By @weheartaaliyah : FINALLY!!!!! 😩 According to @youknowigotsoul @timbaland has just announced his upcoming mixtape “King Stays King” for release on Christmas day, and perhaps the most exciting news is that it will include an unreleased and so far unheard #Aaliyah song. The 16 track mixtape will also capture the “classic #Timbaland sound” with features from new acts who have developed their own style in 2015. Along with Aaliyah, guest appearances are expected from Mila J, Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan, and more.
Timbaland’s new mixtape “King Stays King” will be available for download Friday, December 25th, on MyMIxtapez.com | Screaming just right nowwwww!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩 (A million of thanks to @youknowigotsoul via Twitter for this). Love u Timbooooo!! 💝💞💕


Happy Birthday to my guardian angel. The one who always make me smile, my role model wich I decided for first time when I saw her dancing with her silver trousers: I’ll be with you till the end of times, but how could I know that your end would be so soon?. I’ll be turning on also 37th years in 2 months and it’s unexplainable everytime I think in you as a mother, as a wife, living your life just like I’m living now… but I know you are alright now, just watching our backs floating in heavens with your shine smile.
I love you Li-Li, save me a seat near of you 🙏

14 years ago my life changed complete. “The Red Album” came with me in so many parts of my life that sometimes I think in it like something mine, cause in my worst and my good days I always carried with me. Totally ahead of its time (like everything #Aaliyah did), the album contains 15 gems perfectly done and totally different between them. A new sound was born. Called ‘Urban-Pop’ or 'R&B-Urban’, no matter how you called, this sound will change music forever. I never be tired of say thanks to Aaliyah for being the person who was. She never was scared or risk something in what she believes. A genuine person and mind. So it’s time to celebrate #TeamAaliyah! I know Aaliyah would love it in this way ❤