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Forty years before the fitness craze came out of California, at a time when most women simply did not exercise, Marilyn was quick to realize that to further her screen dreams, a little body toning was a sound investment. In 1943, when still married to first husband James Dougherty and living with him at the Catalina Island maritime service training base, former Olympic weightlifting champion Howard Carrington taught her to use weights for fitness. 

According to Anthony Summers, after separating from Dougherty, Marilyn spent a lot of time on the beach with expert swimmer and lifeguard, Tommy Zahn. However, Arthur Miller says she never learned to swim properly: “It was the only awkward thing she ever did.”

At the start of her modeling career Norma Jeane applied herself to learning the mechanics of how to walk and move. She read up on human anatomy and bought drawings of human musculature by Renaissance anatomist Vesalius. Using this as a basis, she developed an exercise program designed specifically to develop certain muscle groups: a regular forty-minute-a-day exercise program, including a workout with a pair of five-pound dumbbells. 

In 1952, the year she became an A-list star, Marilyn revealed some of her exercise secrets in a Pageant magazine article entitled “How I Stay In Shape,” accompanied by photographs by Andre de Dienes which, truth be told, were posed more to show off her trim body than her weights technique. Life also featured Marilyn working out in a 1952 photo feature (pictures of which appeared in the summer 1998 issue of Women’s Sports and Fitness magazine). Philippe Halsman’s pictures, taken in Marilyn’s apartment, show Marilyn in blue jeans and a bikini top, bench pressing dumbbells and doing a head-stand. Marilyn explained to the photographer her exercise ethos: “I’m fighting gravity. If you don’t fight gravity, you sag.” A rather dubious photograph, reproduced in Anthony Summers’ biography, supposedly shows Marilyn jogging through Beverly Hills service alleys.

This dedication paid off. It is not clear whether Marilyn kept up a regular exercise regime for the rest of her life - in the late fifties her weight fluctuated by as much as twenty pounds - though she did try her hand at a number of sports. Her remarkable physical endurance and stamina served her in other ways, allowing her to recover from the increasing doses of drugs she took for insomnia and anxiety much faster than her doctors were used to seeing in other patients.

In her last year alive, Marilyn took up yoga as a means of trying to relax and be better able to sleep.

- The Marilyn Encyclopedia by Adam Victor.

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