weight gain and pregnancy

I just got a rude anon about my size. I’m not going to post it because they are just trying to get my goat… But honestly, I have absolutely no qualms about my weight or size right now…or ever. The only time I have made an active effort to specifically lose weight was so I would have a better chance getting pregnant. I have great self confidence and love myself at any size.

If anything I wish I looked bigger and more pregnant right now. If being heavy before pregnancy has somehow benefitted me, it’s that I’m not afraid of being “fat” after giving birth, because I’ve been fat all my life. Been there done that and still think I’m awesome! I haven’t specifically mentioned weight throughout this pregnancy because I know it is trigger for some people, but also it honestly doesn’t matter to me. I have lost 4lbs these past 21 weeks, but even if I gained 50lbs and as long my baby is healthy, I would still just be happy to be pregnant and wouldn’t care about my size.

I’m super proud of my baby bump! You can’t rain on my fat parade bro.


37 weeks update

👉🏻 first picture is this week and second is the last- pretty sure he’s dropped! My tummy isn’t showing as much and is a total different shape now!

👉🏻 PASSED THE THIRD DIABETES TEST! There’s no plan of action for induction as he’s just a natural tubster! I’m fine with this as I didn’t want inducing anyway!

👉🏻 things are starting to gear up! I cramp allll day, lower back ache is aweful and my spd is only just starting to rear it’s ugly head again since 20 weeks and it’s only at night

👉🏻 lots of plug has now gone and he’s alll ready and in place- Paul is helping me insert my primrose oil caps and he freaked last night as he thought he could feel jaspers head 🙈😂

👉🏻 I’m walking like a beast and doing 10k steps minimum- last week I got a total of 95,000!

👉🏻 other body prep for labour includes lots of ball bouncing, primrose capsules, raspberry leaf tea, pineapple, curry and was told yesterday to start breast pumping so I’m combining everything daily!

👉🏻 only 4 days away from the point I started slow labour with Olivia!

👉🏻 still meal prepping and eating healthy although have been extremely shaky throughout the day so have upped my carbs a little- might be my body telling me to carb load for labour?

👉🏻 gained 8lb and still losing weight- he’s estimated at 8lb already and tummy is measuring 41weeks!

👉🏻 got a feeling it’s gonna happen soon and I’m ready! I can do this! I have no fear!

Anonymous prompted: chubby!Dean with omega!Dean and alpha!Cas, Dean gains a lot of weight, warning for nsfw text and mpreg

“How is that shirt even remotely comfortable?”

“It’s not. Scoot over.”

Instead of moving, Cas just yanks Dean down onto the bed next to him and picks at the tight hem of the shirt sleeve. “Isn’t this cutting into your skin?”

“Yep.” Dean rolls over so he can pull Cas’ face against his chest. “I’ve been wearing your t-shirts to bed for two years, baby. Not going to stop now just because they don’t fit anymore.”

“To be fair, they’ve never fit, but…” Cas slips a hand to Dean’s hip and moves along the curve of his belly that the shirt couldn’t cover even if it tried. Just to make a point, Cas tugs the hem down fruitlessly.

Dean shifts, and his belly jiggles against Cas’ hand. “You haven’t done that since I was pregnant with A.J.”

“You haven’t been this—this—”

“The word you’re looking for is ‘fat,’ Cas.”

Cas takes his eyes away from Dean’s stomach and finds a smile on his face. He leans forward and kisses him, trying not to focus too much on the way Dean’s bare skin squishes against his t-shirt. “Yeah. Fat. Nobody’s giving you a hard time at work, are they?”

“I’m an omega with the scent of a scary possessive alpha on my clothes—trust me, nobody’s going to say a word if I look more pregnant than I did when I was actually pregnant.” Dean kisses Cas’ forehead. “Go to sleep, alpha.


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About Me

So, I have over 500 followers now (wooo! You guys all rock!!). I figured I might as well tell y'all about me a bit.

I have always been overweight. It’s always bothered me. In high school I kept my weight below 200 by skipping meals and doing marching band. Then I graduated and had my first kiddo. I broke 200 and haven’t been below it since.

Since I was 19 I’ve gained about 40 pounds (so that’s like almost ten years of weight gain). Part of that weight gain has been 5 pregnancies, part of it has been hypothyroidism, the last part is pizza and lazy. But I’m aware that there needed to be a change.

I started watching how much I ate in December 2016… and I still gained about 5 pounds, so I decided to do something I knew worked. I started a Beachbody program and started using the 21 day fix meal plan and Shakeology along with my workouts.

Now 7 weeks after starting that I’m less than half a pound away from a ten pound weight loss.

I’m refusing to use my thyroid and my life as a busy mom of five as a crutch anymore. I turn 30 in July 2018. I want to lose a minimum of 60 pounds by then, but I’m really pushing towards my ultimate goal of 100 pounds being gone forever. :)

I’m a mom of five kids under 8 years old with hypothyroid. I’m only 28 and trying to lose 60-100 pound before my 30th in 2018.

Can anyone recommend a good pregnancy-test brand? The one I’m using is useless. I keep spitting on them and they keep telling me that I’m not pregnant, though I obviously AM (I’ve put on 1.17kg since the start of the year.) The pharmacy won’t let me buy the morning-after pill unless I show them a positive test-result. Maybe someone can just mail me one with their positive? Need to get rid of this payload before spring, and I’m scared to go to an illegal clinic to get it fixed

Some Pregnancy Updates

A few things that I’ve learned about pregnancy over the last few weeks:

1) Gaining pregnancy weight isn’t like gaining normal weight. I am surprised by the amount of discomfort I feel from growth/gains. My abdominal ligaments and muscles hurt, because my uterus is growing. So far my skin doesn’t feel stretched. I just didn’t know growing a baby belly would be so uncomfortable. I’m afraid to think about how much more uncomfortable this process is going to become.

2) The second trimester is heralded as the best trimester, but it isn’t magical. I keep being told that your symptoms pass, you have tons of energy, etc. I’ve definitely felt an improvement in my morning sickness and fatigue (around week 15/16), but I’m still exhausted and having other symptoms. I thought I’d feel like my old self the way people talk about second trimester, but I still feel sick and tired and sore. Don’t get me wrong I’m thrilled that I don’t have to sit down mid-shower due to exhaustion, can walk Ritter more than 1-2 blocks, and am no longer vomiting 2-5 times per day while having 24/7 nausea, but I don’t feel magically better.

3) Weight gain doesn’t follow those lovely guidelines you see sprinkled about the Internet. I was under the impression you should gain 0-3 pounds in the first trimester, half pound per week in the second trimester, and about one pound per week in the third trimester. I’ve been trying to track my weight accordingly to make sure I stay in a healthy range (women in my family have a tendency to gain too much weight during pregnancy), but I can hold around the same weight for more than one week then have a sudden increase overnight of 0.5 - 1.3 pounds. I’m not gaining an excessive amount of weight, but my body is doing whatever the hell this kid wants, guidelines be damned.

4) Your baby belly isn’t going to magically appear and be perfectly round. My belly is definitely starting to get firmer and a bit rounder, but I still look like I have a big food baby and I can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes (what I could wear the last 5-6 months before pregnancy).

I wish people in my life had been more honest with me about what pregnancy can be like. It is different for everyone, but people tell me it is a miracle in one breath and then recount serious symptoms in the next breath. I feel like I’m going to do a dance when I go into labor. I can’t wait to not be carrying this kid inside of me! I’ll be happy to carry him in my arms, in a baby bjorn, in a car seat, etc.


This is the first in a new series of videos I’m going to be starting on my channel!

In “Let’s Talk About” we’ll discuss the facts, rumors and negative effects of different body image related issues.

For our first episode, we talk about stretch marks!

I’m very proud of this video so please like, share, subscribe and tell me how I did!


AH! Moving so fast but so slow! So much going on! I’ll make a post about why I’m standing around in an empty apartment later but for now my pregnancy, ya?

26 weeks + 2 days

Total weight gain: Gained 10 fucking POUNDS AH!
Maternity clothes? Yes. Including belly bands and little thingies to put on my heels so my feet won’t hurt.
Stretch marks? Mostly on my butt and some on my chest and boobs.
Sleep: I don’t sleep much these days but when I do my maternity pillow is pretty handy dandy. 
Miss anything? My sleeping is so bad now. I like sleep. 
Movement: Yeah. Especially when her papa talks to her. :( She doesn’t like me.
Food cravings: Cherries and crappy cheap ramen.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Ah! So much you guys. 
Gender: If you follow my twitter you know we are having a whole girl.
Labor signs: I have braxton hicks and had a bad case of false labor a bit ago.
Symptoms: Hurting feet. Loss of sex drive. EXHAUSTION. My depression has also gotten so bad too. 
Belly button in or out? Out but belly bands keep it hidden cause nobody wants to see that when I’m doing adult stuff.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Ah. I try to be happy but boy is it hard.
Looking forward to: Seeing her and this whole damn thing being worth it.

Pregnancy drabble #7

7. Talking to the baby (full list)

Staring down at your swollen feet. You rested your back on the fluffy white pillow, waiting for Justin to get home from the studio. It’s only a few minutes past seven but you’ve done nothing but lay in bed all day. It’s getting to the point in your pregnancy where you’re gaining weight and the backaches are starting to kick in. You groaned leaning your head back just waiting your husband to come home so you could go to sleep. You haven’t been able to sleep unless he’s here, which was a problem even before you were pregnant. You fumbled with your t-shirt trying to decide if you should get up and cook or not. You’ve been doing that a lot lately and Justin seems to love coming home to it. You licked you lips searching the room for your fuzzy slippers. Slowly getting up from the bed you walked over to the peach black colored chair, trying to bed down. “Need some help?” A husky voice said from behind you. You turned around seeing your wonderful husband leaning against the white doorframe.

“Please.” You smiled, pointing down to you slippers. He wandered over to you, your body relaxing into the black chair. He kneeled down slipping the fuzzy material onto your partly swollen feet. “I’m just about to make dinner. Are you hungry?” You asked, as he stood up straight taking your hand and kissing the back it making your cheeks heat up.

“I brought some food home baby.” He answered, helping you stand up from the chair. “How was your day?” He asked, pecking your sweet lips.

“Good, how was studio?” You posed, walking back over to the bed. He fluffed the pillow helping you lay back down.

“It was good. I went to In and Out, I left it downstairs so I’ll be right back.” He hummed, kicking his shoes off then leaving the room. Picking up the remote beside you, you turned the television on scrolling through starting to look for a movie to watch. Justin walked back into the room, smiling at you as he set your food on the nightstand next to you and his on the other side. He strolled over to the dresser you two shared, stripping himself of his clothes and tugging some grey sweatpants on. “Looking for a movie?” He questioned, plopping down on the bed shirtless.

“Yeah, there’s nothing really on.” You said, tossing the remote.

“How’s our baby?” He smiled, scooting closer to you, eyeing your stomach. “How’s my little princess.” He coed, rubbing his hand over your medium sized baby bump. “Is mommy driving you crazy?” He joked, pulling his t-shirt that you’re wearing up to reveal your stomach. “She’s just stressed out. She loves you and I love you. We can’t wait to meet you…” He cooed, pressing his lips against your skin. “Now let’s eat.” He laughed, sitting up straight.

March 22nd 2017- 34 weeks

Every week that comes and goes just gets more surreal. I can’t believe im this far already!  We are so close, yet it feels like she is a lifetime away.

I’ve entered what I’m going to call the complaining part of my pregnancy. Everything has for the most part been pretty easy, save for the gestational diabetes. I finally can’t see my feet, I think my belly button may be getting close to popping, and this child is moving like the Tasmanian devil.  She went breach yesterday, and I’m hoping she has flipped back.

I’m a sore boy. My belly feels overly stretched out, and my hips feel jankity when I stand up after sitting a while (I work at a desk- so that’s a lot of fun). Her kicks are sort of uncomfortable. I can tell I’m running out of room rather quickly.

My pregnancy weight gain is stalled at 12 pounds, which I’m happy I’m not loosing anymore. Which is good!

I have a growthscan on Friday and another 3D on Saturday (since they couldn’t get a lot of good pics last time I was there). So hopefully if she is head down like I think she is again, her face wont be snuggled into her placenta.

Depending on her size on Friday, they might talk to me about inducing due to the GD. My doc said they don’t let patients with it go over 40 weeks at their group if they have gestational diabetes who are taking insulin because of the risks.  It will be nice to have a plan and all.  (though if my family history has anything to do with anything, she will be here early- like 38 weeks. )

We shall see!

Ive been working on getting things organized and ready for just in case she does come early. I’ve nearly finished packing my hospital bag. I’ve packed her diaper bag. In the next week or so, I’m going to get her stroller and car seat set up. Maybe I should make a nice checklist of what I have left to do.  A lot of packing, that’s for certain.

There is so much to look forward too!


anonymous asked:

Did you gain a lot of weight in your pregnancy? I am pregnant and I'm so scared of gaining weight.

I did actually, if I’m being brutally honest I’ve gained way more than I am proud of and it took me a long time to accept that. In the beginning of my pregnancy I was working out and pretty active, but I ended up finding out I had complications and my doctor told me I had to stop working out or else I would lose my baby; I wasn’t even allowed to carry anything more than 5 lbs or it was a very high possibility that I would miscarry. So I ceased all physical activity and due to that and pregnancy cravings I gained close to 60 lbs by the end of my pregnancy. At first, I was embarrassed because I tied my identity it what others thought of my physical shape, but the more I thought about it I had nothing to be ashamed of. I saved my babies life and allowed my baby to grow and be nurtured inside my womb. Gaining weight from growing a baby is nothing to be ashamed of regardless of how many pounds you put on. Im slowly working on losing the weight and I’ve lost some and its been a real challenge to not let my eating disorder come back, but I know I am beautiful. It took me 40 weeks to put the weight on, its going to take me more than 4 months to get all that weight back off but I am determined. Just nurture your baby and realize what you are going through is a miracle and your body is a temple. xx

7 weeks

How far along? 7 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Down 1 lb from pre pregnancy weight

Maternity clothes? Nope

Stretch marks? Nothing new

Sleep: good still

Best moment this week: Booked my dating scan, march 31 can’t come soon enough.

Have you told family and friends: Yes- announced to close family and friends.
Waiting for the Facebook announcement until after 12 weeks or so.

Movement: too early.

Food cravings: Nope, some things do sound better than they used to but I can live without.

Food aversions: nothing

Morning sickness/Nausea: Only if I don’t eat every few hours.

Have you started to show yet: Nothing more than just bloat

Leakage: nope, kegels kegels kegels

Gender prediction: Healthy is all we want, but I know we’d like a boy first.

Labor Signs: Noooo. Wayyy too early!

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Irritable for sure.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Totally cool if you don't want to reply but how did you manage kids/pregnancy with an ED? I've been struggling for almost 10 years and the thought of having to eat more, get bigger, to grow something inside me and eventually have to give up my gym time plus the years of damage o have probably done to myself (who knows if I'll even be able to have any) is absolutely terrifying and unthinkable to me.

Hi! For me, pregnancy was difficult in some ways and easier in others. Yes gaining weight and seeing the number on the scale go up and up and feeling out of control of it is hard. At the same time though, I felt like finally I had permission to eat. We are supposed to gain weight in pregnancy so it felt like a time when I could let down my rules and eat some of the things I didn’t usually allow myself to eat. (I must add though that my eating disorder was at its worst after pregnancy and children) Also, I had to keep eating to keep the disabling nausea at bay in the first 12 weeks.

I always really wanted children, so I was really happy about the having something grow inside of me part! I did keep up going to the gym for the first four or five months but it amazed me how much more difficult things got, even a jog on the treadmill. I was working long hours and pretty exhausted so not being able to go to the gym in the end was a relief.

I think pregnancy can be a scary thought when you are struggling with an eating disorder, but you have no idea how it’s going to feel when you’re actually pregnant till you’re there. You might find it feels quite different to how you expected - some of the things you fear don’t come to pass. The most important thing though is that if you are pregnant, you do need to eat, you need to nourish that little
baby growing inside of you so he or she is born healthy and strong.

There is plenty of time after your baby is born to lose all that weight, to go back to all your eating disorder rules, to work out at the gym, if that’s what you decide to do. Pregnancy is not forever, it’s only 9 months of your life, so if you do become pregnant, give your body and your baby what they need at that time and I hope it will turn out to be not as terrifying and unthinkable as you imagine just now x

Wayfaring’s Menstruation Fun Facts, pt 3: Tick Tock

- The 28 day rule is not a rule. It’s an average. Normal menstrual cycles are 21-35 days.  3-7 days is standard for a period.

- 97% of menstruating people will start having periods by age 16. If you are 16 and haven’t had a period, it’s time to see a doctor. 

- If you are within 2 years of menarche (the start of menstruation), irregular or skipped cycles are common. Many people do not ovulate monthly for several years after menarche, so periods may skip months at a time. 2/3 of y’all will develop normal monthly periods within 2 years of menarche.

- Skipped periods happen for loads of reasons: PREGNANCY, rapid weight loss or weight gain, drastic change in diet, disordered eating, increased stress, change of environment (hello dorm life!), medications, birth control, polycystic ovarian syndrome, or being peri-menopausal.

- Individual periods may vary a bit from your normal. Some may be heavy (especially during the winter) and some may be light. Periods that last longer than 6 days for at least 3 cycles should be investigated (or earlier if you have symptoms of anemia). 

- Bleeding between periods is not normal and has many causes including, but not limited to: overly thickened endometrium that has outgrown its blood supply and shed (either from endometrial hyperplasia, endometrial cancer, anovulatory cycles, or simply a hormonal birth control with too much estrogen); a thinned “raw” endometrium from recent procedure or progesterone-only contraceptives; infections; miscarriage; fibroids.

- The only normal mid-cycle spotting is that which can occur with ovulation.


Anaia & I

I can’t bring it up enough on how much I gained so much weight but I am not going to let my pregnancy blues take a hold of me. Tonight I decided to let my hair down and taken care of so I went to this new salon I saw on instagram, Unique Creations Salon. The hairstylist, Daveena, did such an amazing job. She treated my hair, trimmed and made my curls pop and I am so much in love. She even did Anaia’s hair and gave her a cute high bun. Tonight is a special night because I am having a dinner date with Anaia. Just a reminder of how much she brought more joy in my life and taught me how to be a mother before having my very own baby. It’s my very own way of treating her and I am very much satisfied with her just wanting to munch on whatever she wants.

I Slay !

theres a trend that pregnant people actively lose weight during pregnancy?? even competing to lose the most weight? honestly i know people have a tendency  to just say that the people involved  arent “educated” enough in cases like that and i mean yeah the fact that losing weight during pregnancy, especially a lot of weight, can have risks hasnt been communicated properly 


the big underlying problem is fatphobia . like it isnt even a year since the papers were full of articles abt how fat pregnant people (well they just said women so its def a sexist attitude behind it) were horrible for not being thin and that they were basically hurting their baby and shouldnt be pregnant but lose weight before they dared to think abt getting pregnant.

so tbh doctors and other medical profs have def contributed to this anxiety over gaining weight during pregnancy (in general too) and its really ugly of them to now condemn pregnant women and people for feeling the pressure to not gain weight wo acknowleding the toxic attitudes toward fatness that they have promoted!!

and just .. that story made me so sad. like the nurse told how one of the pregnant women she cared for was given a scale by her mother when she told her that she was pregnant to “make sure she didnt gain too much weight”. fatphobia is so toxic, it is so damaging, it is so ingrained in our society that being pregnant and gaining weight, the most natural thing in the world, has become something wrong and shameful.

and it just proves that what fatphobes are always claiming isnt true at all, it was never about health. its just about a hatred for fat people and fatness and about pressuring people into becoming shadows of themselves just so they fit into a narrow view of beauty.


Bump Updates - 25 weeks ♡

Hello ! I know I know, it’s been a while since the last bump update but I’ve been busy with life. I try to post as often as I can but sometimes it’s just impossible to find time to sit and write a post. Nothing really new at home, Jackson and the babies are doing well, me too !

Some news about the shop, since I got so many asks about it. I’m still working on it everyday, on new products too so please be patient.

How far along - 25 weeks + 2 days

Baby fruit size - Cauliflower

Total weight gain - 7Kg520 since the beginning of pregnancy. It’s alright and not so bad according to my midwife, but I think I should start paying attention to what I eat. I still have 15 weeks ahead and I eat so much crap lately. Of course, I don’t intend deprive myself of food, I’ll just eat healthier.

Sleep - My sleep is okay, once I found a comfortable position. Of course, I wake up several times during the night to pee but I go back to sleep fairly quickly.

Maternity clothes - Yes, I only wear maternity jeans and shorts ! I also have a few maternity tops and dresses… but most of time I can’t really find clothes in maternity section that really please me, so I just buy normal clothes but in a larger size. For now it works !

Food cravings and aversions - Apricot jam … It’s my guilty pleasure lately. It’s really weird because usually I don’t like it at all, but…

Symptoms - I’ve been feeling fine this week.  My belly itches a lot lately but it’s because it’s growing so… Otherwise just « banal » symptoms as the urge to pee frequently, back pain, some heartburn…

Stretchmarks - No new ones, but I feel my skin pulling a lot lately

Doctor’s appointment - I’ve had an appointment with my midwife last Wednesday and everything is doing well. I don’t know if I announced or not, but we decided that the birth will take place at home ! I’m totally scared and excited… Can’t wait to meet this little one

Next appointment - I booked an appointment for my last ultrasound and it will be mid-November

Movement - Yes, a lot. Also, lately the baby takes really uncomfortable positions and kicks right where it really hurts, for example my cervix… It’s really uncomfortable and painfull. Ugh !

Belly Button - In !

Gender - Surprise ! Okay some persons know because my tongue slipped but our family still doesn’t know.

Due Date - January 2017

Best moment of this week - We finally ordered the crib (that will go in our room) and the changing table. Both were delivered two days ago, of course I will make a post about everything we got for the baby in a few weeks since we will not set up any furniture immediately. We just stocked it in the baby’s nursery meanwhile. We have time, I will not give birth next week…

What I’m looking forward to - Mona, Pierce and their children are coming home for lunch today, I’m exciteeeeeed !