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gemkelsey submitted:

Starting Weight: 273lbs

Current Weight: 162lbs 

Goal Weight: 140lbs

After dieting for a year, I maintained for a year and now on the weight loss journey again having lost a stone however really struggling for motivation at the moment…so hoping this does the trick. 

Originally lost the weight through food alone and calorie counting, however this year have incorporated exercise and lengthy gym sessions as it is becoming a lot tougher to lose. Any hints and tips on how to budge the last 22lbs will be gratefully received.

anonymous asked:

Hey, so I'm counting calories and eating ~1800-2200 a day + exercise in an attempt to lose weight. But until school starts again I live with my family and they're really rude about my weight, my sister asked me how many calories I thought I ate a day and I said 2000 and she just laughed and said yeah right. To make it worse I've lost 5 kilos this summer so far and they just haven't noticed at all. They won't be supportive if I tell em I'm on a diet; what should I do?

Your sister is an asshole. Losing 5 kilos is AMAZING progress! There’s proof that what you’re doing is WORKING and you’re doing it in a HEALTHY and SUSTAINABLE way! This is you’re body, YOU are in charge of it. Please ignore your family and keep working hard, other people will see your progress in time.

lauraskingdom submitted:

Around 60 kilos (132lbs) difference.  It took me around 2 years.. and what i did basically i change the way I ate.. I quit refined sugar, like soda, cakes, ice creams, pastry etc.. and I increased my intake of vegetables and fruit, I started to drink lots of plain water, and I started using stevia and instead of buying processed food I cook my own desserts sugar free.. that’s the biggest change that brought me where I’m now.

I recently found a folder of old photos of myself and you can see in my face how unhappy I am, with so many things in my life. It couldn’t be more different now and I recently had a stranger come up and ask me why I look so happy on a dull day.

With a waist measurement the same as my thigh was, I bumped into a friend at the gym I hadn’t seen in 2 years and he was stunned; “I never thought…” he started to say, and I jumped in with “I never thought either. I gave up. I resigned to a life of self neglect.” But somehow I picked it up and ran with it.

And I just keep on going baby. It’s never too late to turn things around.

I can’t believe I used to be bursting out of these elasticated size 22 jeans on the left. Feels so good to get into some non stretch button up size 12s

Set Goals – Set goals to beat your past records in distance ran, push-ups or chin-ups you can do, weight you can lift or degree you can stretch. Fitness goals make the gym a game where you strive to beat your previous high-score.

So I absolutely love my then and now pictures because they remind me to be so proud of myself. Even if I stay at this weight I’m so much better off than I used to be and I always think that’s worth celebrating. I use that before picture because it was my absolute heaviest at 260lbs. I’m now 185 and while I still have some work to do in order to reach my goal, I think I have to give myself credit where credit is due. Go me!

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sublimink submitted:

Due to my extreme addiction to junk food, going on a strict diet and losing weight was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I used to eat like total garbage, eating about anything that was deep fried/covered in sugar! I started my weight loss journey back in February (Feb. 8th to be exact) when I went on a strict diet of cutting out ALL junk food, refined sugars, and bad carbs. I lost most of the weight by just dieting, since I was busy with school, I barely got a chance to go to the gym. Both before photos were taken mid February and both after photos were taken late June (about a 4-5 month difference between the photos).

Height: 5'5"
Starting weight: 210
Current weight: 157
Goal weight: 120

I still have a long way to go to achieve my ultimate goal, but I’m more than half way there!