His kinks/fetishes (M)
  • Eren: He would totally be turned on when his lover starts leaving little nibbles or bites on him during their steamy session. He gets a little excited once he feels this because it would be a boost to his ego that he can get his lover all excited and wild like that. He'll bite back, of course, but he'll place a loving kiss over it afterwards.
  • Armin: One thing that would really turn him on and something that'd he find super sexy is when his lover would put on a nice set of underwear for him. He wouldn't want the underwear to only be aesthetically pleasing, but he would love it if his lover would be confident in it as well.
  • Reiner: He can get a little bit daring, since this boy would be into public sex. He would start by slowly trailing his hand on his lovers leg or thigh, or subtly brush his hand against the butt. When he can't take it anymore, he'll take your hand in his, and take you to the nearest washroom (or bedroom) to give you what you guys have been waiting for, with the bonus of having someone walking in at any moment.
  • Bertholdt: It would be quite a shock, but he would be into toys. He doesn't see the harm in them, and he would like to double the pleasure of whatever pleasure he gives you. Seeing you whine and squirm under the power of the toy would get him all hot, since you might even do more when he gives you the real thing.
  • Jean: This naughty boy would grope you with every chance he gets-- public or private. In bed, however, the urge to feel everything about you would increase. For him, it's one way to show you how much he appreciates every square inch of your body. He would love the feel of you under his hands, and how he can unravel you by just a little rub or squeeze.
  • Marco: You wouldn't really see it coming, but he'd love to have steamy sessions with you in the shower. He would be cheeky about it, too. He'd sneak in when you least expect it, give you a shoulder rub, then his hand will slowly rub somewhere else, and he'd end up with his lover pressed up against him while the shower gets hotter and weeter.
  • Connie: He secretly finds it sexy when his lover takes the reins. It would also be a chance for him to challenge his lover into finding what makes him totally weak. Having his lover ride him would get him even more bothered, since he'll get to see every face and hear every sound his partner will give out.
  • Levi: It would absolutely be a treat for him to be able to roleplay with his lover. The thrill of starting over from strangers, or from having different titles, would be more than enough to get him going. He would prefer teacher-student, or master-maid roleplays. Whichever wold give him the higher title that he's used to.
  • Erwin: He'd go all out and be into bondage. The thought of seeing his lover tied up, sorta helpless, and begging for his touch would give a huge boost to his pride. He might be into teasing his lover, just for the heck of it, but he'll give in if his partner's extra good to him that night.