80′s high school AU continued! Part 1 

(extension of the last description here)

Erwin can only visit Levi by climbing into his window Sam Anders style because he’s terrified of Kuchel, plus Kenny knows they’re dating so he’s probably downstairs trying to distract her. (He has the key to her house and just let’s himself in when he’s not working.)

Plus Kenny loves Erwin because he makes Levi less of an asshole. 

vague-but-menacing and I are doing a bunch of 80′s eruri trash. 

Josephine Baker wed fourth (and final) husband, orchestra leader Jo Bouillon in 1947. They were together until their divorce in 1961. It was during this time Ms. Baker adopted her twelve children of different ethnicities and religions which she called her “Rainbow Tribe.” It was her desire to show the world that children from different backgrounds could live together as brothers.