Yasushi Nirasawa has passed away. He was one of the very first artists to have ever influenced me, even before my art was ever anything more than a toddler’s scribbles and still remains one of the best of all time. He left us far too soon. 

He had brought in new vicious life to Go Nagai’s Devilman and made it his own. He had provided so many Kamen Riders across different eras menacing foes and allies for decades on end. 

Thank you for having unleashed your creatures on us, Nirasawa-sensei. Your work will always be cherished and your presence will always be missed. 



My art-hero, ever since childhood, Katsuya Terada is in San Francisco for the weekend but I’m currently half a world away (I keep departing wherever he’s going to be at, by a month; thrice now, once in LA, once in Japan and now in SF). 

Luckily my great, great, great friends, Richmond, Lateef, Dan and Stephen were there and they got to pass him a drawing I did for him and I got to skype-chat with him briefly. 

I definitely grinned like a chimpanzee all the way through.

I visited Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo today. They have a beautifully curated special exhibit called “The Power of Manga: Osamu Tezuka and Shotaro Ishinomori”. Anyone who’s around the Tokyo area should check out the exhibit.

I grew up loving these two master’s works and to be able to see their sketchbooks, notebooks, actual artwork for the pages and hand-painted illustrations in person was just unthinkable. The exhibit really blew me away. The “no-photo” rule really killed me, I had to draw the moment I stepped out of the museum.