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fratboy!luke sitting on the floor of his bedroom, books and papers sprawled out all over the place as he attempted to prep for an exam tomorrow. he pushed the dark-rimmed glasses up his nose, groaning in frustration as all the words seemed to just blend together. he glanced behind him, finding you snoring softly on his bed. he took in your hair, sprawled out all over his pillow, and his dark blue weezer muscle shirt hanging loosely on your body, teasing him with a view of your gorgeous legs.

“fuck,” he muttered, adjusting the snapback on his head before standing up and carefully crawling up the bed, holding himself above your body. “y/n…” he cooed, lowering his face to your neck. he nudged your cheek with his nose before nipping at your jaw. “princess, wake up,” he whispered.

you stirred, your eyes fluttering open to meet his blue ones. “hi,” you mumbled, your voice scratchy from sleep. “what time is it?”

he glanced at his alarm clock, pushing your hair from your face. “midnight,” he answered, pulling off his glasses and dropping them on the nightstand. “you’re staying here tonight, right?”

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"Go away. Now. I never want to see you near me or my family ever again" with Luke please! Thank you😘😘 Love your writings by the way!

(Thank you love you’re too sweet!! Here you go :))

You knew the moment you walked into your family barbecue at your parent’s house, questions would come left and right as to where Luke was. And each and every time you had to tell them it was over or that he was too busy.

Your little cousins even grew quite fond of him during your time together and it made you that much more upset when you told them he wasn’t going to come today, disappointed looks crossing their faces.

Needless to say you were uncomfortable and annoyed with everyone. You stood in the kitchen, drinking some water when you heard the doorbell ring. Sighing, you decided no one else was going to get it so you made your way over and opened the door, expecting to see an aunt or uncle but instead it was your ex boyfriend.

Wearing his famous Weezer shirt along with his black jeans, hair tousled a bit like he’s been running his hands through it, he looked breathtaking.

“Y/N.” He whispered, snapping you out of your daze. You didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t supposed to be here.

“What are you doing here?!” You harshly whispered, trying to keep your voice down so none of your relatives would hear the commotion outside.

“Listen I just need to-”

“Lukeyyyy!!” Your little niece Chrissy yelled, grabbing both of your attentions.

Luke’s eyes fell on the little 4 year old clutching onto his leg. “Hey bub! I haven’t seen you in forever!” He cooed, picking her up as she nuzzled her face in his neck.

You couldn’t help but melt at the scene before you. He was always so good with your family, it was one of the reasons why you fell in love with him.

But you guys were over, and what he did, you would never forgive him for that.

“I miss wu.” She smiled against his neck as Luke rubbed her back gently, grinning at her.

“Me to Chrissy, me too.” His eyes locked onto yours. But he noticed the bitterness behind them.

“Chrissy, baby we need to talk so can you go back inside and play with your brother Jace?” You grabbed her from Luke’s arm as she struggled a little, not wanting to be apart from him.

“I’ll be back don’t worry.” He reassured her as he let go, watching you place her on the ground before ushering her away.

You got up and smoothed your yellow sundress, beckoning Luke to move back as you came out onto the porch and shut the door behind you, but not before receiving some concerned glances from your aunts.

You looked at Luke, confused as to why he was even here. “Why are you here? We’re done remember? You don’t need to pretend and act like you care about my family anymore.”

Luke’s eyes hardened as he stared at you. “Don’t fucking say that.” He clenched, anger lacing his features. “You know I’ll always care about you and your family.”

You scoffed at that. “Yeah okay Luke.”

He groaned, annoyed at your behaviour. “I remember you telling me about today. How everyone was so excited to get to see me, us together.” He muttered, scratching the back of his neck. “I miss them too you know?”

“Don’t!” You yelled, fed up with his bullshit. “I know you don’t care so just stop Luke!” Your breathing was ragged as you spoke.

“Go away. Now. I never want to see you near me or my family ever again.” The seriousness behind your words caused Luke to look up, disbelief clouding his eyes as he took in what you were saying. Shock was clear as day on his face, even when you just told him the most heartbreaking thing you ever could have said, you still looked absolutely enchanting.

“Leave.” You gritted, turning around and heading back inside, not daring to look back at the man who you once called yours.

too good

(this is the first piece of writing ive ever written so its bad but i wanted to put it somewhere sorry)

His eyes reminded her of the ripples in the water, pupils big and innocent looking into hers at first, then shrinking into small dots, barely visible in the dark green surrounding them. She sat upon his jean clad thighs, his hand gripping her hips like he was almost going to drop her, delicate but secure, keeping her squirming body covered in just his iron maiden t shirt and white boy shorts still on his lap.

He swore he would never let this happen. He would never allow himself to get attached to something so addictive, something he couldn’t have with him at all times when he needed it.

She allowed him to roam his hands down the curve of her hips, over the soft skin of her thighs and to her hands resting there to bring them to his belt. The red haired boy licked his lips as he nodded her along, trying to build the little amount of confidence she had in her body. He was already growing hard under her small hands fiddling with the metal buckle, and god, they barely did anything yet.

She finally got the buckle undone, the rhythm of her beating heart reminded her of their favourite song, which resulted in a light but contagious smile and made her heart flutter even more when she looked up to see Michael grinning back at her.

She climbed off his legs for a moment as he pushed the jeans down his thighs and threw them to the floor, making a light clink noise as they hit the wood. He wanted to take it slow with her, seeing as this was her first time even getting intimate with anyone, let alone giving a hand job. She crawled back onto his lap and Michael pulled her into a soft kiss, putting his hands around the sides of her neck and feeling the pulse in her veins.

He pulled back to swipe his thumb across her bottom lip, then lightly pushed his index and middle fingers between her teeth. “Fuck.” he breathed out quietly, indulging the sight of her soft tongue swirling around his fingers. “Y'know you don’t have to do anything you don’t wanna. I can just get you off if you feel more comfortable doing that.”

She shook her head lightly as she released his tattooed fingers, falling to her thighs once again. He let out a sigh as her fingers went to the waist band of his black briefs, peeling them down just enough to let him out.

Her eyes widened for a moment at the sight of his hard cock pressed against his soft tummy, reaching her hand out to run her fingers along the veins running up his shaft. “You’re too fucking good for me. Too good for me.” Michael mumbled while running his hand up her soft thighs once again.

Her eyes blinked up to him, almost like permission to touch, and he took her small hand in his to wrap around his shaft. “Is this okay?” She said, barely audible. “Anything you do will feel fucking amazing. Don’t worry ‘bout that” And it was true. She could touch him in any way possible, not even sexually, and he would fall apart at her finger tips. She makes any action she does so sweet in contrast to his rough and needy touch.

Her eyelashes fluttered as she moved her hand up to the head and back down to his balls, seeing a small bead of cum leak out the tip. Her curiosity got to her as she moved a finger to swipe the head of his cock, and brought it up to her tongue to taste. “Oh my fucking God. Who woulda thought you had a little cum slut inside you.” Michael mumbled the last sentence, not sure if she was ready to hear such filthy words slip from his lips.

She shifted so her thighs were only around one of his thighs, and wrapped her hand back around him. His fingernails dug into her thighs as she kept moving her hands up and down his shaft, causing his to moan out into the cold air of the night that filled the room.

Michael was too caught up in feeling her innocent little hand do such filthy things to him, that he barely noticed her start to grind her hips along his thigh. His mouth fell open as he watched her manage to jerk him off, all while making herself feel good at he same time. Her eyes were closed as she let out a small whine, making Michael slide his hand up to her hips and dig his fingers into them.

“Mmm-holy shit,. tha-at feels so fucking good angel” he groaned out as the pace on his cock got faster, almost in sync with her hips against his thigh. The whines coming out of her mouth from the friction from his thigh could make him cum right there, but he instead decided to move her hand away from his flushed cock.

Her eyes opened back up to meet his, a confused glint in her eye. “Fuck it” he huffed as he gripped her hips again, slowly pulling her towards him on his leg. “Does this feel good, kitten? Did it feel good rubbing your pretty little pussy against my thigh while you jerked me off?” Her mouth fell agape and held onto his fore arms, glancing down at his painfully hard shaft, then back up to his moss green eyes.

“Answer me.” She licked her lips. “Mhm”. Michael’s hand gripped her chin, bringing her lips close against his. “Use your words, baby.” His words were soft, and made her eyelids fluttered. “Felt really good, Michael.” He let go of her chin, once again grabbing her hips and moving her back and forth on his thigh.

Michael didn’t even care about the amount of attention his cock was craving at the moment. All he cared about was watching his pure little girl get herself off on his thigh while wearing just his shirt and hearing the small whimpers and moans slip out of her pink lips like it was music to his ears.

“Michael” she whined out, gripping his arms like her life depended on it. “Yeah kitten? You gonna cum? Gonna cum on my thigh like a good girl?” His dirty words flowed through her head, adding to the immense amount of pleasure spreading between her thighs. “Fuck, just watching you like this is gonna make me explode.” This encouraged her to work herself harder on him, letting out broken breaths as she started coming close to her orgasm.

His touched moved to the small of her back, leaning in to leave a sloppy kiss of her plump lips, down her neck, then leaning back down against the headboard. He could see by the look in her face she was going to cum any second now. Her mouth was lightly open, her eyebrows pushed together as her eyelashes fluttered against her full cheeks.

He took this opportunity to bounce his leg a little, making her let out a louder moan. “M’ gonna cum” Michael let out a groan as he bounces his leg harder, eager to get her off. “Open your eyes baby, look at me. Wanna see you when you cum.” Her eyes were met with his green ones as they fluttered open, her nails digging harder into his fore arms as she let out a series of broken pants and whimpers.

She could feel the rush from her head to toes, pleasure washing over her whole body as she watched Michael’s face, almost in awe. “That’s my good girl. Fuck, cum all over my thigh.” His hand moved down to stroke her thighs as she came down from her high, then pulled her into him trying to calm her shaking body.

“You were so good kitten. How’d that feel, hm?” He lifted her face from him chest to meet his, staring into her doe eyes. “Felt really good. Thank you Mikey.” Her thanks to him made him giggle, but soon faded as he remembered his cock was still extremely hard. She soon caught on as well, heart fluttering when she looked down at his shaft leaking like a faucet. “I can take care of this by myself it you wa-” “No, I want to.” She interrupted, a little louder than she planned out.

He let out a hum as he moved farther up the headboard, allowing her to straddle his thighs once again. Michael watched her as she wrapped her small hand back around his cock, then looking back at his eyes and leaving a small kiss on his lips.

“This probably won’t take long baby. Watching you use me to make yourself cum almost put me over the edge by itself.” Her cheeks tinted a darker shade of red than they already were, and proceeded to move her fist up and down his shaft.

It took everything in Michaels will to not grab her by the hair, push her mouth on him and fuck her pretty lips. He would save that for another day. Michael moaned and dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her thighs. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck” She quickened the pace of her wrist as he whined out, seeing that he was so close to cumming for her.

She examined his face as she got him closer to the edge, how his mouth was open and a lot wider than how hers was, to how his fringe glued itself to his forehead from the sweat forming there.

“God-fuck. I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum" She looked back down at his swollen shaft, then whispered “Cum Michael.” This pushed him over the edge, cumming hard as he gasped for air.

She jumped a little at the sight of the cum shooting out of the head of his cock, landing on both her thighs and shirt. She pumped him until he fluttered his eyes back to meet hers again, out of breath and slightly smiling.

“Holy shit. I don’t think I’ve ever came so hard in my fucking life.” Her mouth turned into a smile as they both giggled, and he tucked his softening cock back into his underwear.

Her eyes drifted down to her bare thighs, observing the white substance dotted across them. Michael’s eyes followed, taking his finger to gather some of the cum, and brought his finger into her mouth to suck the remains off.

Her eyes closed and he groaned at the sight. “How about we clean you up, hm?” She nodded, Michael then crawling off the bed into the washroom to grab a wet wash cloth. He came back into his room to find her lying on the sheets making his heart pound.

She was fucking ravishing. He wishes he could leave her like that, covered in him cum and slightly sweaty from their earlier activities. He got on his knees beside her and began to wipe her legs down, along with removing the dirty shirt she was wearing.

She sat up with her legs tucked into her chest as he went over to his dresser to fetch one of his fresher t shirts, the Weezer one, which is her favourite. After getting the shirt over her smaller body, he pulled her under the sheets with his, her being positioned just so she can hear Michael’s heart beat.

His hand went into her hair as he let out a sigh, exhausted and content. “You’re too good for me. Too fucking good.”

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In Response to Headcanon: Finn Likes a Big Ol' Bush

His hand is creeping up her leg.

And if the noises she’s making are any indication, she doesn’t mind.

She had showed up in nylons and a skirt and he wasn’t sure what to make of it until his teenage boy brain started whispering filthy things about easy access. He thought his heart would have told his mind to calm down, that he was in love and things didn’t have to be so rushed, but that treacherous organ had started pounding loudly against his chest in a bid to get out because if his fingers didn’t want to take a walk up that skirt, his heart surely would.

“Fancy a drink?” She asks.

He thinks about the last time they played this game and remembers that he lost in a big way and ended up passed out drunk on a night that was supposed to be, well, the night. “Maybe we shouldn’t.”

She raises her eyebrows and shakes the bottle of vodka at him. “Sure?”

He leans over (he’s got a slow burn in the bottom of his stomach that unfurling at the thought of pulling her nylons off that’s thankfully stopping him from wiggling around like an eager puppy) and presses his lips to hers. It’s a slow, steady kiss and when he pulls she leans back into him. It’s a different feeling, having her chase his touch. She’s not pulling away anymore and she’s not hiding behind her sarcasm or a bottle of vodka. Speaking of, he reaches over and takes the bottle from her, wiggling it in front of her. “Not tonight.”


“No.” He sets it on the couch and stands up. He’s not sure when his spine got to be so strong and when he became so damn bold with this girl (but he has a feeling it’s got to do with the nylons and skirt) and he holds out his hand to her. “Care to move this party upstairs?”

She consents and he’s leading her up the stairs and it’s nice to be in control for once because since day one, this girl has been whipping him around the way little girls sling their dollies. He doesn’t mind it sometimes, isn’t one of those boys who had to be in command, but it does his heart good to have some upper hand in the situation especially after their breakup.

When they reach his room, he figures he can’t be bothered with music and he pulls her flush against him, his lips back on hers. He’s mindful of his hands, careful because they’ve had talks about her insecurities and places she doesn’t care to be touched. Her stomach was, for the moment, out of bounds and her sides were ok but he had to proceed with caution.
But she never said anything about her hips.

He kisses from her mouth to her jaw to that little spot between her shoulder and neck that makes her gasp and moan and grip his shirt in her hands. His hands drop down, creeping up under her skirt, brushing her thighs and her hips until he finds the edge of her nylons. Fingers curl around them and he mumbles “Yeah?” against her skin and she nods.

He’s going for the gold when he hooks a finger into her panties and brings them down with her nylons.


He grins, kneeling before her with his bottom lip between his teeth. “What?”

“You are a filt-“

He’s back up, pulling her towards the bed, mouth thoroughly searching hers for any reason why he shouldn’t be a filthy boy. Home alone, all night to do whatever they want, no college tomorrow. Plus, it wasn’t his fault that she showed up at his door with a Weezer shirt on and a black skirt and nylons, plucking at his heartstrings when she said, “Want some company?”

When she’s situated on his bed and his hand starts tiptoeing back under her skirt, he does a quick mental check. She wants this? Check. Clean hands? Check. Condoms just in case? Fuck… did he… fuck. Bottom drawer from the almost exclusive sexy party. Check. He was sober and she was sober and his hand was an inch away from being in not quite familiar territory (but he was hoping that would change).

He pulls away from her to watch her face as he slides his fingers against her smooth…



The shock on his face makes her laugh and blush, and he’s trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Did he have a stroke and somehow miss- nope. There’s a brush of wetness on his fingertips and the unmistakable heat of her so what…

“I, um, had a wax.”

“Ah,” is all he can manage.

“Do you… like it?”

He doesn’t. There’s something about the too soft skin under his fingertips that just doesn’t feel right. It’s like touching her breast because even though that’s good (real good), there’s something about the slight scratch that made touching a woman feel illicit. Lusty in a way he couldn’t explain (mostly because there wasn’t enough blood in his brain) and he liked the way it felt on his palm and the way it tickled his- “It’s alright.”

She winces and he knows it’s a bad choice of words when she starts moving away from him. “No, I mean, if you like it-“

“Which means you don’t.”

“It’s your body, Rae! I can’t tell you what to do with it. I like whatever you got going on, honest.”
“But you preferred it the other way, didn’t you?”

He groans and rolls onto his back. How was it that every time he was about to get anywhere with this girl, something stupid or weird came up. If he wasn’t puking drunk, she had a headache or Chop was interrupting or her fucking mum was coming in and trying to hold his hand that had just been up her daughter’s-

“You did!” She sits up a bit and looks at his red face. “Just admit it. I knew it was stupid idea but I was watching this movie and-“ She stops, eyes going wide. “I mean-“

“You were watching a porno, weren’t you?” He accuses.

“No!” she lays flat again so that they can’t see each other’s faces if they keep staring at the ceiling. “It just happened, alright? It’s not like I sought out the fucking movie.”

“Then where did you find it?”

“I… god.”

“Really?” He starts to laugh. “Where, your mum’s room?” He laughs harder when she slaps at him.

“Shut up! I didn’t do anything. I just watched for a second and then I noticed that, you know, none of those girls had lady forests and-“

“Lady forests?” He repeats before launching into another round of laughter. “Serious?”

“Yes! So I just thought I’d… I don’t know. Thought you might like it a bit more sans forests.”
“Well, I’ve always been particular to forests of all sorts, especially the lady kind.” He shrugs. “But it’s your body so you should do whatever you please with it and if deforestation is your thing
then… go for it.”

Rae props up on one elbow, her face unreadable. “Do you understand that I let some strange one put hot wax on my lady bits and then rip it off with tissue paper? And I did it only to find out that you don’t even like that sort of thing?” When she sees he’s trying not to laugh again, her face turns red. “Fluffy bastard cloud kittens couldn’t even ease the pain! All of that and I have nothing to show for it.”

“Literally nothing to show for it.”

“Finn Nelson!” She moves to hit him but he catches her arm and rolls her onto her back, teeth nipping at her bottom lip. “It was supposed to be a pleasant surprise.”

“Oh, it was a surprise alright,” his hands are ghosting up under her skirt again.

“Not a good one, though, right?”

His fingers find her still slick and she loses her breath as he slips one inside, thumb rubbing soft circles at the apex of her thighs. “I like all sorts of surprises. Especially from you.”

She sighs into his mouth. “Fuck, at least I don’t have to go through that again.”


I heard there was a meet and greet at this music festival I was going to and I immediately flipped out. Me and my dad (cause obviously I have very many friends) went to the CD booth and asked if there were any tickets. The lady told us that the 15(???!!!!) meet and greet tickets were already sold out but they really want to meet more fans so if I showed up with an album they might sign it. At around 7:30 I was waiting around the meet and greet booth. One of the staff members there told me I couldn’t stand in line if I didn’t have a meet and greet ticket. So I kinda just hid around the line pretending like I was supposed to be there lol. Then I made a friend, which was awesome. I heard the staff member tell her that if she brought back a receipt for the album she bought at the CD booth she could also get a meet and greet ticket. So obviously I ran over to my dad, grabbed the receipt, and stood back in line. I was just freaking out the entire time. It felt so surreal. Then I realized I could see Brendon right in front of me on a long table along with the rest of the band and I was the next person. It was crazy. He was so nice. He told me he liked my Weezer shirt. I told him I had so much fun at the Weezer concert last night and that I still couldn’t hear properly. I gave him this letter I wrote two hours prior. I asked if it was okay to give him something since we weren’t even allowed to take pictures (that’s Korea for you). I asked him to sign my CD and journal. He joked and pretended to look inside it. I asked him how Sarah was doing. He said she was great. And then I asked if she came too and Brendon said she was coming later. We talked for a bit and I shook his hand. Honestly, I found it so crazy how nice he was. The line was crazy long and he still had a giant smile on his face and I felt so grateful. I also talked to Kenneth, Dallon, and Dan. I asked them how they were doing. They seemed a little surprised/happy(?) that I could speak English. Which I don’t mind, it happens most of the time when I talk to foreigners in Korea. And also most of the people before me couldn’t really speak English I think. They all said that they liked my shirt. I asked them if they had tried any Korean food yet. Apparently, they cooked their own Korean barbecue yesterday. And then Kenneth told me thanks for coming today. And then me and my friend kept freaking out and crying it was crazy.

Honestly, a huge shoutout to Panic! At the Disco. They were the ones who said that they wanted to meet more fans. And they were all so kind and nice even though there were so many people waiting in line for them. The show was absolutely amazing too. I kept shouting Beebo throughout the entire show. My dad was so impressed with their rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody as well. It was so much fun. I even put my arm around a total stranger next to me and danced with her. I got to make a friend at the meet and greet. Everyone was having such an amazing time. So thank you so much to P!ATD for coming to Korea <3

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5 - Soma, 14 - Marichat

Soma, fingertip kiss

Sometimes, he catches himself staring a little too long, and with the same amount of intensity he uses when he composes a new piece. It gets worse the older he gets, the more aware he becomes of how attractive his long-time roommate and best friend is, even when she is doing something as simple as making a grilled cheese in their worn-down kitchen.

Her golden hair drifts past her shoulders, loosened from its pigtails by his own wandering fingers; it is hard to resist playing with the strands when they feel as soft as feather-tips. Her emerald gaze remains on the bread as she flips it over in the tarnished pan, and it is a green so deep he feels like he could fall right into it. She wears one of his oversized Weezer shirts (something like a relic to him now), and leans all her weight on her right leg. She bites her lower lip as she realizes she burnt one of the sides, and she sighs. He isn’t sure how long he has been staring at this point, but her legs are miles-long and sometimes take a few extra minutes of gawking to get through.

His suspicions are confirmed when she turns his way and gives him an odd look. “Soul? Why are you staring at me like that?”

He shakes his head, as if it would be enough to free the unwarranted lewd thoughts from his mind. “Like what? Like I’m holding back a comment about you managing to ruin something as simple as a grilled cheese?”

She turns back to the pan with a distinguished frown. “I’m really upset.”

He grins. “You should be.”

Maka huffs and, without thinking, places her hand on the stove before he can stop her. She screeches and pulls her hand back, her ocean-green eyes watering against her will.

He walks over and grabs her small wrist, turns it over to observe the damage in as soft a manner as possible. His heart hammers in his chest. Three of her fingertips are beat-red, but the heat did not seem to reach too far deep in her skin.

And, in the way she placed her hand to the stove without much conscious thought, he kisses her injured fingertips before grabbing an ice pack and placing it in her hand.

He looks up, and their eyes lock for a moment and he sucks in a sharp breath from the sudden proximity. Her cheeks are now as red as her burns and her mouth is wide open, as if she just saw his spirit leave his body (it may as well have, with how he near-jumped out of his skin at her brief scream of pain).

“What?” he asks. “Are you okay?”

“I was…until you…kissed my wound?” She stutters, her voice higher than before.

“I…actually, I…don’t know what that was for…?” Their gazes stay in place for one more breathless moment, their faces now both the same shade of rouge. He doesn’t let go of her hand and doesn’t say a single thing until they hear the sizzle of the blackened grilled cheese and he drops his firm grip to turn off the stove.

Soul removes the pan and his nose wrinkles at the stench of the smoke. “I’ll eat it,” he whispers. He takes the pan with him to his room and shuts the door behind him.

The sandwich does not taste too bad, but it barely removes the lingering, small taste he got of her skin.

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Top five Luke outfits

i really don’t think i can limit this to 5 so sorry if I get carried away.

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Ellie!!!! Do you think Luke is ticklish????????? ThIS IS IMPORTANT

okay i just had the most vivid vision of him squeak laughing when he’s in that weezer shirt and you’re straddling his thighs and he’s laying down and you’re laying on top of him just trailing your fingers absentmindedly up and down his side and when you’re moving down and your fingers move just below his ribs he like jerks to the side cause it’s so sensitive and you look up like ‘are you ticklish?’ and he’s like 'what? No!’ so you do the same thing and he wriggles a little underneath you and you giggle a little cause his voice has gone up an octave or two and the more your fingers move the more breathy his giggles are getting and the more he’s squirming but he’s not even really trying to stop you cause he kinda likes it

so yEA. I do lmao