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*a few moments later*
s.coups: what do you want to eat? i’ll treat
seungkwan: pig trotters…. everyone let’s be honest, diets always start from tomorrow


Week 7 Day 1 of Couch 2 5k complete 😊

25 minutes nonstop running

It was hard as hell but I pushed through it

This is the workout all 3 days this week so I’m just going to try to go faster and push myself harder as I go.

25 minutes is a record for me. I’ve been consistently breaking my own record and running for longer and longer and it feels AMAZING. I’m so proud of myself. I’ve doubled my previous best from the last time I tried getting fit.

Ready to get stronger all week!

Day 67 RECAP: 1,314 calories in, approx 643 out through cardio, approx 671 net.

Ran 7 miles, did 100 pushups. Forgot to stretch. Didn’t drink alcohol, did moisturize. Counted carbs but it got up there. Got a lot of work done.

My Loseit app has started doing this new thing where when it recaps at the end of the day it says, “If you continue like this, you’ll hit goal by this date. AND THAT’S ONLY THIS MANY DAYS AWAY!” I don’t know if it started doing that because I’m nearing my goal weight or my app is just sick of my shit and ready to quit, haha. And speaking of apps I can’t upload pictures to tumblr via my phone app anymore, @staff ! What’s up? 

Starting keto again today. I have a loose meal plan and a grocery list, hoping not to spend too much money and make some bulk dishes for what promises to be a bad week. If anyone’s wondering why I’m not posting about my sobriety challenge it’s because I’m not as good at it as I thought I’d be. Luckily encouraging myself to go 15 days has meant longer streaks of no drinking, and I’ve decided to just keep up an expectation of “no drinking” for the rest of the month. If I screw up it’s OK, but attempt to get my sobriety streaks longer and longer until a week is no big deal. Then maybe start facing up two weeks. 

I have so, so many things to do this summer. I think 5 weddings and a family reunion, to start. Plus a beach party with my husband’s volatile ex in June. (I wish I could say that wasn’t the BIGGEST motivator but it really is. I am what I am.) This summer’s gonna come whether I’m ready or not, I really need to get more strict with myself. I got goals and stuff.

Thinking about getting the Weight Watchers app for a 3month try…maybe input the same info into MFP and compare, see what I could be doing differently with MFP to use it better maybe? I wonder if my settings are too high..or too low on MFP…


It’s an app for weight loss records weekly calorie stuff. TELLS YOU ACCURATE CALORIE COUNTS FOR ANYTHING YOU SEARCH!!! And provides a graph of where you are on your weight loss journey and how soon it thinks you’ll meet your goals. My favorite part besides the search feature is that it doesn’t yell at you for eating too little 💕 stay strong, babes

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm trying to lose weight because I am overweight but I might be able to help you gain weight. The only way your body can gain weight is if you take in more calories than you burn off. They have apps where you can count this (usually they're weight loss apps but you can put in that you want to gain 1-2 pounds a week) and it will adjust your calorie goal. You probably aren't eating as much as you think just like I was eating more than i thought before I did this. Good luck!

I’ve used various apps. I actually pride myself on knowing a lot about nuitrition, I’ve learned both thorugh books, the internet and in school (culinary).

I know exactly how much I need to eat to gain weight, I know it up to every calorie, every gram or fat, carbs and protein, I know it all. And as much as I try to eat according to that, it doesn’t work. I do not gain weight. I’ve gained one kilo in over four months. I lost weight during Christmas, despite eating more than usual. Trust me, I know exactly how to gain weight, but it just doesn’t work.

Pokemon is so pure and honestly changing my life I have walked about seven miles in the last few days, I have been getting dressed and out of bed everyday, I’ve been going to be early to wake up and walk when it is cold out, I’ve been eating healthier to have more energy to walk, literally this is amazing and I love this app with all of my heart. 


I’ve officially had 5 different people say extremely rude/negative things about my weight on dating apps in the last 4 months. Gay men are so ridiculously terrible to each other, I don’t get it? I’ve experienced some discrimination due to my sexuality, but it’s nothing compared to the amount of hate I’ve gotten from other gay men. There’s no sense of community at all. I can’t even try to make friends that are gay, because they immediately judge me for my weight, femininity, interests, etc. it just really beats you down after a while, and I’m over it. It really makes me hate being gay…