wef 2013

Recap: Whole Earth Festival at UC Davis

So everyone talks about Picnic Day at Davis, but I think this event was overall so much more fun for me. My campus turned into a hippie land for 3 days. It was a self efficient entity where there was no waste in terms of food and plastic. All food and beverages were served on plates or cups which were later returned to be washed. There were hand made items, hemp made clothing, earth-y themed trinkets and more. There were performances and music. People came from different cultures and ideals. There were families with kids, to college kids from UC Davis, to hippies that lived in Davis or elsewhere. This event by far made me love my campus.

Beer battered, pesto garlic fries

Beets and Potatoes


I forgot the flavors of our popsicles.. but they were really unique. I think one of them were mango and sweet rice.