weight watchers


Left: February 2013 - 310 lbs

Right: June 2015 - 199 lbs

-111 lbs so far

Today I reached the ONEderland!! This is my first time being under 200 lbs in 5 years and I can barely contain my excitement! Aiming to lose at least another 50 lbs to become a Weight Watchers Lifetime member. If you do the work you will see the results…unfortunately the inverse is also true ;) Best of luck to you all! 

Here’s a quick progress pic. It’s definitely ‘before and during’ as I have a lot left to lose (as you can probably tell). I’ve lost almost 2 stone in 6 months, it’s not been as fast as I’d like but progress is progress and making these little comparison collages really spurs me on. I’d like to have lost a total of 50lb by my son’s first birthday (13th Nov) so I feel I’ll have to step up my game in order to achieve this. I’m hoping to lose 75-100lbs in all but I just figure I’ll know when I get there so I’m not committing to any figure in between there just yet.

Zucchini "Meatballs"


These meatless meatballs were a HUGE hit in my house, I even let my neighbors and friends try and everyone loved them! Made with grated zucchini, garlic, Pecorino Romano, basil, bread crumbs and egg, then baked in the oven and finished in a pomodoro sauce. Serve them as an appetizer, over zoodles, whole wheat pasta or with a crusty piece of bread on the side.

A few weeks ago I made these awesome eggplant “meatballs” and the most asked question I got in the comments and on Facebook was can you make them with zucchini? Loving the idea, especially since I have a few giant zucchinis on my counter I put this to the test and they turned out awesome! I had to change the recipe a bit from the eggplant one since zucchini is very watery, and they turned out great, even better than the eggplant in my opinion and everyone who tried them, loved them!

Click Here To See The Full Recipe…


It’s has been a long couple of months, but guess who finally broke into the 200′s! Adios, 300′s I wish to never to see you again, and keep working away from you.

Ahhhhhh, I am so damn excited!

I am 6.4lbs away from reaching my 4th 50lb weight loss goal. I just can’t believe how far I have come, it’s seriously blowing my mind.

  • Total Loss from starting WW In 2013 at 493.3LBS : 194.9LBS
  • Total Loss from highest known weight of 534.4lbs: 236.0lbs

I just want to throw out a thanks to the tumblr community for always being there for me, and helping me out when I needed it. :)

Super mega awesome #nsv to share. I used to always hate clothes shopping. Plus size clothes can be hard to find and not always that cute. On my last trip to Europe, 8 years ago, I did a lot of window shopping for clothes. I loved the idea of finding something cute and unique to bring home. But, I learned very quickly not to even bother going into the stores. Clothes in my size were basically impossible to find. Flash forward to this trip, and were wandering around SoHo in London. I see a window of really cute dresses and decide to pop in. The guy in there working tells me this is a totally independent clothes shop, and he actually designed most of the dresses in there. And, I find one I love, and they have it in my size. It was the most amazing feeling!!!


Today’s workout and eats.
Barely stayed within points since I went out for Mexican food with a friend for dinner.
But I figure I’ll save some weeklies just in case my tracking is off ☺️
Day 2 back at class was pretty tough, but I didn’t die like the board says.. So I’m counting that as a win lol.
Feels good to be back on track!

I can’t decide if this is: “Fall down 7 times, get up 8”


The very definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results).

I’m doing Weight Watchers again.

It helps to be in a room of people who also struggle with their eating. Plus it gives me a date each week where I will be weighed in.

When I do this on my own, I tend to stop getting on the scale when I know my eating has been excessive.

Something has to give.

- I’m so uncomfortable in my own skin.

- I’m so out of shape that I sweat and pant just walking from my car into work.

- I have to fly to Texas for work at the end of August and I’m terrified they’re going to throw me off the flight for not fitting in the seat.

- The seat belt in my car is barely getting around me.

- Most chairs with arms dig into my thighs and bruise my hips.

- My feet hurt first thing in the morning when I get up and start walking.

This is no way to live.

I’m desperate. Doing things my way has not worked.

So the new plan: I’m going to just do what WW tells me to do.

Get in my healthy guidelines, count my points, do some activity several times a week.

I hate that this is so hard.

There is a part of me that scoffs and says “It’s only food. Just eat less and exercise more. It isn’t rocket science.”

But it’s not that easy.

I don’t drink, don’t do drugs, don’t engage in casual self-destructive sexal activity, don’t thrill seek, don’t smoke…

My drug is food. It’s my comfort when sad, my celebration when excited, my activity when bored.

I need to change my routines so I can eventually fix my mind. So food becomes fuel rather than an emotional outlet and intoxicant.

I wish there was a magic wand that would fix my brain.

But since wishing things would get easier has never worked, it’s time for me to get stronger.


Omg! I am so proud of myself! I said I would workout at dropping the pounds before we left the beach, and look what I did!!

I reached another one of my 50lb goals even!!!

That’s a total of 242.4 lbs weight loss from highest weight and a loss of 201.3 since restarting weight watchers 2 years ago!

This is such an amazing way to start my vacation! Even if I come back having gained any weight (because I plain to enjoy myself) I will know I’m capable of reaching this again. 😍😀

Have a fantastic week everyone!!!


I said I was going to be off WW the week I’m on vacation… And while I’m not counting, I’m noticing the subtle changes in me. For the past 2 days, I’ve ordered kids meal sizes for whatever we ate, and last night removed the fried onion and bacon from my chicken breast.

Right now, I’m eating at Panda Express. The old me would have ordered a 2 entree meal and eaten all of it. Today, I ordered a kids portion and although I still got my favorites… Orange chicken and lo mein, it’s the correct portion size. Guess what? I’m satisfied!! I’m happy with the newer me.