How can sleeping so long suck instead of amazing? Maybe because all i did was dream about trying to get high.. Horrible dream. I was with my cousin and we smoked so much and even ate it we had big bags full and no matter what I couldn’t get high then i was with jon and her and we were looking for a place to potty we found the dirtiest place, dirty, small, not much tp, and overflowing but we all had to go in there. Then I was with someone else trying to smoke again but had to come back home. I tried to in some outside bathroom shed and my mom was bagging down the door, I was waiting for jon to come over an my room was a disaster idk it was just a long horrid dream about hiding, running, and messy places

I Get High

I get high because the world is so low.

I get high because it’s the only way to cope.

I get high to appreciate the beauty in things.

I get high so I can focus enough to understand the world.

I get high to feel a glimpse of happiness that I no longer can feel.

I get high to calm down long enough to go without a panic attack.

I get high because I want to.

I get high so I can live.