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Henschel Hs 132

he Henschel Hs 132 was an striving German jet-powered designs in the closing years of the Second World War which couldn’t be used in the way it was intended as only one complete prototype was made available by the end of the war. It had a unique design which featured a top-mounted jet engine. The crew had a strange prone position. It was believed that it would act as a help for combat aircraft to reduce g-forces during maneuvering. The Soviet Army occupied the factory just as the Hs 132 V1 was nearing flight testing, the V2 and V3 being 80% and 75% completed.





8.90 m (29 ft 2,5 in)


7.20 m (23 ft 7½ in)


3.00 m (9 ft 10 in)

Wing area:

14.80 m² (159.30 ft²)

Loaded weight:

3,400 kg (7,496 lb)


1x BMW 003A turbojet, 7.8 kN (1,760 lb at 9,500 rpm)

Maximum speed:

(780 km/h at 6,000 m (700 km/h with bomb)) (485 mph at 19,685 ft (435 mph with bomb))


(with bomb) 1,120 km (696 miles)

Service ceiling:

(with bomb) 10,000 m (32,810 ft)


up to 500 kg (1,102 lb) of disposable stores on external rack

callout post for fun ghoul

• constantly brags about the story behind his killjoy name because he thinks it’s so clever

• purposefully fucks up the stitches jet star gives him whenever he’s injured because he thinks battle scars are cool

• places bets on everything and never coughs up the money he owes

• always throws things to you instead of calmly passing them like a normal human being

• refuses to make two trips even if it means he’s carrying his own body weight in one load

• puts sand in peoples boots when he’s mad at them

• once tried to light poison’s hair on fire to prove how greasy it was 


Ford Ranchero GT 1972 (5337) por Clay
Via Flickr:
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan - U.S.A. Type: Ranchero Series GT Model 97R Production time: September 1971 - September 1973 Production outlet: 27,940 Engine: 5766cc Ford Windsor 351W V-8 Power: 153 bhp / 3.800 rpm Torque: 361 Nm / 2.000 rpm Drivetrain: rear wheels Speed: 163 km/h Curb weight: 1840 kg Load capacity: 618 kg Wheelbase: 118 inch Chassis: box frame with crossbars (new body-on-frame design) and self-supportin all steel body Steering: recirculating ball and nut Gearbox: three-speed manual / all synchromesh / Clutch: 10 inch single dry plate Carburettor: Motorcraft 2-barrel Fuel tank: 76 liter Electric system: 12 Volts 55 Ah Ignition system: distributor and coil Brakes front: dual hydraulic 10 inch self-adjusting drums Brakes rear: dual hydraulic 10 inch self-adjusting drums Suspension front: independent ball joint, upper trapezoidal triangle cross-bar, lower simple cross-bar with elastically mounted tension strut, sway bar, coil springs + hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers Suspension rear: lower longitudinal links, upper braces, longitudinal leaf springs + hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers Rear axle: live Differential: hypoid 3.25:1 Wheels: 15 inch steel discs Tires: H78 - 15 Options: 250 CID (4096cc) straight-6 engine (power 145/4.000rpm - torque 314Nm/1.600rpm), Ford FMX three-speed Select Shift automatic transmission, differential 2.75:1, front 10.7 inch disc brakes, power steering, air conditioning, bucket seats, AM/FM radio, vinyl top Special: - The Ranchero, introduced in December 1956, is quite unique Coupé utility vehicle: part car and part pickup truck. - This principle was “copied” by Chevrolet with its El Camino in 1959. - The Ford Ranchero was one of the favorite cars of Elvis Presley. - The 1972 Ford Ranchero Series was available as this 2-door GT, as 2-door 500 Model 97D (49,065 units built) and as 2-door Squire Model 97K (9,070 units built). - This sixth generation (1972–1976) Ranchero was only assembled in Lorain, Ohio (United States).


Old man sittin’ by the side of the road
With the lorries rollin’ by
Blue moon sinkin’ from the weight of the load
And the buildings scrape the sky
Cold wind rippin’ down the alley at dawn
And the morning paper flies
Dead man lyin’ by the side of the road
With the daylight in his eyes
Don’t let it bring you down
It’s only castles burning
Find someone who’s turning
And you will come around

New Year’s Resolution

What is your new year’s resolution?

To go gym? Get a job? Get a car? Lose weight? There are loads of other choices people typically make but there is one New Year’s resolution we should all be making. This is the New Year’s resolution we should all have.

To seek first his kingdom and his righteousness. 

Why? You might ask.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33 NIV

Because everything you want to accomplish and gain will be given to you if you seek God first above all else. Also we won’t just get what we want from our resolution. “All these things will be given to you as well” We will gain much more than just what we strive for. Because by seeking his kingdom with all our hearts we will receive more than we could ever ask for. So I ask you all again. 

What is your new year’s resolution?

…The Heaven Creaks…

Among them (Angels) are those who are in (constant) bowing and prostration to Allah in the heavens.

The Prophet ﷺ said:

“The heaven creaks (Atat) and it has every right to creak.”

The Atit is the Sarir Ar-Rahl (camel’s creaking). Meaning: If there was a heavy load on top of the camel, you would hear to it a creaking sound due to the heavy weight of the load.

The Prophet ﷺ said:

“The heaven creaks and it has every right to creak. There is no place that could contain four fingers in the heavens except that there is an Angel standing, bowing, or prostrating to Allah therein.” [i]

So these Angles cover the vastness of the heavens.


i) Reported by Abmad (5:173), At-Tirmidhi (2312), Ibn Majah (4190) and Al-Hakim (2:510), from Abu Dharr. The Hadith referenced by Al-Albani in As-Sahihah (1722).


[Al-’Aqidah Al-Wasitiyyah (2 Vol. Set) – Author: Muhammad bin Salih Al-’Uthaimin]


anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Craig's recent videos? His latest one with Marte is essentially saying she gained loads of weight on your sugar diet and then she only lost it when she got on the whole foods healthier diet with craig.

I don’t know the full story but I do know a women of that name whom would go to bed extremely late, do fuck all cycling and eat god knows what because you don’t be 100kg eating like I recommend mate. SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE to be that obese otherwise I would be getting hit up via email by sumo wrestlers vs ballet dancers, models, cyclists, runners, boxers etc and other crew whom are all obsessed with being lean.

I rode for 2 days with the pros and already dropped 3kg. Im going to only ride a short distance with them today and only to get some youtube footage.

I could lose 10kg in a week if I wanted too man. Following my own advice. How is that possible?

You know what is funny, people who are still fat telling me Im wrong and people who are not even as fast as girls I know telling me my training advice is wrong. Even funnier is the people who are only where they are today because they followed some of my advice. Imagine if they followed all of it! They might be a bit happier in their lives and be less ungrateful shit khunts I reckon.

But some people are too lazy and they would rather attack me than attack their lazy egos. Vegan Gains is a classic example. He wanted a super fit GF and he ended up with Harry Potter and then he got all angry at me. 

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hey,, i just ate two hamburgers and i hate me so much i was not eating for two whole days and then i eat two hamburgers and i dont know what to do but i want to cry :((

hey, hey i’m so sorry you’re feeling so bad. please try not to think too much into it, it’s only food and two hamburgers isn’t exactly going to make you gain loads of weight. even a couple days of binging won’t make you gain a lot. just breathe, you’re okay. i think you should talk to someone about this, love. not eating and then panicking so much when you do is not a good way to live, please don’t let this ype of thing take over your life. you’re not just here to lose weight, you’re so much more than that. people are willing to help you with this - teachers, your doctor, your parents. you just need to speak out about it. i know it feels scary and awkward and embarassing but what you’re doing is really unhealthy and needs to stop before it’s too late. hope you’re okay, stay strong, okay? have a nice day.

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Maddie I'm literally so baffled because mr and Mrs vegan say if ate unlimited dates they would make Simone gain weight but freelee eats loads?

Sure, if you sat there and ate dates all day everyday… stuffed yourself full of dates. They are calories dense! And sure they might cause you to gain weight. Just like any other calorie dense food.

Freelee has had loads of experience with eating fruit, and she eats what works for her. She doesn’t sit there and just eat dates ALL day (to my knowledge). Freelee is also an active person.

Eating some dates everyday isn’t going to make you gain weight.

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If you wanna get tiny eat nothing but those 47 cal miso soup sashet things. They're soooooo good and filling i've lost loads of weight by doing tht :) xxx

babe please seek help. you deserve a life full of yummy food and happiness and energy. this isn’t the way to go. please talk to someone xx

Text post got me thinking. Now, I want a world, or whatever, where the female “bikini armor” really is as strong as normal. Protects with magic or something, I don’t much care. And pretty much every woman wears them. I mean, same protection, but loads less weight? Sign me up! And then over the bikini armor, you wear whatever you want. Cute sundress? Fully protected. Tee and jeans? Fully protected. Leather armor? Double protected? Idk. 

Just a verse full of ladies in bikinis with normal clothes on top, so you never know who is a secret badass. It’d be great.


Soviet Air Force, Tupolev Tu-22 “Blinder” supersonic bomber and maritime strike aircraft, not to be confused with the entirely different but similarly named Tu-22M “Backfire.

The first soviet supersonic bomber, but overall considered a disappointment due to her limited range.

General characteristics

Crew: three – pilot, navigator, weapons officer
Length: 41.60 m (136 ft 5 in)
Wingspan: 23.17 m (76 ft 0 in)
Height: 10.13 m (33 ft 3 in)
Wing area: 162 m² (1,742 ft²)
Loaded weight: 85,000 kg (187,000 lb)
Max. takeoff weight: 92,000 kg (203,000 lb)
Powerplant: 2 × Dobrynin RD-7M-2 turbojets
Dry thrust: rated 107.9 kN (24,300 lbf) each
Thrust with afterburner: 161.9 kN (36,400 lbf) each


Maximum speed: 1,510 km/h (938 mph, Mach 1.42)
Range: 4,900 km (3,000 mi)
Service ceiling: 13,300 m (43,600 ft)
Wing loading: 525 kg/m² (107 lb/ft²)
Thrust/weight: 0.39


He used to play baseball but all he’s doing now is getting fat. (Submission) He’s certainty rounding out in a big way, still looks pretty thick in that tight baseball uniform but he really porked up after, looks to of gained a load of weight.

Ten of Wands.

At what point will the weight of the load become too great? When will you let it all go? Put down your torch. Release yourself from this pain. Let go.

When you tell a seriously underweight person that you are concerned about their health and you just want them to live a long happy life by gaining weight, it’s called caring.
When you tell a seriously overweight person that you are concerned about their health and you just want them to live a long happy life by losing weight, loads of chubby people post stuff about fatphobia and tell you to kill yourself.


Tupolev Tu-144, the world’s first supersonic commercial airliner, but unlike the Concorde, a complete failure that among other things, had a noisy and hot cabin, vibration problems, and higher-than-expected fuel consumption.

Introduced to passenger service in 1978 (two years after the Concorde), and quietly retired from commercial service in 1983 as a mail freighter, one of the most notorious but often overlooked failures in civilian aviation.

16 units were build, and out of those two crashed during non-commercial flights.

General characteristics

Crew: 3
Capacity: 140 passengers (11 1-st class & 129 tourist class)
Length: 65.70 m (215.54 ft)
Wingspan: 28.80 m (with wingtips) (94.48 ft)
Height: 12.55 m (41.00 ft)
Wing area: 506.35 m² (5,450 ft²)
Empty weight: 99,200 kg (218,500 lb)
Loaded weight: 125,000 kg (275,330 lb)
Max. takeoff weight: 207,000 kg (455,950 lb)
Powerplant: 4 × Kolesov RD-36-51 turbojet, 240 kN (44,122 lbf)[N 6] each


Cruise speed: Mach 2.15 (2,120 km/h (1,320 mph))
Range: 4000 mi (6,500 km)
Service ceiling: 20,000 m (65,600 ft)
Rate of climb: 3,000 m/min (9,840 ft/min)
Wing loading: 410.96 kg/m² (84.20 lb/ft²)
Thrust/weight: 0.44

Down 6lbs, now 159lbs.

It’s taken me 3 weeks to shed 6lbs. I’m actually a little surprised because the changes I’ve made have been only moderate, very manageable and I’m still eating whatever I want! (Brunchin’ on that soul food! 😋) Sharing my changes:

1. Increased my daily water intake, 1gallon (sometimes 1.5)

2. Increased my morning cardio; now doing 20mins Treadmill sprint inclines // 20mins Treadmill incline power walk, incline: 15.0, pace 2.8, no hands and 20mins Stairmaster, Hill program, no hands!

3. High Protein with lots of greens (Baby Spinach and Kale) Complex carbs only, eaten before 5pm

4. Increase sleep, now averaging 7-8hrs

5. Reduced salt intake, using fresh herbs & spices to season food.

6. Changed up my training regiment; All strength training I’ve REDUCED weight load and INCREASED repetitions PLUS I’m doing more Plyometrics on Leg Day, following my #LegsAndGlutesBlaster program of course.

Truthfully my intention wasn’t to drop weight but now reading over the changes I’ve adopted explains my decrease in weight all while maintaining my muscle mass. Feeling good!

#ThickFit by followthelita


‟It comes down to who you want to impress in this lifetime and we’re very luck to be surrounded by our closest mates, you know I come and play a song for the boys and they like it, that’s just as much justification as I need to record it. (He instantly breaks into laughter) It’s ironic because we were just pottering around chain smoking, I lost loads of weight, in this barn in the middle of nowhere playing on keyboards.”