Noa the guardian - found this kitty in a plastic bag when she was 1 day old. Someone threw her away with 2 more kittens. She is the only one who survived. Still had her eyes closed and ambilical chord attached. We bottle fed her and adopted her when she grew up a bit more. Look at the size of her and Noas paw! 😍😍


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Dog Days of Summer

Izzy loves running.  As soon as she sees one of us reach for a pair of Brooks shoes she immediately perks up and starts running around showing off and trying to get our attention.  Sometimes I have difficulty just getting my shoes tied because she tries to insert herself into the process. (see below)

I’m going to keep kissing you until we go for a run

In a perfect world, we could take Iz with us on each and every run, but that doesn’t happen for a couple of reasons.  A lot of the time (especially in Eric’s case) we are trying to hit a certain pace and a 70 pound dog isn’t always conducive to that.  Other times, it is just too hot or cold for little Iz to safely run with us.  Hot pavement = no good for puppy paws

Izzy was the first one awake this morning though, so I let her call the shots.  I grabbed my shoes and her leash and harness and we were out the door.  We had a great time gallivanting around Midtown and the park.  We checked out a neighbor’s yard sale, stopped at Breakaway for some water, ran some new (to us) trails in the park, made a detour to the dog park, chased birds around the lake, and ran through a sprinkler for a good cool down.  

Normally, I just stick to the street or sidewalk, but the heat means those aren’t good options for Izzy, so I had to get creative.  4 successful puppy miles for us. She’s a pretty great running buddy (even if she did stop to poop twice).

PS - Izzy also had what I’m pretty sure was her first encounter with a Chihuahua today.  She spotted one in the park and stopped and kept looking at it and then looking back at me.  She was so confused.  Mom, what is that?  Is it a squirrel?  Is it a cat? A dog!  What happened to it?  Where’s the rest of it?!   

Can we go again?

3.5 easy lunch miles with Izzy. We took it slow. She was on her best behavior and so was my knee. Several people stopped us and complimented her on her appearance and behavior. Usually she is very shy, but today she seemed to welcome the attention and even let the garbage men pet her (I’m pretty sure she is fascinated by their truck and sees it as the ultimate doggy buffet).

I’m glad I brought Iz along because otherwise it would’ve been a pretty depressing run. Gloomy weather, all the Christmas trees sitting on the curb…January is here.

3.5 miles with this girl this evening. For once it wasn’t raining! The rain had just passed and instead of being hot and humid out, it was relatively pleasant.

I intentionally left my Garmin at home so I could just relax. For the most part Izzy didn’t mind our slower pace although we did get passed by other runners twice and she seemed to take this a little personally.

It’s usually early in the morning and still dark when I run through our neighborhood, so I enjoyed slowing down and admiring everyone’s spring yards. The white azaleas were out in full force today. Three more days until the 10 miler!