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I have officially hit my 70lbs goal!! Make sure to go to https://youtu.be/cQZN6WP45SI and watch my “how I Lost 70lbs” video. I’m a normal person with a normal life and just made it happen. So can you! There is no magic pill….just hard work and determination.

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Have you ever taken or know anyone who has taken extra stuff like pills or whatever to help lose more weight? If yes, did it work?

Weight loss pills are basically ‘thermogenic’ pills, which increase your body temperature, resulting in increased metabolism. These are NOT magic pills that somehow cause you to lose weight. They are to be used as supplements on top of a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

If your diet is not in check and you don’t exercise enough, these will do nothing for you besides make you uncomfortably warm.


I was 45 lbs heavier, unhealthy & not happy. The best decision I ever made was to make a complete lifestyle change; getting healthy & fit! I didn’t get on any gimmick diet or take weight loss pills 🚫 With focus, dedication & hard work I lost the weight & toned my body the healthy way…in the kitchen & gym! I love sharing my story to inspire others to make the same changes in their lives.

A lot of people ask why my face isn’t in the before picture and it’s because when you are that unhappy and unhealthy…it can feel embarrassing. I can tell you that I surely wasn’t smiling like in the after :)

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Hi Chris! I was wondering how you feel towards shakeology, it works and other "lose weight naturally" products?

Lol well I put shakeology and ItWorks on completely different levels.

I’m not a huge fan of meal replacement shakes because I think it’s super important to learn portion sizes and how to cook for yourself. You can’t rely on meal replacement shakes for the rest of your life, but I recognize that they can be helpful, especially when you’re just starting out. I would never spend money on it, but that’s just me.

ItWorks body wraps for “weight loss” are 100% money-sucking bullshit and I unfollow and block anyone on social media selling that crap. Even worse is the fact that ItWorks distributors often steal before and after pictures from people who actually DID put in the work and make the changes necessary to lose weight sustainably, and that drives me crazy. Just no.

And while I’m at it, weight loss pills or supplements are money-sucking bullshit, too. If they actually worked, wouldn’t everyone else be using them and bragging about their results?

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Why is gaga being fat ? It's not a good look

“It’s not a good look”? Are you kidding me? She looks better than she has ever looked before! She looks happy and healthy, now that her ribs are no longer protruding from her chest. And the fact that you call this fat is really worrying. You’re the reason why artists like Lady Gaga, Kesha, and Demi Lovato have eating disorders. If this is the look you want, I don’t know what to tell you. She was starving herself to get to the weight that she was in that picture. And to know that she’s happy and healthy, and you want her to skip meals, pop weight-loss pills, and work out just for your approval, than you can stop being a little monster right now, because that’s not what being a little monster is about.