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Picture this. e/R have been living together for a little while now, happily in love in and their new apartment. They decide - after much deliberation and detailed discussions about how often they’ll be home to keep it company and who’ll be in charge of picking up the food - to get a pet.

The only problem? Grantaire is a dog person and Enjolras is a cat person.

They bicker for DAYS about which to get, each trying to win the other over to their side because “OBVIOUSLY dogs are better, and here’s all the reasons why,” “What PLANET are you on, CATS are CLEARLY superior, and here’s all the reasons why”

They try getting the rest of their friends to weigh in on one side or the other to help them decide, but the field is split evenly down the middle, and eventually they decide to just go down to the local shelter and see what’s there, because maybe something’ll click.

They’re introduced to a whole lot of cats and a whole lot of dogs, and they each have their favourites but nothing really clicks.


There’s one cage that has a dog AND a cat in it, and the cat is sitting curled up in between the dog’s front paws and is hissing at them, and the dog is lying there wriggling and wagging his tail as he watches them approach.

They ask the shelter volunteer, and she says that these two come as a pair; their old owner went into a nursing home and couldn’t care for them any more, and the two of them refuse to be separated.

Grantaire’s grinning already, because he’s pretty sure that they’re going to be going home with these two animals, but he keeps himself in check because they’re not QUITE there yet.

So they go in to meet the two animals, and the dog bounds up to Grantaire the second he steps inside while the cat bolts off to a shelf in the back corner to glower at them all from a better vantage point, and Enjolras follows, making soothing noises.

Ten minutes later grantaire is on his back on the floor while the dog slobbers all over his face, and Enjolras is standing with a disgruntled-but-no-longer-hissing cat in his arms who is pretending to hate the chin rub he’s getting but who in fact is leaning into the touch.

They take the pair home and settle them in, and all their friends come around the next day to meet the two additions and fawn over them, and the cat spends the time balanced on the curtain rail and glaring at the lot of them and hissing whenever anyone getz too close, while the dog can’t decide who his favourite is because he’s getting pets from EVERYONE and it’s AMAZING.

The cat and the dog sleep in the laundry the first few nights, but somehow within a week have migrated to e/R’s room, and the dog sleeps at the end of the bed and the cat sleeps on their feet and hisses when one of them moves during the night, and eventually the cat stops hissing whenever one of them approaches him, and eventually he starts to consent to sit on their laps, and then they can’t get rid of him and he’s on top of them ALL THE TIME, the SECOND one of them is sitting down, he’s there, taking over lap space and chest space and pinning them in place. And meanwhile Grantaire teaches the dog all kinds of fun things like how to shake and roll over and high five and fetch slippers, and Enjolras teaches the dog how to gently take the mail inside without tearing it and how to bark and snap at either intruders or men who are harassing women on the street (that last one he learns through direct example from Enjolras), and how to play dead.

And it’s HILARIOUS, because even though grantaire is the dog person and Enjolras is the cat person, they sort of end up switching? Because you see, Grantaire likes to flop about the house indulging in a good cuddle, and so does the cat, but Enjolras likes to go be active and go for a daily walk or run, and so does the dog , so the cat kind of claims grantaire as his favourite and the dog claims Enjolras, and Courf still hasn’t managed to pat the cat even once, which he’s still heartbroken by, and - ultimately - it all works out brilliantly.

While not normally arboreal as adults this large male Blue Iguana climbed this tree after significant rainfall which left the ground slightly flooded.

In 2007 I had the great privilege of visiting Grand Cayman Island to work with and document the critically endangered Grand Cayman Blue Iguana (Cyclura lewisi) with the team at the Blue Iguana Recovery Program founded by Fred Burton.

Blue Iguanas are endemic only to the small island of Grand Cayman and as such are at risk habitat destruction, road kills, free-roaming dogs, and feral cats. Thankfully the Blue Iguana Recovery Program (B.I.R.P.) has brought this beautiful iguana back from the brink of extinction with breeding and release programs as well as the acquisition of habitat.

It is the largest native land animal on Grand Cayman with a total nose-to-tail length of 5 ft (1.5 m) and weighing as much as 30 lb (14 kg).

Nikon D200 + Sigma 70-200mm
f5.6 1/400sec ISO640

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Just an update since I was freaking out about this gremlin getting surgery last month:

She’s fine! Her hair is growing back and she’s on different food cause she’s like, 12. She needs senior cat food and a diet. She also got a new cat bed. Not that she lays in it cause you know, smelly old dog towels are so much better than the nice new bed her mom bought her >8I


Here’s a bunch of puppy pictures.

I spent a lot of time cuddling this puppy, drinking beer, and hanging out with Trish this weekend. I also got a new TV stand from IKEA, which needs to be assembled and wires need to be hidden from Phin. It’s been nice spending time with this dog, but I really miss my apartment and my cat.

I allowed myself a weekend of free drinking and being lazy, but starting tomorrow I need to straighten my shit out again. I haven’t weighed myself in a few days and it’s bound to not be pretty.

I also downloaded OkCupid again, and my heart just isn’t in it. I don’t want to jump back into dating again, but I also hate being alone so much. But it is fine, I am fine.


The Fen Tiger has been seen all over the county of Cambridgeshire in England. The elusive big cat is typically described with dark brown to black fur and if it is around, it is most definitely not a tiger but rather, some other large cat. It was first seen in 1982, and there would possibly be a small community of large cats in the area. Since 1998 there have been 63 calls to the police reporting large cats in the county. 

The most recent account of the Fen Tiger (at the time of this post) was seen on March 20th, 2016. 71 year old John Walker was taking his dog for a walk when he saw the animal in a field. He reported, “At first I thought it might be a fox, but when my collie-cross pet dog Ginny gave chase, I realised that it had a very long and slender tail which drooped downward then curled up in a wild cat-like shape. […] This cat was the same size as my dog, which weighs around 20kg (44lbs) and had a longer tail and large paws. The coat was dark brown with lighter browns underneath and it seemed to have a much darker muzzle.”

nopitynopebizuk  asked:

1, 9, 11, 12, 15, and 18! because your tag on that post was the best thing ever lmao.

1. If someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to?

I have no idea how to answer this asda I’m just choosing the things that got stuck in my head. 

  • Reading: This is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, About Living a Compassionate Life by David Foster Wallace
  • Watch: Tinimbang ka Ngunit Kulang (Weighed but Found Wanting) by Lino Brocka
  • Listen to: Radiohead (?) There was a period when all I listened to was Radiohead so that probably means something.

9. Are you an artist?

Visual artist, yeah.

11. Describe your ideal day.


12. Dog person or cat person?


15. Five most influential books over your lifetime.


18. What’s your patronus?

A Philippine eagle because I want to be that badass and extra.

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Oops, I was tagged by @theotherstephencobert​ a couple of weeks ago, and @chickinbluejeans​ last week! Time to play catch up…

Five things you will find in my bag:

A portable container of Sriracha sauce (yeah, I got that hot sauce in my bag swag)
My bus pass (in a cute Hello Kitty luggage tag to keep it safe)
Asthma inhaler (except for that Christmas I stayed with my parents and their cat [yes, I am allergic] and ended up in the ER because I couldn’t breathe…)
Weight Watchers weekly weigh-in booklet
Hot pink phone charger

Five things you will find in my bedroom:

Sunrise alarm clock
An ominous row of Hello Kitty Beanie Babies staring you down
The majority of my tokidoki collection
My partner’s projector
A stack of books that I definitely plan to read, I swear

Five things I want to do in my life:

Run a half marathon
Buy a car
Adopt a dog
Visit Europe again

Five things I am into right now:

Making my own foods (almond butter, booyah!)
LOVE on Netflix
My silly little guinea pigs
Rose gold (my iPhone and Fitbit band are both rose gold, but really more pink than a true rose gold)

Five things you might not know about me:

I have been an active participant in the Seattle rave scene for 13 years
I hated the colour pink when I was a child
I feel like something is missing from my life when I don’t have a regular volunteering gig
I collect VHS tapes with my partner, but I’ve probably only seen about 25% of our massive collection
Roses are my favorite flower, but it’s probably because my given name is Rose

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would anyone be interested in buying a digi fullsuit?
he’s an african wild dog/bamboo shark!
he comes with two interchangeable tails (shark and canine)
he has a foam fin on his upper back.
100% handsewn bodysuit! only worn to one convention (and for these pictures)
feet paws are us women’s 6/men’s 4
i am about 5″1 and weigh 155 pounds, and he fits a bit loosely on me
will come with several bandanas, glasses pictures above, and two custom badges made by annu-the-cat-girl!

im still on the fence about selling him,
but im looking at offers atm! im hoping for $800+

for more details, contact me on my main! @peachlynx!

Guess the Breed(s)

This is Charlie, he is about two and a half feet tall standing on all fours and weighs between 70-80 pounds. Not pictured: his tail is shaped like a Shepard hook! He is a very smart dog and is very submissive and likes to sit in people’s laps and his best friend is a cat


“We think Nacho is the cutest with his left ear waving hello!  He is a Schnauzer mix, between 2 and 3 years old, weighing 18.7 pounds. Nacho is very lovable and obedient. He loves playing with other dogs no matter the kind or size and is OK with cats. He loves car rides and is good on leash.”


“He is an absolute fantastic dog. House broke, crate trained, excellent with other pets, including cats, and all people. He knows some cute tricks like shake your paw roll over lay down come sit and stay. He will make an awesome family dog. He weighs 74 pounds right now and is a bit under weight.“


i I saw ur kitty and he was just too cute and big!! I have a really big kitty too he weighs around 20 lbs and he has a fat face. I adopted him when he was five and he is an old grandpa cat trapped in a slightly younger cat body. we give him sweaters made for small dogs. his name is Atticus but I call him Boopy because he’s a boop and his favorite hobby is sleeping and getting in my way when I try to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night

edit: This cat is an old soul, you can tell. <3 Also, I think tripping people in the middle of the night is a universal cat trait because they forget we can’t see in the dark. Or they know that and they do it anyway. Because they’re fuzzy butts.

About Me

My name is Allie.
I’m 22 years old,
5’2,” and weigh about 105 pounds.
So light a strong wind can knock me around
Like I’m not even there. 

I am an Aquarius.
Which I guess,
From all the online descriptions,
Means I am
But also

I’m still not sure if I agree.
I don’t see a lot of myself
In those lines.

I like cats,
But dogs are ok too.
As long as they are small
And can be cared for
With my small supply of energy.
Not much left to spare
After the struggle of simply living
From day to day. 

I have one older sibling,
A sister,
Whom I’ve always wanted to be
Because being myself
Has never seemed enough.
Not for my teachers.
Not for my parents.
Not for me. 

From the age of twelve,
My mind has made sure to remind me
You will never be enough,
You will never be enough,
I will never be enough.

No matter how hard I try,
I will always fall short
Of the expectations
My sister has set
That cover my open mouth
Like a wet cloth.
Smothering me. 

I didn’t even know what that felt like
Until I tried it in the shower one night
And decided
There must be an easier way to die
Than this. 

I’ve never dated.
4% of me thinks
The guys I’ve met are just blind.
The other 96% thinks
I myself am the problem.

I’m weak to a guy with a kind smile
And ink stains on his fingers
But maybe I’m asking too much.
Maybe I should
Lower my standards.
Maybe I’m just
Not enough.
Even in this.

I like to write.
To cut open my heart
And pour all the words
I can never seem to say
Across a blank page
Because it’s the only way I can speak.
The only way I can exist.
When I don’t write,
It feels like I can’t breathe.
Like I’m smothering
All over again
But this time I can’t decide
When it’s time
To stop.

I write so that someone will be able to see me.
That my words will have meaning
Beyond my own mind.
That I can finally have value.
That I can

And maybe
One day
I will be. 

Maybe one day
This will be

My name is Allie.
I’m 22 years old,
5’2,” and weigh about 105 pounds.
So light a strong wind can knock me around
Like I’m not even there. 

But thank God that words have weight.
I’d hate to be blown away
Before getting the chance
To be alive.


Kitten: You want a piece of me fatty?!

Fat cat: My paw weighs more than you, beet it pussy!

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