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New WeGet.By Release: Sun Glitters - Everything Could Be Fine (2011)
Track: “Beside Me”

When I first listened to Sun Glitters debut release, Everything Could Be Fine, I was smitten. I lay back and played the tracks on repeat as lazy phrases and disconnected thoughts jumped through my head… Somehow time seemed to stretch and calm. Through the album I kept waiting for a time I would lose interest, I had work to do! But it just never happened, I honestly don’t think there’s a song on this record I don’t love.

I quickly messaged Victor, asking if he had any tracks available for me to promote, and he sent back “Everything Could Be Fine”, which got as glowing a recommendation as these hands could write. Over the course of a few more e-mails, the idea of releasing the album as a tape through WeGetBy came up, and Victor was immediately on board.

So, I’m pleased to announce, directly on the heels of our first solo artist release with Flashing Red Lights, our second solo artist release on We Get By will be Sun Glitters beautiful debut, Everything Could Be Fine.

Having these two artists as the first two releases of this fledgling label is something I couldn’t be prouder of, and stand behind 100% as the type of quality, artistic vision, and amazing people we will continue to work with at WeGetBy. In the year to come we’ll also be expanding into vinyl releases as well as few other things, so keep an eye out at www.weget.by.

Listen To The Full Album At Sun Glitters Bandcamp

Order Sun Glitters Everything Could Be Fine From We Get By (Limited Edition Of 100, No Reprints)

(Note: As always, people that order the cassette will receive a digital download of the tracks as well.)

All Our Borders
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New WeGet.By Release: Flashing Red Lights Various Successes I’ve Had (2011)
“All Our Borders”

When Mark over at YVYNYL introduced us all to Nightlands, he mentioned that he’d been friends Dave, the man behind the project for a long time. This meant that when the record was finally dropped in his lap, he was afraid.

As he put it:

You know the feeling. Whenever you hear about something that a friend has been laboring away at, you *want* to like it. You know what it means to them. You pray that its gonna be as good as your expectations. You don’t want to let them down.


Growing up in and around a lot of Los Angeles bands, I couldn’t have agreed more with statement. What if one of them dropped their new created work of art in my lap and I just didn’t like it? 

Fast forward to about a month ago when a good friend of mine, Mack Slevin of Flashing Red Lights finished his E.P. and asked if I wanted to meet up and give it a listen. As we sat there, about to fire up the session and hear it for the first time, Mark’s post just kept floating through my head, what if I didn’t like it?

Then the first song dropped in and those fears just melted away. From chord one I was in love… And it just got better.

Through four songs I didn’t say a word as sampled beats from classic punk albums, to classic rock, to 90’s emo flawlessly built worlds around pulsating bass blasts as heavily affected acoustic guitar and toy pianos darted in and out as a melodic counterpoint. All of this underneath lyrics that built up dark wounds and worlds of loss and obstacles that were not overcome, just understood. 

 The combination of the D.I.Y production aesthetic paired with lyrical concentration of David Bazan with a tinge of James Murphy.

And this is the epitomy of D.I.Y. Put together solely by Mack in his bedroom on Protools, there isn’t a sound here that wasn’t created, or warped into use by him.

So there you go. I’m happy to announce this tape will be the first non-mix release on WeGet.By. The tape will have the four songs listed on the E.P, and on b: side, acoustic versions of the songs that will be exclusive to the tape printing.

Hope you enjoy!

You can download the song from it’s premiere over at Weekly Tape Deck

The four songs from the E.P. will be up for free around April 1st on the Flashing Red Lights Bandcamp, but anyone that sends a request over to mike@weget.by will get them 5 days ahead of time, just for being on the ball.

Download Flashing Red Lights “All Our Borders” From Weekly Tape Deck

Order Flashing Red Lights Various Successes I’ve Had from WeGet.By (Limited Edition Of 100, No Reprints)