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After being confined in my dorm almost all day, I decided to take a walk around campus, also I was trying to find the gym that I pay for in my student fees. The campus was designed as a circle so they have a side walk all the way around. While I didn’t find the gym, I did find a beautiful garden that turned a 20 min walk into a 1 hour walk 😅 I may or may not have gotten lost, but I made it out safely.
So here’s some pictures of the beauty of the garden 😍😍 And here’s to getting back into the groove of working out 💪


Im going to brag, sorry. It was fleeting, but I hit that number the other day… hours before a Chinese food binge (somehow it doesn’t become healthy just BC you made it yourself). 2 years and 32 lbs. I’m really proud of myself right now. It’s been hard. Not a goal weight; just a significant number. This is what I weighed before I got knocked up. Seeing the pics side by side was really moving for me. There was so much in between.

I know I don’t come on here much anymore, but this community was really helpful and inspiring when I started in earnest to get my health together two years ago. That’s why I felt compelled to update today. @before-and-after-pictures @beforeandafterweightloss
🍁 Healthy Pumpkin Spice Coffee Recipe 🍁

So I just bought a pumpkin spice coffee at Trader Joe’s yesterday and it is AMAZING! 😍 Its pretty much just your standard ground coffee with cinnamon and stuff mixed in and I highly recommend it!

Here’s how I jazzed it up even further:
-1 tbsp of pumpkin puree (unsweetened)
-1 packet of stevia
-dash of cinnamon
-1tsp of vanilla extract
-splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

You just stir all the ingredients into your freshly brewed coffee and enjoy! 🎃

P.S. I would have gotten a picture but it was so good I drank it all 😇

Weigh in week 2

Last week’s weight: 202lbs

This week’s weight: 202lbs

Lost the week: 0

Lost total: 4lbs

Even though I walked over my step goal every day and cut back on eating, I still didn’t lose weight this week. But I have gotten a lot of people telling me I look smaller. I don’t see it but they do say I shouldn’t rely on a scale. It should be how I feel. And I feel great!

Moving On

Moving on past painful thoughts, moving on past laziness and lethargy, moving on past bad habits.

I emerged from my fortress of pillows and blankets, made myself coffee, took a shower, cleaned the dishes, and am getting ready to get out of the house and LIVE.

Found my next meal prep idea!

Coconut and Butternut Squash Red Lentil Curry!

I think there is a misconception on meal prep, that it’s too expensive and you can’t do it if you don’t have an hour to eat lunch. That is false and a bunch of excuses. ^^This meal prep will be a little expensive, because I have to buy the spices….. but when I make it again I just have to buy the produce and lentils. In the long run the cost will even out!!! A whole package of lentils costs close to nothing, it just sounds fancy. Coconut milk? Also sounds fancy but is super cheap.

A lot of times I will base my meal prep around what is on sale at the store. Last week? Chicken was BOGO, and green beans, peppers, and sweet potatoes were on sale, so that’s what I made.

You can meal prep things that you don’t need a microwave to eat, things that you can grab and go and eat in 5 minutes. Like, bean and pasta salad! Mason jar make-ahead salads! Overnight oats! The list can go on and on.

Don’t let money be an influence on how well you eat. And unless you are going to Whole Foods, organic produce is not that much more expensive than regular. If it is, wait till it’s on sale like I did with organic peaches last week!

No excuses!


My comforter while C is away 💜

In other really exciting news, I’ve lost over 20 lbs this year! I’m hoping that I can maybe be at my first big goal of 150 by my birthday (early December) and if not then, at least by New Years. I’m really excited and motivated by this milestone, and I hope I can use it to propel me through the rest of this year!

Today, the smallest jeans I own were a little loose, and I easily slid on a shirt from high school.

I ran into target for a few items and caught a side view in a mirror on my trek through the store, and didn’t realize it was my own body in the reflection.

Losing weight that bogged me down for far too long was anything but easy, but it’s so worth it.

My value lies far beyond being a size two or a number on the scale, but there’s definitely a sense of accomplishment.

Motherhood has brought me a level of self-acceptance I’d never known, but finding my body again has helped me make peace with myself.


Walk over 4k more than my goal. Gonna bump it up to 6k tomorrow. Have been going all day long. Walking up and down the hospital halls but I didn’t mind it was nice to get my steps in. Took the stairs instead of the elevator twice.

8 out of 8 is great. Can’t wait to see if I can do it again tomorrow.

It sucks that I can’t sleep. They put me on new bipolar meds and since then I can’t sleep for shit. Even sleeping pills don’t work. They just make me feel really drunk in the mornings. The more I take the more I feel drunk. Hopefully I can get more than 3 hours tonight.

So glad to be off the next two days. Going to spend my time writing and hitting the gym.

It’s probably just my body’s reaction to me suddenly not gorging it with carbs and sugars all day, but I’m down 8lbs! Pretty happy so far.

This was day one of experimenting with slim fast shakes. So far: doable. I can see myself continuing. Definitely halted my constant overeating.

SW: 238
CW: 230

More One Word Spells

Divimaggior - To heighten divination abilities (taken from the words divination and maggiore)

Deterlopeso - To gain determination to lose weight (taken from the words determination, lose, and peso)

Passindietro - To gain back your passions (taken from the words passion and indietro

Innamoqui - To attract a lover (taken from the words innamorato and qui)

“Being overweight isn’t very healthy. Its far better to be within a healthy weight range. There are many risks that come from being overweight the more overweight you get. This, along with healthy ways to live a healthier lifestyle, should be taught and encouraged.”


“lol fat people are so ugly and gross like ew look at ur lard no one likes fatties lose some weight stop eating nasty gross fatty die of a heart attack”


Extremely bad.

Fucking stop.