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I looooove grocery shopping! I got all of this for $38 at Aldi because I found another “buy $40 get $10 off” coupon in the paper! 

I bought frozen green beans and peas, baby carrots and hummus, canned beans, ground turkey, sour cream and tortillas to make homemade crunchwraps this weekend, chicken sausage, three boxes of reduced fat wheat thins (they’ll probably only last until the end of the month lol,) chicken breast, almond milk, pesto, canned tuna (packed in water,) spinach, goat cheese, and some cereal that Jake likes.

From left to right:
1. January 2015 – 198.8lbs
2. December 2015 – 135lbs
3. December 2016 – 144.6lbs

Yes, I am heavier now than I was a year ago. My body has changed so much for the better with increased muscle mass and strength.

Size doesn’t matter. Weight does not equal size. I wear a smaller size now at almost ten pounds heavier than I did in the middle photo.

Don’t be afraid to eat. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy. Don’t be afraid to indulge yourself occasionally. It doesn’t take one day to lose 60lbs, much like you won’t put it back on after one day.

Just a friendly reminder ❤️


A must-watch video on how your mindset can affect your diet, exercise and many aspects of your life (It starts getting really interesting around 3:28)

This TedTalk is given by Dr Alia Crum a professor, psychologist, and researcher investigating how mindsets affect health and behavior.

Sometimes when a workout gets tough and I want to quit I imagine that I’m a professional athlete and that an audience is watching me expecting me to give it my all. It’s embarrassing but it does work to motivate me
—  BuzzFeed

I’m getting a CHIN! 🤗 Can you see a difference? Let me know if you do; because sometimes I see it, but most times I don’t!

I used to read people posting about how they can’t see a difference, and I’d say “Are you crazy? Of course there’s a difference!” But now I totally get what they meant. 12 weeks. 3 months of eating clean and working out. IM PROUD OF MYSELF

HW: 96 kg
SW: 90.6kg
CW: 81 kg? (Too scared to step on the scale. Haven’t checked my weight since two weeks. Last I checked I was 81.7 kg)

I need to keep this going because my amazing personality could use a banging body 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥better keep this going.

lauraskingdom submitted:

Around 60 kilos (132lbs) difference.  It took me around 2 years.. and what i did basically i change the way I ate.. I quit refined sugar, like soda, cakes, ice creams, pastry etc.. and I increased my intake of vegetables and fruit, I started to drink lots of plain water, and I started using stevia and instead of buying processed food I cook my own desserts sugar free.. that’s the biggest change that brought me where I’m now.

Progress photos are the best!  This did not happen over night ladies and gents… This is the culmination of 6 years of ups and downs and I’m still fighting every single day!

Today is a flat day, so I need this for myself to remind myself of how far ive come and how good it can feel!