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The Josh Peck weight loss story is weight loss inspiration to everyone who had a childhood obesity problem. Celebrity weight gain was never a problem for Peck, who became a child star despite his weight. These celebrity weight loss before and after pics should show you that when it comes to celebrity weight loss, Peck should be lauded for his magnificent effort. Peck lost over a hundred pounds with diet and exercise after deciding that he wanted to be healthier and to conquer his weight problem for good. He says that he wanted to be a role model for obese children, and has certainly proven to be one.

Josh is now looking fab, and is continuing to work promoting the problem of childhood obesity, and of course being the voice of many of your favorite animated characters.

5 Rules To Lose Weight

There are simple rules that I follow and have helped me to lose weight, this year I have losted 3 jean sizes without rebound, check them out:

Rule Number One: Eating Help me To Lose Weight!
Yeap, so easy, it is simple, if you stop eating it is a terrible idea and it suck because this doesn’t help you to lose weight, you are not saving calories and you’ll only get fat, Why? Because the body needs to save you from not eating, for your body is not like, yeah we are burning fat!, for the body it means that you don’t have to eat, you’re suffering famine, so save the calories like fat and we need them to survive until we have to eat, HA! Besides that the insulin increases and the insulin it is the responsible to keep low the sugar in your blood, so if you stop eating you’ll generate more insulin and you’ll reserve fat!

Warning. The insulin isn’t bad!!!! It is a hormone that helps to take the nutrients and save them.

Rule Number Two:  Abuse Of Healthy Food!

This is one of the biggest mistakes that we do when we want to lose weight, if you think that you can eat a lot of healthy food, you’re wrong!, eating healthy is to eat balanced and balanced eating is to have control over portions, that is to eat healthy! Eating carbs, fats, vegetables, fruits it helps to lose weight, but when you’re overeating it is when the problems begin.

Eating a lot of fruits will increase the sugar in your blood, and will be…read more

WIW: “I’m Sorry for the profanity Edition”

Somebody PLEASE take this freaking knife out of my ovaries and put it somewhere useful, like my temple, or my flippin’ heart; but spare my liver.  I drink vodka and really need that organ. 

So week from hell, shark week aproacheth, and I am so very done with this crap.  I am doing the job of 2 people my office, PMSing my butt off and not focused at all on the big picture.

Here is the down and dirty: 

Today 164.4 (gain 2 lbs)

Mention it again and I will ear clap, throat chop and kick you in the groin so fast you will have wished you stayed on Facebook.

Now onto your regularly scheduled lame assed, re-blogged, fluffy kitty doing cute bullshit dashboards.

(love you all see you tomorrow)….


Weigh-In Wednesday.

Restart weight, 3/12/2014: 109.7kg

Wednesday 11/3/2015: 105.5 (Loss 1.3kg/Overall 4.2kg)

Wednesday 18/3/2015: 105.2 (Loss .3kg/Overall loss 4.5kg)

Soooo close to getting below another multiple of 5! And half a kilo to go to reach my 5kg lost since I restarted. Not too bad considering.

I’ve decided to ditch MFP again and see how I do now that I have a better idea of my intake and output.

I was supposed to go hard with the physical stuff when I got back from my brother’s, but the situation with Muffin threw my recuperation time into a spin and last week was a mix of resting, railing against resting, and faffing about trying to get into routine and failing miserably.

From today I’ll be working at easing into the routines again, and throwing in some tough stuff as well. Dad lent me his belt-sander to try and strip the hallway floor, so I’m going to test the theory of that today and if it works I’ll go buy some extra belts. My other project for the rest of the month is my front yard, so that, the sanding, and claning the paddock to schedule will be my main exercise for the rest of the month. I would love to hit my 5kg lost by then too!!


Pretty good food day today.  Had that awesome steak salad for lunch and had some chicken and pepperoni for dinner.

Rob and Bode brought home sushi and I broke down and had 2 pieces, not enough rice in those rolls to throw my fat/carb ratio off but enough that I will have another sugar crave day tomorrow. …*sigh*  when will I learn?!?

Weigh In Wednesday, I mean Thursday, #5

Starting Weight (12/16/2013) : 207.8 lbs

Week 5 + 1 Day (1/23/2013): 196.6 lbs

Weekly Loss: -2.4 lbs

Total Loss: 11.2 lbs

Weekly Mileage: 7.84 miles

Total Mileage: 37.5 miles

Delayed a day! The number I saw yesterday was not what I’d seen on Tuesday and made very little sense to me. SO, I decided to postpone official WIW.

PS: It’s crazy to look at each week and know I’ve lost ~2lbs every week, so in a way I know I’m rocking it, but it’s been 5 weeks and I”m like. Ugh. ONLY ELEVEN POUNDS? Don’t get me wrong I know it’s a dumb thought. But when you’ve been working your ass off and you don’t quite see it in the mirror or your clothes yet, you really have to remind yourself that don’t worry, you will. 

This is where I look at my graph with what happens if I lose 1, 1.5 and 2lbs per week and see what happens in the next few months. 165-182lbs by The Wedding? OKAY. I’LL TAKE EITHER.