soft kylux where kylo is dozing in bed next to hux, who’s still sat up and working, and kylo wakes up a few hours later to the sound of hux’s heavy breaths, and kylo smiles and gently eases hux’s glasses off his soft nose and peels his datapad out of his hands and helps him slide down under the covers

kylo could use the force for the last bit but there’s something he loves about hux being in his arms

Keith x Pidge - Down Time Shenanigans

I haven’t drawn anything outside of the Manga lately, so I’ve decided to draw some fluffy teasing with wax lips. :P enjoy! (read right to left)

done in Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop



I ended up going over slots and I’m gonna try to get to everyone who applied. Turnaround is going to be slower for people that applied later so if I don’t get back to you right away- don’t fear! I won’t invoice until I’m ready to take on your submission. Thank you all so much!!!

On December 22nd I hit 1000 followers, Currently I’m already almost at 1050…. I’m shocked, absolutely blown away that 1000 people like my blog. When I had started in late June, I had just wanted to meet people who also like jjba, and to improve on drawing. It’s really hard to really fathom that I’ve already hit 1000 before 2016 ended. I just really wanted to say thank you and tag a few friends who have made my bd/dailyjjba experience absolutely splendorous.

@dailyshadowdio Literally the mod of this blog is an angel, she’s super sweet and a really great person to be around. When I had first started we had interacted once or twice…. and then fast forward a bunch of lovely followers and I finally got the courage to actually message the mod, and it started off with Jotaro burning down DIO’s house. It was a great start if you couldn’t tell. I’m still having a hard time processing that you are my friend to this day because your so amazing. Thank you for being here.

@dailykakyoin *inhales* B O I. Literally you are a ray of sunshine, and I don’t know what I’d do without my good ol Kak bud. We interact a lot and I love seeing asks from you in my inbox, you’re art is adorable just like you and your personality. You’re a really sweet person, and I’m really glad I got to talk with you and send memes back and forth. Thank you so much…

@daily-foofighters FOOF!!! You’re a sweet and adorable bean, and I love seeing your art… thank for drawing ocean man and his precious plankton daughter… literally almost cried over it.. YOU ARE JUST OVERALL A SUPER SUPER NICE PERSON AND I WANT YOU TO BE VERY HAPPY AND CONFIDENT ABOUT URSELF!! ;o; i love u foof…. tysm…

@dailysmolnareff C A M I. We don’t exactly talk much outside of discord servers but its always so nice to have you around, you’re super sweet and i think ur laugh is adorable tbh. I really wish I could give you a big hug cause you deserve one, thanks for being my friend ;;;;

@daily-caesar adam………. u fucker….. how dare you keep killing off your precious event shzrs… I can forgive you but pls no more death… I’m so glad we talk, you overall are sweet as sugar and really kind to me, letting me talk about the most random of shit at times. ily now lets fucking fight

@poorlydrawnjosephjoestar LEMON!!!! the sweetest lemon I know and love, you’re super super super super super nice and have the good memes… and to top it off your art is absolutely stunning and adorable and im love it…. BUT BOY DO YOU LIKE TO BREAK MY HEART WITH THESE SAD HEADCANONS.

@daily-giogio paigepaigepaigepaigepaigepaigepaigepaige, you know the drill. CUTE FACE CUTE ART CUTE PERSONALITY, and boy do you love giomis!!! Tbh I didn’t really ship anyone from VA until you kept showing me Giomis and now I have subscribed to it because its rly cute, cheeto puff pants and his ladybug shall be together forever… also remember that promise we gotta get fat and old together, I love u.

@dailybrandio The child,,,, the precious precious bean.. Pure as Jonathan Joestar… You are super young and sweet and really fucking strong and mature and being friends with you is a wonderful experience, I know things are tough right now for you but it’ll get better, I promise. Thanks for not giving up..!!!

@dailyenricopucci pasta im love you, ur a good pucci even though I feel betrayed that he isnt as nice as i was told…. but i love how compassionate you are abt animals… boy I love animal content.. Not only that but you are really dedicated to your AU and art and thats just really admirable. Im glad we are friends ;o;

Just going to also tag some people I enjoy, and wish to talk to more because y’all are sweethearts and I could go on for hours typing up reasons why, but I WANT TO LET YOU ALL KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM ABOUT YOU BEING HERE LOOKING AT MY OCEAN MAN

@dailyavdol, @daily4taro, @poorlydrawnjosukeh, @poorly-drawn-dinopants,

@weeklyheavendio, @dailyndoul, @dailyhierophantgreen, @dailyhamonpires, @dailyabdul, @clackerss, @pompadxur, @stoneslept !

Once again I really cannot thank you all enough for sticking around, tomorrow will be the final daily until we move onto 2017. I’m excited to see what 2017 will turn out to be. I love you all so much and thank you for reaching such a large milestone for my blog, I really dunno how you all got here but thank you.

Me: *watching GG play Resident Evil  * Yes yes yes

Me: *any mention of Wesker** YES YES YES

 Me: *Wesker appears*  Y̵̳͙̠͠E͏̡̩͕͖͚͙̹S̴̰̮̮̯̻̥̻͉̤̬̯̱̪͟ͅ ̴̵̢̬̝̙̭̜̰͇̼͚̺̰͇̳Y̸̨͙͎͕̲͕͈͓̮͍͜E̶҉̹̘̯̤͇̰̙͚̳̭̫̹̦̲̱͜S̶̴̢̼̝͍͈͜͡ͅͅ ̸̨̙̦͖͔͙̟̤̺̤͉͕͇̻̳̘̜̕͜Y̡͞͡͏̪̺͔̰͈͙̜̘Ę͉͉͇̠̼̻̪̦̮̩̝̫̙̲͕̹̀S̱̟͕͍̼̗̮͇̠̣̺̙̲̀ ̡̢̛͕̝̭̻̳̦̥̝̫̗̪̯̭̼͙͚̕ͅͅY̷̵̧͜҉͍͖̘̤̭̯̙̹̼͇͖͇̙ͅḚ̸͍͖͍̗̗̺͢͜͝S̸̨̰͍͖͈̹̮̻̰̳̲̥̘̝͝ Y̵̳͙̠͠E͏̡̩͕͖͚͙̹S̴̰̮̮̯̻̥̻͉̤̬̯̱̪͟ͅ ̴̵̢̬̝̙̭̜̰͇̼͚̺̰͇̳Y̸̨͙͎͕̲͕͈͓̮͍͜E̶҉̹̘̯̤͇̰̙͚̳̭̫̹̦̲̱͜S̶̴̢̼̝͍͈͜͡ͅͅ ̸̨̙̦͖͔͙̟̤̺̤͉͕͇̻̳̘̜̕͜Y̡͞͡͏̪̺͔̰͈͙̜̘Ę͉͉͇̠̼̻̪̦̮̩̝̫̙̲͕̹̀S̱̟͕͍̼̗̮͇̠̣̺̙̲̀ ̡̢̛͕̝̭̻̳̦̥̝̫̗̪̯̭̼͙͚̕ͅͅY̷̵̧͜҉͍͖̘̤̭̯̙̹̼͇͖͇̙ͅḚ̸͍͖͍̗̗̺͢͜͝S̸̨̰͍͖͈̹̮̻̰̳̲̥̘̝͝