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I took this photo a while ago and was like 🙌 cause I hadn’t really noticed any muscle on my legs until recently. As of my measures last week, since I started around a year ago I’ve lost 6kg, about 7cm on my waist, about 12cm on my chest (but reduction surgery will do that too) and I can’t remember for the whole year but in the last few months 3 cm off mid thigh and 1 cm gain to bicep after it came down for a few months. I’m aiming for another 5cm off my waist to take me down to 75 and get legs like tree trunks

Full Kiss Prompt Meme [#1] - Nate/Elena

Thanks to @charmingviolence for sending me this prompt (and sorry the tagging isn’t working properly). Since you gave me the luxury of choosing the pairing and I’m a huge slut for Nate and Elena, here is some gross post-UC3 fluff!

Send me a prompt from this list along with a pairing, and I’ll write a short drabble!

1. Good Morning Kiss

The full-body bruises and gridlock of cuts and scrapes on his skin made themselves immediately known when he woke up. The dull, heavy weight on his chest, however, was conspicuously absent. He filled his lungs with warm morning air and blew out a slow breath, testing himself, but no tightness pulled at his ribs, and he grinned in relief.

The sudden absence of the constant, obsessive pressure dragging at his throat and heart and lungs was in large part due to Elena sleeping beside him. It was the first time they’d shared a bed in almost a year, and he always underestimated how difficult it was to sleep alone.

She had commandeered his arm as her snuggle buddy, and while he took care to memorise precisely how adorable the sight was, his shoulder was a blaze of pins and needles and he really needed to pee.

He rolled onto his side and smoothed a hand over her bare back, tapping his fingers along the indents of her spine. “‘lena,” he whispered, nudging her with his captured arm. “Hey. I need this back.”

She let out an ungracious noise that sounded suspiciously like a whine and buried her face into the crook of his shoulder, muttering something that could’ve been a “no”. More aggressive tactics need to be employed if he wanted his arm back, then.

His free hand danced over to her waist, easily finding the soft spot where her hip dipped inwards, and poked her.

The response was immediate as it was explosive.

“Ahh!” Her body spasmed away from his tickling, but she still had a good grip on his arm, so he poked her again with an insistent finger. Her knee came dangerously close to incapacitating him, but Nate blocked her shaky leg with a thigh and rolled on top of her to pin her down, still digging into her ticklish spots.

She let out a snort that she would later deny ever happened, and tried to smack away his hand, her eyes crinkled with laughter. “Na–ate! Stop—stop, oh my god—”

“I need my arm back,” he explained calmly as she writhed and kicked under him, and she finally released her hold on his arm. “Thank you.”

She huffed indignantly, but her outrage was mitigated by the curtain of blonde hair covering her face. He helped her brush it back onto the pillow, revealing a half-hearted glare.

“I was sleeping,” she huffed, blowing a stray blonde streak out of her mouth, but she was smiling up at him.

He grinned back. “I was too. But I need to pee.”

“Well hurry up. I forgot how cold your room was.”

He obliged, only stopping to brush his teeth and give himself a cursory inspection in the mirror to make sure none of his injuries had opened and started bleeding, and returned to the mass of blankets and pillows that was his—their—bed.

Elena hugged herself to his side the moment he slipped under the covers, her hands roaming over him to check for opened gashes. “How’s it all feeling?” she asked.

“Stiff and sore, but spending the morning in bed with you is pretty good medicine.”

She wrinkled her nose at his corny line, but seemed pleased with his answer. Her hand went searching for his, and pulled his palm up into the morning light. Her fingers found his ring nestled at the base of his finger, which glinted in the sunshine.

“Gonna sleep with it on?” she asked, voice still sleepy and slow. “Like your other one?”

He shrugged. “I guess so. I almost forgot I was wearing it.”

“I didn’t,” she whispered.

He looked over at her, and she met his eyes over the rise of his shoulder. Her hand left his ring and sought his face instead; she traced over carefully the cut on his lip, then up to old scar over the bridge of his nose, and rasped over the hair on his jaw. It was a ritual she’d done before, mapping out the geography of his bones, as if to help recement his features to her memory. She usually did it after a long time apart, whether because of a story she was working on or a job he had lined up or—or, well, a different kind of distance.

“D’you think Sully missed the racket?” she finally said, voice still quiet, and he laughed.

“I put up with his take-home dates all the time as a kid,” he replied, and pulled Elena closer. “I think he can handle one night.”

“Hopefully more than one night,” she said, tracing a finger over his chest.

“Definitely more than one night.” He gave her shoulder a squeeze. “Just maybe in our own place.”

His comment gave her pause. She looked like she was going to press on that, ask him what kind of place he had in mind, but then shook her head and simply said instead: “Sounds like a plan.” Then she leaned over to kiss him, and he all but melted into her. The ache tugging at his ribcage might be gone, but he still felt the distance between them and wanted it also gone. It had pushed them apart for too long.

She kept the kiss light and chaste, and pulled away far too soon. It was his turn to make an indignant whine, and she laughed into his neck.

“Gotta brush my teeth now,” she said. “Then we can continue this.”

“Well hurry up,” he called to her, appreciating the view of her walking away without a stitch of clothing on. “I forgot how warm it was with you here.”

anonymous asked:

Hey, so I was wondering if you have any advice for mtf? I just recently came out to my girlfriend and a few others but I haven't come out to my family yet and I'm really scared to.

Be strong, you are strong and you can do this. You’ve already started to open the gates and you’re going to have to come out one way or another to them or they will find out themselves and you don’t want them to find out from an outside source. 

Trust someone who has been through that, it’s not fun and it’s overwhelming. 

I would write your parents a letter, be open, be honest and include some educational links about transgender individuals and MTF women. If your parents react badly do not let this deter you, coming out can be scary but it will be a huge weight off your chest to not have to tip toe around your parents, accepting or not.


Push, pull, legs workout

So here’s the scenario, your pushed for time this week and need to hit every muscle in the body..HARD!

Push, pull, legs is a very simple yet extremely effective 3 day split. Push workouts include chest, shoulders & triceps, pull back & biceps and legs quads, hamstrings & glutes.

The reason this is such an effective way of training is the way in which it focuses on multi joint compound lifts, which in turn hits multiple muscle groups. It’s back to basics with the excersises and there’s only four excersises per workout, so you can perfect your form and focus on progression in repage and weight on the bar.

This is the way I like to execute the plan however you can adjust the intensity accordingly. For guys trying to pile on some good quality muscle try these rep ranges, for women trying to tone up maybe lower the weight and increase the repage. Have a play about with it and see what works best for you.

Pull workout (Monday)

Barbell deadlifts - 5x 5 reps
Barbell rows - 5x 10 reps
Wide grip pullups - 5x to failure
Barbell curls - 5x 12 reps

Push workout (Wednesday)

Barbell bench press - 5x 5 reps
Barbell incline bench press - 5x 10 reps
Barbell military press - 5x 12 reps
Dips - 5x to failure

Legs workout (Friday)

Barbell back sqauts - 5x 5 reps
Barbell front sqauts - 5x 12 reps
Barbell straight legged deadlifts - 5x 10 reps
Barbell walking lunges -5x 12 reps (each leg)

So go on give it a try! Follow thefitnessvault for workouts, nutrition, training tips, motivation and more for men and women
The good news is the sun still rose even though every
news broadcast said it wouldn’t. Your name didn’t feel
like a paper weight on my chest today. I continued to
breathe even when my lungs were weak from all the
running. I held a knife by its handle and didn’t think
about touching the blade. The birds did not fall from
the sky and the apocalypse got moved to a later date.
My teeth didn’t grind up the words I needed. I got the
blue paint off my hands. I said clean and we both knew
what it meant. You said the fire burned out and I really
was happy for you. I watched you walk away and let
you get so small that it was easier to find perspective.
You had a mouthful of apologies and for the first time
I didn’t want any of them. Without you, I remember
the magic of my own hands. The good news is dying
stars are always the most beautiful.
—  GOOD NEWS, angelea l.
When you get heartbroken, there’s no actual shattering of the heart, no heavy weight in your chest. There’s just the crushing reality of the fact that you won’t ever have them reverberating through your head.
—  oscarsins

or…lena finds out about kara

She’s angry.

She is, despite J’onn’s knowing looks, his urges for her to be honest. She’s only angry, even if Alex pulls her into a hug that lasts just a tad too long for it to be anything but a wordless offer of comfort. Even if she feels a pressure behind her eyes and a heavy weight on her chest, making it difficult to breathe. Kara is undoubtedly, unquestionably, undeniably angry. Nothing less, nothing more. Kara is angry and the anger is making her reckless.

(She recklessly turns to Lena.)

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These photos were taken 1 year and 4 days apart. In the past 4 months I’ve undergone 2 procedures that have removed around 50 pounds of skin total from my stomach, chest, sides and back, the most recent procedure being one week ago today.

It’s been an insane journey. Since 2009 I’ve lost over 270 pounds, and when I see myself without the skin hanging from my body, I see the person I’ve felt like for a long time.

Today, I have value. One year ago, I had value. In 2009 when I was 500 pounds, I had value. It just took time to see it.

I’m proud of who I am today, and I refuse to shame who I’ve been.

The Marks On My Chest Where You Rest Your Head

Fic Request: Stiles and Lydia have been sneaking around for a while. One day Allison notices a hickey on Lydia’s neck, so she confronts her about it during lunch with the whole pack so that they’ll know if she’s lying. When Scott, Liam, Malia and Isaac suddenly hear Stiles heartbeat racing out of control, they connects the dots after also seeing matching hickey on Stiles’s neck.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Author: i-would-slay-all

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Tell me what to do when my knees won’t stop shaking,
or how to piece my heart back together when I myself am the one who broke it,

because I don’t know anything anymore,
and lately I don’t even recognize myself in the mirror.

Tell me how to lift the weight off my chest,
or how to wipe away the tears before anyone see’s them,

because I’ve become so fucking fragile, that god, even my friends don’t want to be around me.

Tell me how to get back what I lost, even though I don’t know what I’m searching for,

because my heart can’t take the crushing feeling I get every night, and I’m running out of tears to cry.

—  little bit confused little bit crazy

Either @manlyronpa or @taichinchin / @coolbirds will post the full list of likes/dislikes some time tonight/tomorrow (Zai already wrote it out) but I just wanted to talk about this one because it’s funny to me.

Height: 160cm

Weight: 89kg

Chest: 88cm

Blood: ???

Likes: 100-240 Gigawatts (I’ll laugh is someone tries to kill him by overloading his circuits with a shock and he just goes “wow, thank you!”)

Dislikes: Vending Machines

Now I’m even more curious to translate his FTEs. I need to know what a vending machine did to hurt this kid. Did he get into a fight with it? Does he hate them because they were created to serve humans food/drink? What’s the scoop?