weight loss insperation

Weigh in week 2

Last week’s weight: 202lbs

This week’s weight: 202lbs

Lost the week: 0

Lost total: 4lbs

Even though I walked over my step goal every day and cut back on eating, I still didn’t lose weight this week. But I have gotten a lot of people telling me I look smaller. I don’t see it but they do say I shouldn’t rely on a scale. It should be how I feel. And I feel great!

I noticed when I was walking everyday, more than 3 miles a day, I felt better. I was mentally sharper than before. I have bad memory problems from my medication and working out helped my brain run smoother. I was less depressed and anxious. Don’t get me wrong I still had panic attacks but not as often. I used walking as a way to let all the bad vibes go and the good ones replace it.

I felt like my life was over because my mental illness. I gave up. Plain and simple, I stopped fighting to live. It wasn’t till my suicide attempt that I got my life together. I really put the time and energy in making myself better.

First I started with my mind. Going to counseling every week. Go to the support group 5 days a week and actually doing the work. After I got my mind on track, I started working on my body. I’ve had so many failed attempts at my weight loss journey that I’ve just wanted to give up and say fuck it.

But some odd reason I keep coming back to it. After a couple of weeks not working on my body, I see a post of a before and after and I want to do that. I want to be the girl in the photo looking happy at her new body.

I want to work hard for it and not go the quick way. I want to do this the healthy way and the right way.