weight bigotry

Oh, really? You don’t care if a woman is fat or not?

If you don’t care that a woman is fat, why would you write a comment saying that being fat is a bad thing, hm?

Let me tell you why.

You fucking care. You know you do. If you didn’t, it would never have occurred to you to make a comment like this. You didn’t write this comment because you “don’t care.” You wrote it because you literally hate people for their size. You wrote it because you can’t mind your own business, because insulting people for their weight is more important to you than letting people be happy, because you somehow think people care what you have to say about their bodies even though they don’t even know you. 

I will never understand people who feel the need to add these kinds of comments to posts. You want to prove you don’t care? Then let fat people live in peace. Someone being fat does not affect you, so there is no reason to jump down their throats about it and leave rude comments on posts like this. 

You don’t care? Good. Then stop looking at the post, and walk away. It’s that simple.

-Mod Bella

anonymous asked:

one thing that i saw once and always makes me mad was fanart of smokey quartz that was thinned down to hell and back. the artist tried to defend themselves saying that smokeys fat distribution didnt work character design wise but like, if ur first reaction to seeing a fat character who u dont think looks good is to slim them down, i dont think character design is really whats on ur mind here. it especially sucks cause theyr a good artist, but just,, i cant deal w that shit

We have a lot of posts about people doing this to that character, actually. I don’t get how it’s “bad character design” considering they are a fusion of two fat characters… Maybe someone’s just a bit fatphobic?

-Mod Bella

I remember when I was first diagnosed with adhd, the medication they put me on gave me stomach cramps and I didn’t eat. I also was very tall for my age. Teachers would tell me I’d be a runway model if I kept it up.

Then I got a better medication and ate regularly. This followed with natural weight gain but I was usually involved in after-school activities that were high in exercise.

Then when I reached high school I had to quit them because marching band took up that time, but I didn’t exercise the spring semester. I started gaining weight. I went up two sizes by graduation.

Now my dad keeps reminding me to eat better and exercise more “unless I want to end up like my mother” who is obese for several reasons, like being forced to overeat as a kid and long periods of hospital stays after a staph infection.

It’s just really insensitive TBH.

That’s absolutely horrible and I am so sorry you’re going through that. You’re right; your father is being insensitive and really cruel, might I add. You don’t deserve to be going through that. I’m really sorry.

I would like to say that I can’t believe someone could disrespect their wife like that… but my dad would probably do the same. 

Followers, can we please sense this lovely submitter some love and positivity?

-Mod Bella

Me: I’m short, fat, and proud of that!

Random Person: Don’t call yourself fat; you’re beautiful!

Me: I know that I’m beautiful, and I am grateful to be. But I also know that I’m fat, because I can see myself in the mirror, feel my body being squeezed in uncomfortably tight spaces, and read the number on the scale and the size of my jeans. Acknowledging that I’m fat doesn’t mean that I think that I’m ugly or that I have low self-esteem, and it certainly doesn’t mean that I’m looking for reassurance. I’m fat. It’s just a fact. And I am proud to be fat, because my body is beautiful. Calling myself fat isn’t an insult because fat isn’t a bad word.

Random Person:

-Mod Bella

tw: weight bigotry

While I was biking home just now, someone hollered at me about how what I was doing was so “good for me” and proceeded to holler little things about how I was biking as he biked behind me, like he was giving me tips or something. He just assumed that I was some fat couch potato that had just rolled off the couch and on to a bike. He didn’t know shit about me, about how fit I am, about how I’ve biked over 40 miles in a single day, how this summer I biked 175 miles in a single week. If that never happens again in my lifetime that would still be too many times.