wei tian

With the impending Dragon Essence release, I’m unveiling the most important feature of all - HAREM ENDING!

In this ending, Chi An will become the new QUEEN of the First Kingdom! Everyone has fallen head over heels for her, worshiping the ground she walks on!


- Tian Zhao - A GOLDEN dragon boy!
- Ming Jie - A RICH childhood friend!
- Tian Xi - Poor, BUT CUTE, so what the heck!

Will Queen Chi An conquer the world with her RICH Harem? STAY TUNED!


House Tian Wei Lian - 天 威 瀾 

The Trevelyans of Ostwick

父: Tian Gaofeng (Zhang Fengyi); Father, vigorous and bold, Merchant-King of Ostwick.

母: Tian Xulan (Joan Chen); Mother, poised and stern, Matriarch of a generation destined for greatness and doom.

一: Tian Liling (Gao Yuanyuan); First-born, ambitious and shrewd, the inheritor of iron will.

二: Tian Yuna (Zhang Yuqi); Second-born, tenacious and brash, a battle-forged warrior of the Templar Order.

三: Tian Jin (Godfrey Gao); Third-born, carefree and charming, a maverick among mages.

四: Tian Maena (Ni Ni); Fourth-born, gentle and erudite, a scholar of magecraft, poisons, and remedies.

The first would inherit power amidst a war 
The second and third would perish in white-green fire
The fourth would rise from the ashes as Herald of Ruin 

[TRANS] 160328 Jackson and Go Fridge family’s birthday voice messages 

Jackson: Hello! Hello everyone, I am Jackson, Jiajia yeah~ You can call me Jia Er. Today is my 22nd birthday, WOO~! Yeah~ I have to thank every person who’s given Go Fridge family tremendous support! Thank you to the fans who’ve continuously accompanied us as we grew! I love you all. I love you. Salanghae (Korean: I love you). Ngoh oi neih (Cantonese: I love you). Ngu eh nong (Shanghainese: I love you).
Chef An: (Korean) Congratulations on Jackson’s birthday, March 28th. Jackson, happy birthday!
Chef Huang: Jiajia, happy birthday.
Chef An: (Mandarin) Jackson, happy birthday!
Chef Wei Tao: Today is your birth-day~ Our Jia-jia~ 🎵Jackson, Jiajia, happy birthday.
Chef Lele: My precious little cotton jacket! Wang Jia Er! Jiajia~ Today is your BIRTH-DAY. I wish you a HA-PPY BIRTH-DAY~ Happyy birthdaay to you ~🎵
Chef Shasha: Happy birthday to you ~🎵
Chef Tian Shu: Wishing Jia Er a happy birthday! Go Fridge family together forever.


Song of Phoenix 《思美人》 2016.

Ma Ke, Zhang Xin Yu, Qiao Zhen Yu, Yi Yang Qian Xi, Du Chun, Liang Tian, Liu Yun, Lan Xi, Li Xian Zai, Wang Yue Lun, Fu Yi Wei, Yin Zhu Sheng, Tian Niu
Producer - Tian Zhongyang
Directed by - Joseph Chang positive, Ding Yang States
Screenwriter - Tian Zhongyang

SuJu’s list of Songs/Albums over the past 10 years

Twins (2005)

Miracle, Twins, You Are The One, Rock This House, Way For Love, So I, Over, Keep In Touch, L.O.V.E., Believe

Show Me Your Love with DBSK (2005)

Show Me Your Love, I Wanna Hold You, I’m Your Man

U (2006)

U, Endless Moment, Lovely Day

T ~ Rokkugo (2007)

Rokkugo, First Express, Don’t Go Away

Don’t Don (2007)

Don’t Don, Sapphire Blue, You’re My Endless Love, Hate U Love U, Disco Drive, Marry U, A Man In Love, I Am, She’s Gone, The Girl Is Mine, Missin U, Mirror, Our Love, Midnight Fantasy, Thank You, Song For You

M ~ Me (2008)

Me, U, At Least I Still Have You, Miracle, Love Song, In My Arms, Don’t Don, Marry U, Full of Happiness, A Man In Love, The Moment, The One

H ~ Cooking? Cooking! (2008)

Cooking? Cooking!, Pajama Party, You & I, Sunny, Good Luck

Sorry, Sorry (2009)

Sorry Sorry, Why I Like You, Let’s Not…, Angela, Reset, Monster, What If, Heartquake, Club No. 1, Happy Together, Dead At Heart, Shining Star, She Wants It, It’s You, Love Disease, Love U More

M ~ Super Girl (2009)

Super Girl, Blue Tomorrow, Confession, Only U, You & Me

Bonamana (2010)

Bonamana, No Other, All My Heart, A Short Journey, Boom Boom, Coagulation, Your Eyes, My Only Girl, My All Is In You, Shake It Up!, Shake It Up! Remix, In My Dream, One Fine Spring Day, Good Person, Here We Go

M ~ Perfection (2011)

TaeWanMi (Perfection [Korean]), TaiWanMei (Perfection [Chinese]), Ming Yun Xian (Fate), Xing Fu Wei Tian (Happy and Sweet), Biao Bai (Confession), True Love, Chui Yi Yang De Feng (Like The Wind Blowing), Xi Feng De Hua (West Winds Words)

Mr. Simple (2011)

Mr. Simple, Superman, A-Cha, Oops!, A Day, Andante, Opera, Be My Girl, Walkin, Storm, Good Friends, Feels Good, Memories, Sunflower, White Christmas, Y, My Love My Kiss My Heart, Perfection

D&E ~ Oppa Oppa (2011) Mustard and Ketchup XD

First Love, Oppa Oppa

Sexy, Free & Single (2012)

Sexy Free & Single, Spy, From U, Outsider, Only U, Haru, Gulliver, Someday, Now, Rockstar, Bittersweet, Butterfly, Daydream, A Goodbye

M ~ Break Down (2013)

Break Down, Go, Goodbye My Love, A-oh!, It’s You, Distant Embrace, Tunnel, Stand Up

KRY ~ Promise You (2013)

Promise You, Hanamizuki

D&E ~ I Wanna Dance (2013)

I Wanna Dance, Love That I Need

Hero (2013)

BAMBINA, Sexy Free & Single, Mr. Simple, Opera, Wonder Boy, Our Love, A-Cha, Bonamana, Tuxedo, Way, Hero, I Wanna Dance, Perfection, Promise You, Ashita No Tameni, Destiny, Oppa Oppa, Rokkugo, Love That I Need, First Love, Hanamizuki

D&E ~ Ride Me (2014)

Bari 5, Oppa Oppa, Motorcycle, Teenage Queen, When You Cry, Kiss Kiss Dynamite, Android Syndrome, Hello, Love That I Need, I Wanna Dance, Ten Years, Champagne Girl, Let It Go

M ~ Swing (2014) 

Swing, Fly High, My Love For You, Strong, Addiction, After A Minute

D&E ~ Skeleton (2014)

Skeleton, Wonderland

Mamacita (2014)

Mamacita, Midnight Blues, Don’t Leave Me, …Ing, Evanesce, Raining Spell For Love, Shirt, Let’s Dance, This Is Love, Hit Me Up, Let’s Dance, Too Many Beautiful Girls, Mid-Season, Islands

Kyuhyun ~ At Gwanghwamun (2014)

At Gwanghwamun, Eternal Sunshine, At Close, Moment of Farewell, One Confession, Flying Deep in the Night, My Thoughts Your Memories

D&E ~ Present (2015)

Saturday Night, Skeleton, WINE, Wonderland, Scary House, Where Is She?, Growing Pains, Gift, Symphony

D&E ~ The Beat Goes On (2015)

The Beat Goes On, Growing Pains, Sweater & Jeans, Breaking Up, Lights Camera Action!, Can You Feel It?, Mother

Devil (2015)

Devil, Magic, Simply Beautiful, You Got It, Dorothy, Sarang, Stars Appear…, Good Love, We Can, Don’t Wake Me Up, Love At First Sight, Forever With You, Rock'n Shine!, Alright

Kyuhyun ~ Fall, Once Again (2015)

A Million Pieces, Remember Me, Autumn Sleeves, Piano Forest, Because I Miss You, Wind, Ways To Say Goodbye

KRY ~ Join Hands (2015)

Join Hands, Point of No Return

D&E~ Let’s Get It On (2015)

Let’s Get It On, Mr. Nice Guy


The Noble House Tian Wei Lian 

Known to outsiders as House Trevelyan.

An old and honourable clan shrouded in silk, tradition, and magic. Respected for their piety and healing medicines, and feared for their ferocity in battle and wit. Through discipline, loyalty, and learning, the ancient family has spawned powerful mages and warriors alike for hundreds of years, each raised in service to the House, Chantry, and greater good.