So I’m not religious but I always find Lent a good excuse to usually give up chocolate or alcohol or something like that.

But this year I am giving up calling myself “fat”!!!

No more “ I look so pudgy, my thighs are huge, look how big my belly is”

This is a big thing for me and I’m going to try my best not to say anything negative towards my body size.

What are you guys giving up?


You’re right I do wear a lot of gray! 😎

Had a good run this morning! I was running a bit late to get out of the house but got my 2 miles in! I was pretty sore starting out but towards the end the preworkout kicked in and my legs felts stretched out, I love the stretch of sore muscles! This afternoon I am gonna go lift, not sure what muscle group I am gonna work yet.

There is also supposed to be cage soccer this evening, I haven’t touched a ball since thanksgiving! Our first match is Sunday!

Hope y'all are having a great hump day!

February 2017 check out

Weight on Feburary 1, 2017

Weight on Feburary 28, 2017

February weight loss
4.4 lbs

Total weight loss
17.4 lbs

Closing thoughts
I cannot believe I am 17 pounds down. February was also a lot more productive than it felt during the month – I averaged about 1 pound per week of weight loss which surprises me. I’m down two jeans sizes from my highest. My tops are fitting looser. When I look in the mirror, I don’t see a difference, but I can feel a difference. Like when I cross my arms over my chest, it feels different. Other than that, I just feel lighter. I feel more energetic. I feel good. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m doing a really good job preparing my meals at home and sticking to my new only-eat-out-on-Saturday rule, which is good for $$ as well as health. I feel in a lot of ways like I’m getting better at being an adult – I’m regulating my own time better at work. I’m brushing my teeth regularly and even flossing semi-regularly and using a makeup wipe every night before bed (washing my face is still too much for me). I’m keeping up with laundry and housework. And best of all, I’ve trained myself to wake up early. I’ve always been that person that rolls out of bed at 8:30, rushes like hell, and gets to work late. But nowadays, I wake up on my own before 7am. I’m getting to the office at like 8am and I don’t even report to anyone in person right now. It’s awesome. It’s life-changing.

Biggest areas I need to improve on are water intake and activity. When I was living in Seattle, I would average 8,000 steps/day without even trying because you walk so much naturally. Here, as with other places I’ve lived, there’s not as much as a walking culture and I average 3,000-4,000 steps per day. And I don’t exercise beyond normal daily activity. I’m not ready to start an exercise regimen, tbh. But I do want to make an effort to hit my 10,000 steps more often than I currently do.

Thank you for following <3 On to March.

Yesterday I felt really positive and upbeat. I’d be lying if I said I felt the same today but I’m stronger then my mental health. I’m not gonna let insecure thoughts and overthinking get me down💪🏼👌🏼🤞🏼💛

About to go into work and do an 11 hour day (🙄) and then hit the gym for a good cardio session tonight. Body’s sore from yesterday’s weight session but ain’t gonna let that stop me ✌🏼🤓. Have a good Wednesday everyone!!!!!

March 1

SW: 214.2 (1/1/17)
CW: 198.0 (3/1/17)
-16.2 lbs

February started hard and got harder. My mental health deteriorated to such an extent I could barely function. Work on my thesis came to a standstill, and everything else took backseat as I struggled with that.

It actually started looking up near the end of the month, though, and that’s where I am right now. Not “better” but functional. There’s still a lot of bitterness I’m working through as far as friendships that never blossomed I hoped would and friendships that stalled because of my anxiety. 

Still, deep breaths. This is where I am.

The good news is that, despite everything, I maintained between 197-198. 

March Goals

5k steps/day
100 push ups/day
hit 190 lbs

Some days I only manage 2k steps, some days I go well over 10k. I’d like to bring up my lower end and be a little more active on the not-so-good days. 

The 100 push ups challenge seems simple and good. I’ve already done 10, and after this post I’ll do 10 more. My arms are so weak, and I can’t do a “real” push up yet. This has been something I’ve wanted to get better at for a while so knee push ups are better than nothing. Maybe by the end I’ll be able to do a few reps of the “normal” kind?

This whole journey is focused on losing weight right now. Eight pounds in a month isn’t a huge goal at the weight I’m at. As long as I remain moderately on track, it should happen. I just need to stop eating foods I know mess with my body and cause me to bloat/kick in cravings. Starting back up with myfitnesspal today. If you want to connect over it, message me.

That’s about all. A little disheartened, but I can and will be better.

so, it’s officially been a month since I made the decision to become a vegetarian and boy, I did not realize how hard it would be to give up chicken. All the other meats in the world didn’t interest me at all, but omg i didn’t realize how addicted to chicken I was. I had some off days where I did eat meat, but I’ve gotten better at making the decision to not eat meat.

something that really helps me stay focused on not eating meat is watching documentaries on the food industry tbh and remembering that there’s a reason why we as a species don’t really need to eat meat. 

trying new food recipes has also been great. I found out i love brussel sprouts and broccoli and that I enjoy veggie burgers and that I didn’t have to give up any of the foods that I really loved. I didn’t realize how little meat I ate (besides the chicken).