weheartit is not a valid source

OP Fandom Tagging & Posting Guidelines
Not everyone is clear on what some of the frequently used tags in this fandom are for. This post is to explain the three biggest tags in this fandom, and to remind people about what’s not okay to do (spoiler: it’s reposting).

The opgraphics tag is the tag for original One Piece graphics made by the person posting them. Fanart, gifs, manga edits, playlists, and a few other things—all these things are welcome in the tag so long as you are the one who made it. Content that did not take work to make, such as unedited manga panels, whole manga pages, and screencaps from online streaming sites, should not be posted in the tag. Posting other people’s work in the tag will result in a whole lot of people blocking you forever.

The opsourced tag is for fanart that is properly sourced back to the artist (usually pixiv). Ideally the artist should have given their permission for their art to be posted elsewhere with credit. If an artist has stated that they do not want their art posted to other sites, even with credit, then respect their wishes. This seems obvious, but apparently not to everyone—fanart (and other graphics) by people on tumblr should not be reposted back on tumblr even with credit. It’s already here, so just reblog it.

The opspoilers tag is for content from the manga that the anime has not gotten to yet. Many people have their own specific tag for this, but this is the general tag for it. The opspoilers tag is NOT for spoilers of the new chapters before they are released in English. Please do not post content from the raws of the new chapters before the chapters are out for people to read. Any discussion of the new chapters before they are translated should be done behind a read more break so that people who do not want to see the spoilers don’t have to see them.

Finally, as most everyone already knows, there is a problem with reposting in the One Piece fandom. Not absolutely everyone is aware of this, so I’ll say it clearly here: weheartit, zerochan, and pinterest are NOT valid sources. Weheartit is the most frequent problem—all the gifs and other graphics posted there are taken from other sites (frequently tumblr). Using weheartit as a source is meaningless, as you are just reposting a graphic to tumblr that was usually made by someone on tumblr without permission or credit to them. Reposting other people’s work—be it unsourced fanart, stuff sourced to weheartit, or general credit-less reposting—is only going to encourage people to block you. Also, taking other people’s gifs to make your own photoset is not okay either. Reposting multiple people’s stuff at once does not make it any less reposted.

anonymous asked:

Hey I have a really dumb question but how exactly does one repost something? The reason I'm asking is I don't want to be doing it by mistake. Is this the same as reblogging something? I'm new and really confused and feel so stupid sorry for asking. 😟

(I would have answered this sooner, but my Wifi crashed :)

Not a stupid question at all:

Reblogging: Using the little reblog button on the right side just below the post and clicking it. You can add a comment if you want to (it’s polite not to remove the original caption and the link to the source) and then - with one click, hey presto! - it’s on your blog. All the credit and the notes go to the original poster (OP), the person who created the edit/art/text post, and the OP gets notifications for every note (likes/reblogs)

Reposting: Uploading a pic/edit/graphic/fanart you found on the world wide web (on sites likes pinterest or weheartit which are cesspools of stolen things, meaning uncredited artwork etc) and not crediting the artist. Even if you add a link to the source, let’s take weheartit as an example, it’s still like stealing because weheartit is not a valid source as they give no credit to the OP whatsoever.

Reposting is wrong on many levels, as I explained above, and it also violates the tumblr guidelines (which we all agreed to adhere to when we joined tumblr). And besides, it’s just not decent!

I hope this helped, I really appreciate that you took the time to ask this question!