Vah mau vah tor-yehat ri stau.

As far as possible, do not kill.

Surak teaches that to kill is the highest of violations one can commit. This is an absolute in Vulcan philosophy, and in most cases a Vulcan would rather allow themselves to die in order to avoid the senseless killing of another being, even for food. Killing is irreversible; there is no way to make amends when one extinguishes the individual life force of another whereas there is always time and opportunity to attempt a peaceful solution.

Although Vulcans are more than capable of defending themselves using martial arts known collectively as wehk-pukan, and most are even trained in the ancient arts of lethal force (tal'shaya for example), the majority of Vulcans tend to be completely pacifistic and will not employ measures that will result in the death of another.

To'tsu'k'hy, commonly known as a neck pinch, is a technique that incapacitates someone with non-lethal force which usually results in nothing worse than a headache and muscle pain. Tot'su translates as “nerve” and k'hy refers to the act of telepathically manipulating a pressure point. Vulcan children will begin learning techniques such as this before their kahs-wan maturity test.

“Olozhikaik veh dang-aitlu sochya. Fa sochya kup-prah-tor, veh vuh-oren-tor a’rie’mnu. Kup-a’rie’mnu, veh vuh-wuh-nartau wehk-pulva t’kash.”- S’ur’ahkh.

“It is logical that one should desire peace. Before peace can be obtained, one must learn to rule one’s passions. To gain mastery over the emotions, one must first embrace the many guises of the mind.” - Surak.