weight it out

Fitness is like gardening. If you sow a seed, you don’t come back the next day and don’t start digging in the soil to see if the plant has already begun to grow. The same applies to working out. You can’t do a work out and stand in front of the mirror the next day expecting to see your muscles already growing and fat melting. Trust the process. It is a slow one but it is happening. The change is already happening deep within but you have to wait a few weeks or months to finally see it. But once you do, you will feel proud and accomplished.

wasn’t sure if I was going to post this, but I have to start being proud of my accomplishments.

I went from having an eating disorder and dealing with self harm to learning to love myself and knowing that a number does not and will never define me. I still struggle 10000.5% but that’s okay. I’m still learning and everything takes time.

I know that I’m beautiful and this is the only body I’ll ever have so I have to treat it with the upmost respect & love.

learning how to do things the healthy way and changing my mindset & outlook on life, has saved me.