weh baby

Look who I’ve given birth to. A juice box litter… A litter of juice boxes eagerly anticipating their fates. Poor things. Especially Juicy right there in the center.

I’m officially Juicy’s mom at this point. Should I be proud?..

I’ve decided that I should begin my Juche AU story with a short comic prologue about Juicy’s life in Shopwells before it all got turned around and shit went down in the infamous Dark Room.

Here’s my take on Juicy’s backstory. Our little juicy box lived in the Juice aisle right next to the chips and other snack food sections of the supermarket. Just like all the other foods, they believe in their own version of paradise in the Great Beyond. Little juice boxes like these believe they’ll be going to good homes where a family of their very own will love and cherish them. A safe place, especially away from the German aisle. Juice boxes can be bought separately or with the entire package litter.

Juicy has been in the supermarket for quite a while, watching as his siblings are chosen one by one by tiny gods(children). Except for him. Impatient and determined, Juicy takes matters into his own hands but soon makes a grave mistake. He didn’t mean for this to happen. He just didn’t want to end up alone.

Stay tuned for the comic my darlings. (I’m sad already. What have I done?…)


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Happy Birthday Mads! I feel like the years are just passing by so quickly now I don’t even remember how long we’ve been friends but goddamn I was probably like 15??? who knows, I seriously can’t remember i’m a bad friend, lol. You know I don’t think I can ever frown when I talk to you, I literally smile like an idiot. Even if I am frowning it doesn’t last long, HAHA. You’re a great friend and I don’t know what i’d do without you…and also if you haven’t known I’m in best friends love with you.

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Seeing the way your art has changed from last year is honestly amazing, like, I saw your last year thing and I was like "This is good." and then I saw your current and I was like "This is also good." YOUR ART IS JUST SO GOOD. AND I LOVE YOUR CURRENT STYLE SO MUCH. LIKE. YOUR ART IS AMAZING AND SO ARE YOU AND JUST WEIFKJGRFKRE Y'KNOW?

WEH IM A BIG BABY THANK U SO MUCH ,this means a lot to me!!! I know I say that a lot but I really do mean it!!! It makes me so happy that people like my art style since I feel I don’t have one ,much less say it’s amazing and thank u for saying I’m amazing!!!!!! Ur amazing too!!!!! THANK U WEH


*tragic music in the background*

poor Ai has such a rough life V n V Nagisa should try to play nice

weh weh I’m a giant baby, yeah, alright, okay

fucKING STOP casually mentioning and joking about physical punishment towards fucking children

I doN’T CARE if you were a fucking little shit and deserved a spanking or whatever the fuck you mama thought was appropriate 

don’t fucking discuss child corporal punishment and then laugh about it like haha, that shit’s so funny, said child cried for hours, learned their lesson, etc





STOP, for the love of whatever deity you believe in

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why you love bilbo so much?

  • Tolkien wasn’t known for grey heroes and reading LOTR is like getting assaulted with the most good and most earnest and most heroic people on earth
  • then there is fucking bilbo baggins
  • who is by all means an arrogant little shit who over values his own intelligence and his hubris is often a small cog that tips the scale outside his favor.
  • and he IS good and IS kind but hes not so earnest about it.
  • he didn’t hear the story of these dwarves and think “i must help them i must be good”
  • his choice to travel with them was ultimately about himself.
  • and like with Frodo, I love that he’s not he man or anything..he’s not Thorin or Aragorn or Logolas like he’s not STRONG and BRAVE in a traditional way even tho he develops some of those attributes. 
  • His strength comes from his intellect AND his kindness, so much so that that’s made to be a major point in the story (that if more people were like him, the world would be a better place)
  • But that purity doesn’t exclude all flaws from him. It doesn’t mean he’s as golden as say…Frodo or Sam.
  • Weh Bilbo is my baby
  • and he was my first like The Hobbit was that book my dad read to me OVER AND OVER
  • so that’s a character that i’ve followed and loved for as long as i’ve consumed fiction.
  • He just also happens to be a legitimately good character as well

I also love it when in fics or doujins, Izaya runs up to Shizuo and kisses him while the blond is in mid-swing with his stop sign to distract him and Shizuo blushes the fuck out and Izaya’s like blushing back too going, “Why the hell are you blushing?!!” and Shizuo’s like “RIGHT BACK AT YOU?! WHY ARE YOU BLUSHING?!”

aahahaha sob babies….