Dug deep into the Facebook archives for a little #transformationtuesday action. Not surprisingly it is difficult to find full body pictures of me at my highest weight. This one is from 2009 and I had actually lost a bit of weight here in preparation for my wedding (only to regain it immediately after). Current picture is last night in my new shirt! I don’t shy from the camera anymore, which is a great feeling. Taking charge of my health and happiness is the best decision I’ve ever made. #weightwatchers #beyondthescale #thenandnow @weightwatchers

Busy busy day today! I got my hair highlighted again (it looks great! Thanks Jess @jesyka247!!) And then Phil & I went to get more copies made up for our fundraiser. The copy guy said it would take 2 hours to do our order! What????!! Seriously, it’s easy & should only take 15 minutes! Other than being annoyed by having to wait so long, all I could think about was that my run was going to have to wait as well! Ugh! What is wrong with me!?!!! #RunnersProblems 😆
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Since April of last year my next mini goal has been to make it below 160. I’ve was trying and losing the same 3-4 pounds for months because I wasn’t being honest with myself.

I was not tracking. I was not eating healthy. I was not working out consistently. I was not drinking water. I kept telling myself I was doing everything right but when I sit down and look at it, I was not.

Since thanksgiving, I am down 7 pounds! Look at me losing weight over the holidays! And now I’ve finally hit my next mini goal! 🎉💪👍✔️😝🏋

Assuming I don’t mess things up, my total pounds lost on Saturday will be 30+

I can’t wait to weigh in and celebrate with my ww meeting family! And let’s all celebrate on here! No turning to food to celebrate for me!

Something i came across on fb…
The left is a 250lb person and the right 150lb. Look at the difference!! How much fat, not so much visible from the outside, but on the inside, crushing and restricting the internal organs. So much pressure on the joints and the heart to keep up with every day life.
I’m not far off the left and am gutted at how badly I am treating my body…

I’m fighting this and not going to give up. This picture has been such an eye opener to me.

When you’re updating your Weight Watchers card and you realise you’ve lost 71 ½ lbs in total! Not only that, but for the first time in my adult life, I’m under 200 lbs - I’m 198 lbs in total! 😮😮 Shocked yet happy! 😃😃 #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightwatchers #under200lbs #shockedyethappy #amazing #feelingood #lookingood #awesome #12stonehereicome

I definitely had to practice this today. I was pretty pissed off when I went to vote this evening & found out that I was registered for the wrong party. I never register with a particular party. So needless to say, I wasn’t able to vote. I made sure I corrected it before I left but I was still hella pissed off. How did I turn this around? While I still believe that it’s my right to not vote, I shouldn’t have gone so long without voting in the presidential election. But now I should be all set for the big election. I still would have liked to be able to vote for my person! 😕
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You never know who is watching!
My mom told me today that a girl about my age that she works with has been inspired by my before and during pictures I’ve posted to Facebook and Instagram and is going to join weight watchers up in DFW area and that I inspired my grandmother to join up in Wisconsin too…what?!? Me? An inspiration?? I never thought that anyone would say that about me and I feel so shocked! I guess it’s true that we need to work on seeing ourselves how other people see us.

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Awesome Weigh-In!

I had a great weigh-in this morning as I am now under 300 lbs for the first time since being pregnant with my son! So, it’s been 2 years. It was such an amazing feeling see that 2 instead of a 3 on the scale again! I am now down 29.6 lbs and am aiming to hit 30 lbs down next week. What a great way to start off the weekend! And I get to see @the1yearcountdown today! Happy Weekend everyone!