New week. New goals. Same me.

So y'all every week I make some weekly goals. This weeks are Tumblr related so enjoy.

1) reblog body positive language. Re blogging things like “your lapping everyone on the couch” makes my body a competitor with others. And well tbh that’s a losing game for this sister.

2) no more reblogging body inspo. Now sometimes theres going to be photos with fit bodies but it needs to be about the action not the body. My body will never look like these picture because it’s my fucking body not sally on instagrams.

Hoping this creates more positive internal dialogue for me!


!!!!!!!!!BIG FREAKING DEAL ALERT!!!!!!!!!! Im a little down, and think to myself, why not go to your fave store from your skinny days. Old Navy. I havent been able to shop there in YEARS. Years people!!

So i walk in, grab a few jeans and tops, fully expecting this to be a “well this will just motivate you to come back in a month after doing more work” kinda thing. UM..THAT SHIT FIT GUYS. Not only that, but some of the tops were actually too big. Pretty fuckin sure the people next to me heard me squeal.
See this a pic, yes its horrible, yes im still at the high end of the size chart, but DAMNIT. i can just waltz into a store like a normal person and pick something out.
Those plus size sections full of cobwebs, flowered moo-moos and horrible high waisted pants are slowly creeping away.
Hell yes, today is a damn good day!!
And yes, I..who hates shopping, and equally, spending money bought 2 pants and a top. BOOM.
Omg I cant even.

Hi! My name is Darlene-welcome to my blog!
So let’s just get this out of the way-here is my before and after. As I have not yet learned to love the before pic, this is a little uncomfortable!
My weight loss journey started 1/30/2016 at 256.2 pounds. On 1/27/2017, I reached my goal and began the lifetime journey of maintaining 154 pounds. I went from a size 22/XXL to a size 6/small.
The journey does not end with meeting the goal-it now takes on a new life as I learn how to keep it off for a lifetime! I hope to explore foods and recipes, discover fun ways to exercise, and find motivation that keeps me going!
Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Have 50+ pounds to lose?

Then I want YOU on my feed! I love my followers, every single one of them but I’m also looking for even more like minded and like bodied beautiful people who also have 50, 100 or more pounds to lose that I can follow and will follow me back!

I have over 100 pounds to lose and am looking for motivation, others to share ups and downs with and share in one another’s victories as we go through our journeys to become more fit!

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I have a lap!

Let us all collectively ignore my dirty car and take a moment to appreciate this newly discovered Non-Scale Victory.

I have a lap you guys.  For longer than I would like to admit, my steering wheel and tummy were besties. Like, they touched all the space between them…it was sad. But today I looked down and noticed lap. and thighs..that and my ass actually fits in the car seat.  This is kind of great y’all.  Not gonna lie :)

I’m discovering the more I focus on something other than the scale my days tend to go better.  I may be the only one that notices these small changes, but my opinion of me is really all that matters. Soooo..I’m gonna run with this one.

Can’t wait to work out today!!!!!! AAHH!!