I need your help guys..

I want to eat right and fresh and healthy and need a day to day guide to help me start out. A plan that’ll tell me what to eat and when and how much. A specific guide not “some greens everyday!” No I need more specific than that.

Anyone have a site suggestion or a book to help me???

Please and thank you!!!

Thanks to a lifestyle change prompted by her six-year battle with an autoimmune disorder, the 43-year-old rapper looked slim, trim and nearly unrecognizable this weekend as she attended and performed at Alexander Wang’s H&M launch in New York City.

Having already lost 70 pounds in 2002, Missy says she lost an additional 30 pounds recently, which she credits to eating healthy and Shaun T workout videos. #MissyElliot #weightloas #fitlife #fitness #healthylifestyle