.

2. Little randy also from @anis5240fanfic about Randy getting a diary from his mom which he hates it in the 1st place. But he keeps to write his little adventure with little Howie from time to time. This fic is so cute~

3. Cute drabble by @sach216​ about little Randy and Howard meeting Ninja Kronk during Ninja Day celebration.

4. Adorable weinerham prompt by @smokebombs​ about Howard disturbing Randy from folding the clothes in adorable way.

5. A weinernom prompt as a gift for me @hamartophobia​. It was submitted privately to me so I couldn’t link it.

These writers are lovely~ check out their works!



1st batch of Ninjavember~ Wish Tari can join too but she’s busy with college entrance exam ;(

DAY 1: The Norisu Nine - Have a mug with Norisu Nine symbol on it :)

DAY 2: The Sorcerer - Badass Sorcerer from season 1 finale

DAY 3: Family - I’m sure the Weinerman siblings used to be in good relationship when they were just cute kids.

DAY 4: OTP/broTP - Can’t choose between weinerham or weinernom XD

DAY 5: Previous Ninjas - The previous ninjas appeared in the show :D