weight training for runners

A Note on Running Form

I think when people try to “lean into a hill” while running, they bend from the waist. This isn’t what leaning should be, and its bad for your back. Try leaning your whole body forward, and don’t just bend at the waist.  

The point of the lean is to move your center of gravity forward farther.  If you hinge at the waist, you’re barely changing the center of gravity, you’re adding stress on your low back, and you’re adding unneeded stresses on hip and back muscles.

…just saying.


First time posting progress photos on here…these photos are 3 months apart the first one was February and the second one was just a couple days ago. Looking at these two photos makes me extremely proud to know that I worked my ass off and am getting results. 

I really loved this yoga program that I tried out today! 🙆

I’ve always liked yoga, but found that classes I took or videos I followed were always either:
1. Way too hard and isn’t yoga supposed to be relaxing
2. Sleeping on the ground the whole time not getting a workout at all
3. I can’t follow what you’re saying because I don’t speak yogi! And what’s with all the candles and chanting?

But I know that I’m not flexible AT ALL and that’s one of my biggest weak points. Plus, I’m a runner and stretching is hugely important to runners and something that most of us don’t do nearly enough. 🏃

So when I tried out a video from 3 Week Yoga Retreat, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s marketed towards beginners, but it’s still challenging enough to feel like a workout even though it’s “just yoga.” I felt sufficiently strengthened, stretched, and relaxed by the end. 🌻

If you want to try it out (especially my runner friends!) let me know! 😊

April 12
Forgive me for this weird ass pose, I see people with actual arm muscles doing it all the time and idk I think my butt looks cute. So. There ya go.

I think we may have found a winner for half marathon shirt; it’s big, a nice color, not cotton, doesn’t chafe, and doesn’t show my sweat. A good contender for the moment. Of course I have like literally 5 months to figure it out lololol.

Yesterday was chest / back / triceps and a short 2.25 miles. For some reason, even though I started pretty early, I felt very rushed to get through the last couple sets because I wanted to finish in time to catch the train that gets me downtown before RTM closes at 6. Literally having your fresh grocery place closing at such an early hour SUUUUUX so much. I barely had enough time to get back and stretch after my run, even though I ran faster than I was expecting the day after Afterburn.

I’m starting to get frustrated because of the lack of weight loss I’ve been experiencing these last few weeks, despite the rigor and variety of my workouts. I’m eating well, sleeping well, taking vitamins every morning, changing up my routine all the time… I legit don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I feel better about my runs I guess, but it’s still annoying to be working so hard and doing everything you’re allegedly “supposed” to do, and still not seeing any results. If anything, I’ve gained weight. Wtf. Over the summer when I was doing T25 ONLY, I was slimming down so fast. I know it takes time, but I’m spending so much time on this and I’m very committed, so it’s just very discouraging to see not even a damn pound off.

I think it may have something to do with how quickly I can eat after my workout. I know I used to hear all the time if you don’t eat pretty much immediately after your workout, you might as well not have done it. Part of the annoying thing about working out at work is having to commute home afterwards, which is not a small amount of time. I also usually have to rush out of there in order to catch the damn train so I’m not home at like 7:30 and have no time to make dinner. So it’s not like I can hang out and like have a smoothie or a meal or something. Idk.

Do we know how much time you actually have after a workout to eat before you risk not fueling right? I’ve heard anything from half an hour to 2 hours, and that’s a big difference… Does anyone else experience a plateau because of improperly fueling? Any advice on protein bars I can buy, or something quick I can prepare as part of my late lunch that won’t be a bitch to do in the morning? I just bought Luna Protein bars yesterday to hold me over until I can find a good solution, but I’m not a big fan of how much sugar is in them. Bleh.

Chest / Back / Triceps
3x each

15 reps lat pulldowns w/ machine, 60# resistance
15 reps chest fly w/ elevated legs, 10#
15 reps lawnmower pulls, alt. sides, 10#
15 reps bent over wide rows, 10#
15 reps bench press machine, 30# resistance
20 reps cobra late pulldowns
15 reps dumbbell pullovers, 10#
15 reps bent over back fly, 6#
15 reps chest fly machine, 30# resistance

2.25 mi
9'33" min / mi

Listening to: “Power” by Little Mix


Wrapping up accountability for October. Monday I ate well and had a great pilates session. Tuesday after the awesome Halloween events at work I did 10x400 on the treadmill. I’m super proud of how I avoided going overboard on sweets on Halloween. Also I started October at 160 lbs after a bit too much celebrating my birthday month, and ended at 155.4 lbs. Great progress!


Cardio c25k wk5d3…. D.e.a.d! No, I did NOT jog 20min straight. I got to like 8 :23 near Denson before I said fuck this shit and started walking. And know what… I’m ain’t mad neither. Not one damn fucking bit!!! Wednesday I was doing 3x5. Yesterday was 2x8. And now you want me to do 1x20???? I don’t fucking think so!!! Not yet. I’m not ready. I’ll TRY to do a 20x1 in 7 days. Maybe 14 day. Let me make 2x8 easy. Then I’ll throw in a 2x12. Then a 1x20. Let me adapt. Humans just can’t go full on into it… gotta have some foreplay.. shit… Lol

ST: (upper) - cable belts
1x15 standing curls
2x20 standing curls
1x15 barbell pull up
2x20 barbell pull up
3x20 military press
3x20 tricep pull down
3x20 lateral pull down

Fyi: I’m on 75 (10, 25, 40 belts). I need a a stronger belt or suck it up at the gym. Ugh… Idk. In my zone. Chillin. That’s all that matters right now.

I’m feeling sentimental today, as I picked up my bib for my second half marathon.

On the left is a photo from Halloween 2013, the right is from last month. In 2013 I saw that costume and thought it was cute, and a little badass. However when I tried it on I looked- well… pregnant. Seeing as I was not with child I decided I had 4 weeks to drop a few pounds. And I did!

A few weeks after this photo was taken I fell in love with running. I gained a passion along with the loss of pounds and low self esteem. I didn’t just look better; I felt better too.

In each photo you see a smile on my face. Both genuine. But you can see in the one on the right how much I’ve grown and how much I’ve learned to love my body- because it can do amazing things❤️🏃🏽‍♀️

So here it goes on Sunday another chance to push my mind, body, and soul!