weight goal


❤  Tips & Tricks ❤  
• Skip your breakfest and dinner everyday
• Do exercises everyday
• Drink water, water and water. 2-4l per day
• Drink green tea
• Sleep 8-10h
• Do perfect make up everyday
• Smile :) your goal is so fucking close

°·.¸.·°¯°·.¸.-> YOU CAN DO IT <-.¸.·°¯°·.¸.·°

What if the goal of your workouts wasn’t to lose weight or tone muscle or get stronger or look fitter? What if the goal, every time, every exercise, every rep…was simply to feel good? Use your workout to feel good in your body and all the rest will come naturally- your goals attained so easily you may even forget what they were and just delight in your delight. Find the “feel good” of your exercise practice and it will strengthen you in being positive. Your workout will naturally give you so much to be positive about you may realize you are living your dream life.