Snack - graham crackers stuffed w/ stevia sweetened cream cheese…the other with creamy natural peanut butter. 2 super ripe kiwis. Tazo wild sweet orange tea.

Chocolate chocolate chip muffins. I’ve been trying to replace my beloved cake mix, pudding, pumpkin puree, chocolate chip muffins for something a bit more natural. This modified skinnytaste recipe was okay…too many points for what it is [5 p+]. The not so healthy recipe is only 3 p+. I might just go back to that one because it’s easy and delicious. But before i do….does anyone have any really good point friendly chocolate muffin/cupcake recipes?

44 days til half marathon #3!!! I’m getting excited for it!! I’m pairing my fundraising efforts for the NH Humane Society with my half! Not only does the donation of at least $15 help the animals of the NH Humane Society, it will also count as a ‘Sponsor a Mile’ at my half marathon in April!! Cool right?! =) I get to raise money for the animals & talk about running! #SweetDeal!
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A little #transformationtuesday action, because I haven’t done one in awhile! Top two pics, August 2012, ~250 pounds. 👎👎 Bottom two are from this afternoon. Down 78.2 pounds thanks to @weightwatchers ! And so much more than that - healthier, happier, exercising FOR FUN?! #whodathunkit Soooo glad I made the choice to give #weightwatchers another shot. #becauseitworks #ww360 #wwsisterhood #face #weightloss #75poundclub #thenandnow #beforeandduring

Isn’t this interesting?!! I bought these the other day & had the 1st one today. It wasn’t too bad. But boy was I surprised when I went to track it & that it scanned as 4pp!! I calculated it myself & it still came out at 4pp! Just a warning to other Weight Watcher peeps out there! I did email Weight Watchers, but I’m not expecting an email back!

Every night I imagine how I will feel when I finally reach my goal. I imagine what I will look like. I imagine posting that picture, finally showing everyone all that I have accomplished. I imagine wearing the clothes that once weren’t so flattering. I imagine how happy I will be when I can say that I set a goal and accomplished it. I imagine how healthy and fit I will be, how awesome I will feel. 

This journey isn’t always easy, but don’t give up! In the end, you will be glad you didn’t! :) 

3 years ago today...

I stepped on the scale at my very first Weight Watchers meeting. While I had already lost a few pounds the week before… I still weighed in at 148 lbs (I’m 5’4).  6 months later I hit my goal weight of 128lbs (Weight Watcher’s Lifetime) and have been maintaining SUCCESSFULLY ever since. 

Today I stepped on the scale and weighed in at 129.8 lbs. I’m still within 2 lbs of my maintenance weight!!!

This is new...

So my entire life I have struggled with my weight. Yeah, I was picked on in school and I still have a difficult time looking into a mirror. Anywhoo, there are many exciting things happening this year and I want pictures to reflect me as healthy, happy and ready for whatever the future brings. So… I’ve really stuck to my WeightWatchers plan and exercise routine and I’m incredibly proud to say that in my first month, I’ve lost 11 lbs!!! 

Now obviously this has nothing to do with the art of crafting but I’m hoping I’ll slowly move away from my first blog (which I never really use) and start to personalize this blog a little bit more. Sorry if a post like this isn’t what you were expecting or would want to read but I know I have many awesome followers and I wanted to share some of my story to my tiny tumblr world. 

Anyway, I’m super pumped, happy and excited to see where this new me, and new mentality will take me. :) 

Weigh In - Week Two

Down another 0.8kg this week. That brings my total loss to 2kg in 2 weeks.

I’ll take it!

Other observations - my pants are feeling a tiny bit looser(!), and more importantly the good habits are setting in. I’m so excited to see how I do next week - and the week after that… and the week after that too!

My goal last week was to have more fruit and vegetables, and less bread, and I definitely achieved that - there was no bread baking in this house! This week the aim is to integrate some running in to all of my workouts, which should be perfectly achievable.

Did anyone else weigh in today? I’d love to hear you went!