This morning I stepped on the scales and they read 172#. I have never in my adult life weighed as little as one-hundred seventy-two pounds. At one point in time when I stepped on the scales they were closer to 300# than 200#. Hands down this is the most emotional & rewarding journey of my life. Every day is an improvement. I am constantly assessing and adjusting my goals. My training is tougher & more consistent than ever. My nutrition is on point & macros get readjusted as need be. I have a new set of goals and am ready to smash them.👊🏼

I finally did it and got myself back into ketosis!!! I’ve been try for so long!! Mama I made it 🙌🏼. I had tons of help from my boyfriend (because he’s also doing keto & he motivates and cheers me on). I’ve never been so happy in my life. I went back into meal prep & the biggest tip I can give you guys is: keep things SIMPLE. Hope y'all have an amazing week 😊

-5.4 pounds

down 5.4lbs this week! i was a little worried i wouldn’t lose any weight for some reason even though ive been eating realllllllyyy healthy and exercising at least 5-6 days a week. idk why i was doubting myself but it definitely gives me more confidence for next week!

SW: 220
CW: 174.6
GW: 170
UGW: ~150
Total lost: 45.4

Starting BMI: 33.1
Current BMI: 30

im gonna go out and buy a tape measure today along with some protein powder that ive been meaning to buy just haven’t been to the store yet. i wanna start calculating my body fat percentage and try to see some more results with measurements

Can we like, not knock on other peoples' favorite form of exercise?

Like, you love to run miles on end? Frickin’ rad! You hate cardio and only lift? Badass! You do yoga? Cool! You only do calisthenics?! Awesome! You only walk laps around Target to get your steps in? GO YOU! You’re being active the way that you can, or makes you happy. And if you’re doing something you hate, you probably won’t do it long enough to get the results you want. So just enjoy falling in love with being active and don’t worry about what will burn the most calories or what people are telling you you SHOULD be doing.

Weigh In 3.26.17

Starting weight: 242.1
Last weeks weigh in: 212.4
Todays weight: 210.2
Lost this week: 2.2
Total lost: 31.9

I knew that the 3.4 lbs to go to meet my next mini goal would be a stretch to accomplish this week but I was still really hoping and aiming for it. A little bummed I didn’t get it this week but I’ll definitely have it next week with only 1.2 lbs to go. Still progress.

I know I post weight loss shit all the time but I have such a hard time believing that I’ve made progress, or feeling better about my body (shoutout to gender dysphoria), so I really need these before and after pics to prove to myself that I am making progress and that I am healthier. So sorry for the spam, I’m just proud of myself 🙏🏼💪🏼 left pic is April 2016, 175ish lbs. right pic is was yesterday, March 2017, 135 lbs. This was all thanks to intermittent fasting (the warrior diet, water fasting), elimination of gluten, and a general focus on healthy eating, smarter portion sizes, and smaller eating windows. If I can do it, so can you


(Not a very exciting one to anyone who’s not me but still.. a story none the less)

YESTERDAY was low carb day. My day starts off great. I make an omelette and some bacon, then head off to get my taxes done by my old high school business teacher (who evidently gives me advice on how I can start and grown my own business within the next 3 years).

Then I come home, and everyone starts making sandwiches for lunch. I make a salad and have some rolled up turkey slices for protein. Yum!

So far the day is going well!
Until.. dinner. No one can figure out what to eat. I forgot to take meat out of the freezer to thaw, my dad went out, my moms still sore and can’t do anything from her surgery, so me and my brother are like “fuck it, lets go get Sonny’s” (to those non-bramptonians, Sonny’s is a local burger joint here in my city). So I get a banquet burger (bacon and cheese) and me and my brother split a poutine.

Here I am this morning like “alright, 2/3rds of my day was good, lets see how my body reacted to that greasy deliciousness”. I weighed myself and….

I lost weight?

Now I’m not complaining by no means. I’m just fascinated at how my body works. I can stick to the plan and my body will sit at its comfort zone for the most part, give or take 0.5lbs. Then I eat the greasiest food, and I’m down to a new low.

So here’s starting the week at 211lbs!! (I saw 210.8lbs but 211 was the average)


Looking for some fun and healthy vegan recipes? Here’s another what I eat in a day video to inspire you. xx