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How you gone make a stimboard and say “credits in the descriptions/click pictures for credits” but your blog theme don’t even let you click images so there’s literally no way to see the credits….. ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)

anonymous asked:

Have you ever tried to find thinspo on weheartit? I find so much on there I bet you could find male thinspo on there! I'll even try and find some and will let you know if I ever do!

O no i havent thanks !!

lastbenchpapers  asked:

Hello! I'm about to start my first bullet journal, and I wasn't sure how to get those little "aesthetic pictures" to put in my spread...I'm not sure whether I should be cutting them out or printing them off the internet...or? I really like the selections you include in your spreads, so I thought it might be best to ask you. Thank you!! 💛💫💛

hi! that’s really cool! you can go either way. if you have magazines laying around, you can always flip through them for cool textures and pictures that are pleasing to you. personally, the images in my spread are from online! i use sites like weheartit and find cool photography photos. you can even look on instagram or tumblr accounts! once you find some images you like, i try and narrow them down to certain color schemes so that way it flows and matches better. i do the same process when i do collages in art projects! and always remember that if you print things off the internet, you can always crop it. if you need any suggestions for weheartit collections or tumblr/instagram accounts to look through then feel free to ask and i’ll be happy to rec some to you!!