Weezer- Buddy Holly Live

Weezer Connections: 

*I bet you know abut that song called Buddy Holly

*In the beginning the lyrics of the chorus weren’t even about Buddy Holly (“You look just like Ginger Rogers/Oh-oh/I move just like Fred Astaire.”

*Cuomo didn’t want to include the song on Weezer [Blue Album], but was convinced by Ric Ocasek

*(from weezerpedia)Strangely enough, the huge success of Buddy Holly’s music video confused and angered Cuomo. He believed fans only liked Weezer because of this “gimmicky” music video, and weren’t taking his song writing seriously. These feelings played a large part in causing Weezer’s more serious, straightfoward sophomore album Pinkerton. During promotion for Pinkerton, Cuomo refused to have any of their music videos contain anything even remotely gimmicky, and many fans and critics blame that decision as the cause of the album’s eventual commercial failure. This attempt at a straight-forward, less bubble-gummy music video can be seen in El Scorcho’s music video.