weight loss goals

Progress photos are the best!  This did not happen over night ladies and gents… This is the culmination of 6 years of ups and downs and I’m still fighting every single day!

Today is a flat day, so I need this for myself to remind myself of how far ive come and how good it can feel!


Obsessing over my work outfit today!  I’ve had this top for a while and I’ve never worn it before because it showed too much!  But today I felt I could pull it off!

Super proud of myself because my boy wanted junk for dinner and I stayed strong and convinced him to have meal prep with me instead!  And turns out I must be a little bit serious about this at the moment because there were cakes put out at work and I didn’t even go and check them out.  When someone asked me if I knew what was there I surprised myself because I’d actually forgotten all about them.  Normally I would dwell and obsess until I ate them!  Winning!

“Your current habits support your current weight. If you start changing your habits from unhealthy to healthier ones, then your weight and body will change. Focus on changing just one habit each week. This will move you closer to your weight-loss goals. Remember: It takes time to change. Many of your current habits were formed over years, so be patient and kind to yourself.” — Heather Robertson, life and weight loss coach