That shine on my face is sweat 😭 there was way too many people at the gym to take a selfie 😏 so I took one right when I got home (excuse the messy room)
A accomplished a few things today. I did 5 mins on the stair master (a personal best!) and I did legs after 💪 and for a non-scale victory, this sweater used to be really tight, but now it’s got some give 😁

Tell me. Did you eat enough today??

your body needs fuel for everything. it WILL stop working if you dont feed it enough, just like a car without a gas or your phone without a charged battery. 
So…. go and eat something. 


behold. I’m starting to look like something other than just overweight. I have excess fat a lot in the tummy area and arms and thighs still but I feel like I’m starting to be shapey again bit by bit. I think I look pretty nice just now but it’s nice to put these up and look later when I’m finally at the weight I wanna be, that how different I look. Idk, it’s nice.


Just finished my workout for the day 💪🏻🏃🏻‍♀️ 

Today, I upped my time on the treadmill because I was feeling like what I usually do isn’t enough… which also means that I upped the amount of time that I run… and boy, that killed. 

I did some back and chest today also, which made me feel great. I really missed lifting! 


Summary of today : Too freaking hot outside…

I don’t have any energy because of that and it’s upsetting! Can it be fall already please ? Ugh. If next week is like this one temperature wise I will try to go for a swim at least…