the best thing he never had ; two

one , two 

pairing; jungkook x reader

genre; best friend!au

word count; 3.1k

summary; in this story, you have known your best friend for more than 15 years and you were utterly and wholly in love with him

You and Jungkook have inevitably stuck with each other like glue for a long epoch of time, that when you do tell people that you were best friends with him for 15 years, it was hard not to laugh at their reactions that usually consisted of jaws at the floor or sky rocketed eyebrows along with constant questions that you always had the answers to before they were even asked. But, you have to admit, you never answered the question that was along the lines of; “haven’t you fallen in love with him yet?” because apparently, Jeon Jungkook was the man of everyone’s dreams and you curse yourself copious amount of times that you were undeniably one of the many people of ‘everyone’.

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On the 10th Friday night of being single (has it really been 9 weeks as of today?), after attending a school soccer game and happy hour with coworkers, picking myself up a pizza, finishing Trial and Error, and watching the first two episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale, I got up to grab some water. As I waited for the Brita pitcher to refill, I finally took a moment and wondered what he was up to tonight, and while it made me sad to think I could have been laying on the couch cuddled up with him watching this instead of alone, it didn’t bring me to tears or down a blinding black hole of despair today. I just wondered and hoped he was doing well, even if he was on his own couch alone too, watching something else in much the same fashion. We always both were creatures of habit.