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Literally the only thing keeping me on track at the end of this pregnancy is meal prep and planning!

My next weigh in and final one with the dietician is a week on Monday and Iv literally planned and pre-tracked in my fitbit app every meal and snack untill then!

I literally have a homemade smoothie every day for breakfast, I prep 4days worth of main meals (with carbs) for lunch times and then 4days worth of some form of spinach salad with just proteins! (Picture above is fajita chicken spinach salad)

The only snack I have regularly is sometimes a hot cross bun in the afternoon when I’m flaking and sometimes I try to just stick to strawberries or banana!

I’m drinking 4400ml of water a day, 2x rasp leaf tea and 1 coffee!

And I do at least 10,000 Steps a day!

I’m always tired, always sore and hungry quite a lot of the time but I’m winning at growing a humongous baby and still losing weight although that has slowed right down this month now that he’s growing so much quicker!

By 20 weeks I’d gained 22lb (not including the 10 I gain between ovulating and the 2ww time) and I’m currently down to only gaining 10lb so far which is still coming down!

Crazy how different pregnancies can be! I’d gained 6stone by this point last time and was in a world of torment and pain from pregnancy!

Last time I lost 20lb in the first week after having Olivia. Of this is to happen again I’ll be the lowest weight Paul has ever known me and lower than pre-pregnancy!

A year ago today, I underwent what became the best decision of my life; my vertical gastric sleeve surgery. At 286lbs, I decided that it was time to take control of my life. Those first few months after were probably the hardest months of my life. Learning how to eat again and being so afraid of failing. Almost regretting the decision as I recovered…but I definitely don’t regret it now. I am so thankful to myself for making the decision to get #wls It has shown me all of the things I am capable of; all of the dedication and hard work I can achieve. A year later, I have gained more then the 115lbs I have lost. I am happy. I am healthy. I’ve faced my biggest fear since surgery: gaining weight back (almost 20lbs) and was able to lose it again. I may not be quite at goal yet, but I am happy where I am. I will keep striving to be healthy, but it’s not entirely about losing the weight now. Losing the weight is no longer important. What’s important is continuing to be healthy, to be happy, and to love life and myself.


Hopped on the scale this morning and it said 249.6lbs! Do you know what that means?? It means that despite my body taking its sweet-ass time, I am down 50lbs from the day of surgery! 😄🎆🎉🎈 This also means I am now closer to 200lbs than I am to 300. Squee! Drop the mic, I’m out.

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Weight loss update #5

Yay for being good to yourself! 😁 Boo for depression! 😭
I have lost 3 lbs since last week and I’ve lost 12 since January 9th! I forgot to do measurements today, but I know it’ll show cause my shirts and pants (and panties lol) are all looser on me! Saturday my little niece and nephew came up and the three of us played basketball for 2 hours! It was so much fun! Hopefully my oldest niece will be coming over Thursday and I’ll get to meet my great-nephew. He was born 10 weeks early and only weighed 2 lbs 2 oz. He’s done wonderful and got to come home this past weekend!
So the bad stuff: depression. It sucks. It takes me away from everyone I love and prohibits me from doing anything. I’m so sorry to all my friends that I haven’t talked much to, I love you all so much and I miss you!! 💕 Please understand that I would if I could, but I can’t. 😔
Thank you all! Love you!! 💞💞💞

Just because I needed a little reminder that this journey is a slow and steady one. Small changes are the biggest excitement. I’ve hit a stall, but I will get to my goal.

Where I’ve been (and where I’m going)...


I’ve been an epic failure at regularly updating this blog. It seems that life loves to get in the way more often than not. However, I’ve been able to stay on the wagon (for the most part).

Here’s some things you’ve missed that you might care about:

I HIT MY 100 POUNDS LOST MARK! Like… a month ago. After a really big stall, and once I hit it, I then resumed my really big stall.

Look at how FAKE my smile is in that first picture, and how genuinely HOT SHIT I am in the second one. ;D

The picture on the left is from last June and the one on the right is from this June. So it took me about 12 months to lose that 100, though the serious weight loss has come in the past 5-7 months post surgery. I was also confident enough to post this on Facebook, despite the fact that I will always and forever HATE the way my arms look.

Right after hitting that big milestone, my stall lasted about another month. I took some time to reevaluate what I was doing, and knew that I wasn’t following my plan as closely as I should have been. I only had my self to blame, and in mid July got back on the horse!

I’ve since lost another 11 pounds, which is phenomenal (I think!). I’m about halfway through my first Advocare 24 day challenge, so I’m excited to see how many inches I’ve lost when it’s all said and done.

And here’s a progress pic from today:

I tried to line up the size and shape of the phone to make sure the different was properly captured, but I think I took it from different angles so it’s not exactly perfect! This is December 29th - Today (8/9), so a little over 7 months and 90 pounds! Sometimes you have to keep your fat clothes around to seriously show you the results.

As far as where I’m going…

Hopefully nowhere and everywhere at the same time! I want to become active in the community again and track the progress of all of you lovely ladies and gents. 

BTW: Elbow boob is slowly but surely diminishing… it’s like an A cup now.

See you all around!

Happy transformation Tuesday. The first picture was taken a month after my sleeve surgery. 4 months have past and I am feeling healthy and happy. I am still only 5 months post op and have a long way to go. As I have mentioned recently, I have been struggling with portion control and bad food choices. My binge eating has been out of control. I’m hoping it’s just a phase, but I plan to kick myself back into gear. I am going to do the 5 day pouch test next week.

My life has been changed for the better and I can’t wait to see what my future has in store for me.

108lbs down!

Officially hit -50lbs lost and surpassed it at once, with a total of 52lbs lost!! 💜 I’m so happy. I am starting to see a difference and my clothes fit better!! This flannel would not button up when I bought it, so I always wore it open. I tried it on last night and I could button it up all the way no problem!there’s even excess room on the chest portion, as I have a very small waist. 48lbs of this weightloss was pre-op!