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Hello people of the interwebs! 

I posted on this page ages ago - first around December 2014 when I lost my first 10kg and again in April 2015 after losing a further 10. And now!! Final 10kg lost AND fear of public humiliation (read:walking in public in a bikini) conquered! 

SW: 85kg

CW: 55kg 

Height : 171cm ( 5'7")

Feeling : abslutely in love with my body and the person I am today. Thank you to all who post here -you motivate me every day.

Lizzie submitted: 

 Highschool me age 16 187lb 5'5
Recent grad me age 23 118lb

In between I had a baby, went up to at my highest 209lb
I was bullied severely in highschool for my weight and skin. There is hope. Vegetarian living green without a car. I walk to work and live as green a life as possible
Who you used to be isn’t your destiny unless you choose it.

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As being someone who has been struggling with weight issues and self-esteem problems, today I felt great about my body. My depression has been pretty bad over the past week, but yesterday and today I felt like a normal person. My fellow tumblr peoples have really helped me, along with my close friends from home. I never post anything like this, but today, it feels okay.

anonymous asked:

Chris, I was about to start working out (like a new beginning) but I just overheard my family talking about my weight and what should I eat, I'm just completely discouraged to do anything  and feel terrible.

Well your weight and what you eat isn’t their business! They have their stupid opinions, ignore them and don’t let any of it discourage you from making the changes that YOU want to make. You aren’t doing this for anyone else. Set your goals, start working towards them, and ignore the noise.

fatmaninalittlesuit 90 day challenge


I just did my chart for August - you can see it here 

I basically just tweaked John’s chart which you can view here but I’m also tempted now to make one for my fridge / bedroom wall with less columns like @fitchris25 does - and you can see examples of them here

(I did one of those for June with a cute border and it’s still on the back of my door.)

Ahhh so excited for Monday now. Who else is in? 

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If you think I’m trying to bait all the best accountability buddies I can possibly think of.. you’d be right .. I’m not that subtle. 

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I’m gonna love next Monday though, honestly!