Not doing great?

clean your room
open curtains/windows
take a shower or bath
put on clean clothes
get out of your room a bit
drink a glass of water
get the hard/important stuff out of the way while you have energy
set some (any!) goals
remember that it is okay to have bad days

I looooove grocery shopping! I got all of this for $38 at Aldi because I found another “buy $40 get $10 off” coupon in the paper! 

I bought frozen green beans and peas, baby carrots and hummus, canned beans, ground turkey, sour cream and tortillas to make homemade crunchwraps this weekend, chicken sausage, three boxes of reduced fat wheat thins (they’ll probably only last until the end of the month lol,) chicken breast, almond milk, pesto, canned tuna (packed in water,) spinach, goat cheese, and some cereal that Jake likes.

mrbroooks  asked:

I just start going to the gym again. My goal is weight loss. I go three days a week, is that good enough for now or should I increase gym visits?

It’s great! You don’t need to workout 6 days a week to lose weight.

But you will have to make sure your nutrition is on point.

Tips on how to lose weight:


My hair is finally getting long. Stopped bleaching it and it came back to life! I’ve also been working out ✌🏻️💪🏻💦

I'm paying myself for my runs 😁😁😁

I got the idea from others on here. My payment is a little steeper than what I’ve seen though–$1/mile. I’m saving up for a whole new wardrobe. Which is soooooooo necessary because last night I packed up 70% of my wardrobe. 4 massive bags full of clothes that don’t fit me at all anymore. So bittersweet!!! 😭😭😭

I’ve had a perfect day of eating! I think I just needed to kick myself in the ass a little. 😂

Breakfast: Protein smoothie. Almond milk, peanut butter protein powder, cacao, greek yogurt, chia seeds, banana, and spinach.

Lunch: Pesto salmon with green beans and brown rice.

Dinner: Turkey sausage, pepper, and onion skillet.

Snacks: Cheese stick, clementine, boiled egg, and a square of ghirardelli dark chocolate.

I hit my macros perfectly as well! Feeling so much better to be back on track after a few off days. I hope you all are doing just as well! 💕

Workout number two in the books! It was a decent lifting session but it was kind of a quick one! I kept getting work calls like crazy!

I always like getting a “pump” (as my brother calls it) midday to break up work insanity! I really am enjoying the schedule of cardio in the morning and lifting in the afternoon. I don’t like to run with food in my stomach so if I don’t run till midday I will put off eating which I know wrecks my metabolism!

Anywho hope y'all are having an awesome day!

Day 51 | 261.9 lbs.

My scale weight is up another 2.6 lbs. and the moving average is up 0.4. This is the part where, in the past, I would get depressed and give up. But I’m not going to do that this time. I’m not giving up despite the fact that my scale weight is up nearly 7 lbs. since last Friday for some reason. What I am going to do is continue working out and start abstaining completely from the foods that drive my weight gain. I’ve said I was going to do this before but never followed through. This time I will, however, because I am on a mission.