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I'm rather envious of....

people everywhere who haven’t yet discovered White Collar, and are still able to watch everything unravel from the beginning without knowing the ending… who get to see that beautiful bromance blossom… and who get to fall in love with Neal for the first time….

I envy those who’ve yet to be engulfed by the White Collar feels!

Taking a break from studying for finals to talk about something else that I hate: Christmas Time.

So, I wanna preface this by saying that I personally do celebrate christmas since my dad’s side of the family is christian and my dad wants to keep a few of his childhood traditions alive, which is reasonable. But I dont get super into it, we dont have extended family, we dont decorate our house aside from a small tree, I obviously dont go to church, and I do the stereotypical american jewish christmas of chinese food and movies. But even I get the piss taken out of me when I talk about *gasp* eating chinese takeout on christmas rather than, idk ham or some shit.

So, there are some very real things to be upset about as a minority religion in America during christmas time. Its fucking alienating as hell.  For a growing part of the year (id say about 2 months rn) christian goyim just seem to forget that not everyone celebrates their holidays.  “You can’t just not celebrate christmas! Its not a christian holiday its an american holiday!” Yeah buddy Im not gonna get super fuckin excited about the birth of a religious figure of christianity.  I dont care that its about “family.” I have OTHER holidays to be close with my family. You know, JEWISH HOLIDAYS.  Then when I dont get into it and just politely refuse to take part in my school’s christmas time bullshit, not even saying it shouldn’t happen, just saying I dont want to take part, suddenly Im a heartless monster. 

Oh yeah and is it just me or is Scrooge from A Christmas Carol antisemitic as hell? Oh yeah money grubbing old man usually depicted with a big hooked nose hates christmas and children because the only reason anyone would not enjoy christian holidays is if theyre a heartless greedy jew- I mean monster.

then theres the white christians whining every fucking year about the war on christmas and how christians are just sooooooooo persecuted in America and someone said happy holidays to them at work while holding a plain red starbucks cup and it made them weep all over their cross necklaces.  This year its especially painful because we just elected a man president who could actually do tangible real harm to jews and especially muslims so, white christians, your fucking crocodile tears about how the j00z just hate family values so much arent fucking working on me. Y'all act like we have a persecution complex then turn around and pull this shit. Its not cute.

Then ofc the goyische nonsense rumor that hanukah is somehow the most important jewish holiday started because “it happens in the winter it must be like out winter holiday!”

And, of course, Im going here, the rise in antisemitic hate crimes that happens consistently every christmas. Its worse on easter but it really is bad on christmas too.

Anyway, hating christmas does not fucking make you a bad person. 

this felt really good to rant about ngl Ive been thinking all this for weeks

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Blog recommendation | accepting !!

@shinrinyooku | drum-roll please….. Now entering..my absolute bae. Okay, so not only is Sapphire like my best friend, but she has original characters that I die over. I’m not kidding you guys, I live for them all and I weep over them – I also consistently daydream about Shinri right here and ShinAbi no less.
So first off, Shinri is such a wonderfully complex character with the fact that he hails from Otogakure, a dying country ravaged by Orochimaru’s experiments and the wear and tear of previous wars,  and is now seeking out vengence for these actions caused to his people, family and his land as a whole. His is so beautifully written and detailed with all these things about him that I adore: he’s an avid music fan who can always be seen with at least one or two instruments that he plays when anxious and is reserved at first (esp. around females) but once he opens up he is an absolute gem. Not only does he have that cute kind of cocky attitude that always makes you smile, but he’s so headstrong and intelligent and witty and self-sacrificing that he is literally too good for this world. 
–Okay I’m starting to rant, but I feel like I’ve saved this blog rec ‘till the end partly because I just want to coddle by precious Shinri ( and Sapphire ) and keep them to myself but at the same time?? they are waay too good for me and too good to keep a secret, although I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard me cry over them a dozen times. ;7; and you will keep hearing me do it again and again probably

@setsukix | First of all – Rock Lee is my precious baby boy, psa if there was any of you who didn’t know about how much I love this cinnamon roll; so that’s that. Moving on to Ashley’s wonderful flower Setsuki..I’m already in love with her because she’s such an adorable character with so much determination and motivation and I can see why Lee would be so infatuated with her. So incredibly kind and caring and nice and omg she’s just so adorable… I totally want to see more of her character along with how she progresses as a character and through different relationships ~

@diedahuman | I never knew how much I needed Zabuza in my life until Sam came along and made me think twice because ???? :^))) Everyone needs Zabuza in their life, case closed. 
Honestly I never thought too much about his character until Sam brought it up with this blog and afterwards I just consistnetly thought about him like “wow….I love Zabuza” like shoot man can’t I get a break? So, callout on Sam for that but also being the sweetest thing on this planet !!! I enjoy soo much just talking to you out of character or over IM, even if we never really got to properly rp but I still got to see so much of your interaction with others that I honestly don’t mind because that is enough, even. Even just getting to talk with you about almost anything outside of roleplay was an absolute joy..!


You can’t keep fighting forever, Lazuli!

Day 2: Jewel, Water, Contrast

Because I couldn’t stop myself from hurting myself emotionally.


Drew more sports anime chibis!! (all from Oofuri, except for yamaguchi!!)

(The first 4 pics are reupload b/c I kind of like how the iphone pics look better than the scanned pics oops….)

Btw as of posting this I am up to episode 24 and I’m not okay /cries

Hayffie fandom, I suggest a collective hug / high-five / whatever rocks you boat. Yes?

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