Shout out to all the girls starting weight lifting

I just want to start by saying I’m proud of you. Just remember, you CAN lift some heavy ass weight, you deserve just as much of a place in the weight room as the other guys. You’re taking a huge step, and don’t let anyone tell you lifting weights will make you look “manish” or won’t help with your goals at all. Know something? You might not lose weight if you start lifting weights. Know what you will lose? Fat. Know what else you will gain? A firm, slender, figure. Just remember, the stronger you get, the better you will look. You may be the only girl in the gym and that’s OKAY. I know you might think everyone is judging you but I promise everyone else just wants to focus on their own workout. Keep at it, and soon others will look up to you in the gym.

I’m talking from experience-I’ve been lifting weights on and off for about 4 years now. I was about 16 when I started lifting, yet still looked like my chubby middle school self. My mom bought herself a book about weightlifting for women, and I started following the plan outlined in her book. I was SO self conscious when I started, I’d only lift light dumbbells in my living room while I watched Netflix. But I kept at it and soon I got stronger and stronger and I could see my body change more and more. I kept at it for about two years until I got to college. I missed weight lifting but I was too scared to go lift in the weight room, I thought everyone would think I didn’t know what I was doing. I lost all the progress I had made in two years and even put on some extra weight. Finally towards the end of my first semester I started going to the school gym again and frankly it was terrifying. I was the only girl there and I felt like I was going everything wrong. But I kept at it, I got stronger and more fit and I made some great friends along the way. I’m a junior in college now and I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m friends with the “big scary” muscular guys I would have never talked to as a freshman. I would have never gotten to this point had I not faced my fears about the gym and lifting weights.

PLEASE don’t let anyone tell you you’re going to look Manish or bulky if you lift weights. Don’t let anyone tell you lifting heavy weights are for guys only. Don’t let anyone harass you for being the only girl in the weight room. Women need to make weightlifting the new norm. If anyone here EVER has questions or concerns about lifting please let me help you. My ask is open and nothing makes me feel better than helping a newcomer in the weight room. I know you might get a lot of shit for starting in January but just keep at it, I believe in you.


This is Stephen. He loves sports, and his coaches are getting him ready for Special Olympics. He has a speed coach, Coach T, and a weight coach, Coach J. We’re all trying to build up his confidence for competing, and hopefully by the end of March, he will be ready. I wish everyone could have Steve’s heart, determination, and his passion for the things he loves!!! He’s not yet the fastest or the strongest, but he has a HUGE heart. Help him build his confidence!


Ok peeps. 2018 is here and I’m back. New plan. New macros. New diet. New workout. Any questions, ask or Anon! I don’t bite. Here we go!

Food Diary & Workout Day 1 (chest & lats of thefitgeek cutting Q1 2018)

Workout Day 1 (chest & lats)

fyi… I’m in some serious pain right now. Post workout 2 hr. That’s a good thing. Day 1 of week 1. I had to edit wk1. I’m weak. I’ll admit that right now. So what you see for wk2+ in Excel pic above will be edited for proper progression and hypertrophy. My chest is weak. I barely got through the benches and inclines without crying. Strangers… Complete fucking strangers actually routed me on… That was nice. Gym wasn’t as busy. We do have a freeze warning (south GA). But it was nice. Mentally, I feel shitty. I’m weak. And I hate it. But it’s just day 1. I’ll progress!!! Fyi…. I’m still in fuc..k…i…n…g… pain!!!


wake up.. 15min home workout. And I forgot to log that shit. Fuck!!! Leg lifts. Situps. Fly’s. Streches. Kale matcha smoothie. Go to Dunkin.

breakfast: 2 corn tortillas layers in this order… Avo + Chicken+ egg + black beans + Italian diced tomatoes + homemade everything but the bagel seasoning. Green tea and coffee

lunch: tuna burgers broccoli peas sweet potato and chickpeas

pre and post workout: homemade pre workout protein bars. I’ll post the workout bar recipe soon, trust me, super simple… having a chocolate peanut butter smoothie after workout. I bought 10 condiment containers for $1 at the dollar tree. Perfect size to fit all my ingredients for a smoothie. Only thing I had to do was fill a workout bottle with almond milk and water. After work out, dump container into bottle. Shake. Bam!!!

dinner: chicken , homemade frozen vegetables black beans chickpeas and I’m tired as fuck so I’m combining you bedtime casein cottage cheese with dinner

I’m gonna go crash now. LOL! This will get better. Focus! 💪✌️💖