So I’m watching a documentary show called Genius of The Ancient World, and there’s an episode on Confucius and they’ve just started talking about Ren. And when they went over the subject I was immediately thrown back, specifically, to when Adam said we would be seeing more of Kylo Ren’s humanity…

I remember in the beginning how we were all translating a bunch of new words from the film, because star wars has influences of and pulled inspiration from several cultures, most of them asian. And I know we’ve probably been over this already but I thought it was too cool not to post. ;D

Narrator: “Confucius encouraged these opened ended free thinking discussion, yet his students still looked to him for definitive answers…
Ultimately they wanted to know, ‘what was the essence of goodness?’ ” 

For Confucius, there was one all-embracing virtue, the most essential to cultivate, and yet the most difficult to attain.

Something called ‘Ren’

Narrator: “Ren is a very splendid word and idea, what does it actually mean? What quality does it imply?”

Tu Weiming (prof. of philosophy): “Many people tried to translate it differently. It’s been translated as ‘human heartedness’ as ‘good’ or ‘goodness’. But we prefer now to use the word as simply ‘humanity’.

“Every person, by definition of being a person, embodies Ren.”

I fully understand that it can mean absolutely nothing when it comes to these characters and that maybe its just a coincidence or they just thought the name sounded cool… but I like to think it could mean something. It’s kinda neat~


This is a childhood dream come true. a Disneyesque original song.

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