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Done watching The Force Awakens.

1: Poe and Finn are hilarious.

2: C3PO interrupting Han and Leia is the greatest continuity I’ve ever seen (okay maybe not but once you’re done groaning yourself, Han style, you can laugh about it).

3: I refuse to accept what happened to Han and Leia post ROTJ.

4: Whatever they decide to do in episode 8 and 9 better not involve killing off Leia, Han was painful enough.

5: Rey has to be Han and Leia’s daughter (I decided as much as soon as she referred to the Millennium Falcon as ‘garbage’, she’s her mother’s daughter all right?). 

6: Also there are truly some people who ship Rey and Kylo Ren? Whut?

7: Forever weeping for the lack of one more ‘I love you’ ‘I know’ scene.



none of their outfits rly scream ‘wedding,’ but I saw ‘Hanzo in a dress’ and just……


remember when kilgrave whispered for jessica to tell him she loved him and she looked at trish and said i love you so trish would know she wasn’t controlled by him again but also bc sHE LOVED TRISH


long time no pedal..

there’s captions

Tag Game!

Thank you v much to the wonderful @clairles for the tag!! <3

rules: tag 9 ppl you adore and wish you knew irl: Aaahh, nine is a lotta ppl! Imma tag @dreamsrunfaster, @writerdarkflamespyre, @actualasparagus, @confidenceandparanoia, @drfitzysimmons, @nibenhu-pokemon-master,  @navigatorsnorth, @fortheloveofhobbits and @wyattl0gan (bc it’s been so long since we last saw each other, i miss your presence in my rl :(( *shakes fist at the miles between us*) 

lipstick or chapstick: …none? I literally have no beauty/ skin care routine, I just hope for the best and/or suffer depending on the day *thumbs up emoji*

relationship status: emotionally attached to fictional characters.

last song i listened to: History Maker - Dean Fujioka. I’ve finally got round to watching yoi and it is honestly the sweetest show in the world (definitely watch it if you can!!) and this song is i n c r e d i b l e - it’s literally all I’ve been listening to in the past 24 hours

top 3 shows: These change all the time, I am very fickle :((
Right now though I’m loving Death in Paradise (trash show of my heart) and M*A*S*H, but my absolute complete fave is Hetalia. I just adore it way too much - it has consumed my life and soul and it is not good (I love it <3) 

top 3 characters: y u make me do this >:( However, if I have to choose: Finn (my pure space son whom I shall love and treasure forever), Bilbo (the original fave), but my absolute no.1 top fave is aph germany. I just really, really love him a whole lot, just… best guy

top 3 ships: Finnpoe!! I will adore these two to the end of tiiime!! Gerita, the actual purest kids in the world (eheh), and Bohdi Rook x An Incredible Legacy Which Will Outlive Time And Inspire The Hearts And Souls Of Every Being In The Galaxy (Especially Finn) 

I want the Three Garridebs scene to be Mary confronting Sherlock and John gets in the way. I want the bullet that is intended for Sherlock to be caught in John Watson’s flesh. I want John to knowingly take the wound for Sherlock. I want John to be gasping for air, looking Sherlock in the eyes as he lies there telling him “It’s always you”. I want Sherlock to shake, to weep, to plead with God to keep his one love alive. I want Sherlock to kiss John’s forehead and tell him everything’s gonna be alright. I want John to be rushed away on a stretcher and Sherlock to not be invited to ride in the ambulance. I want Sherlock to yell at the paramedics that he demands to be with John, that there is no one that can care for him like he can. I want to see Sherlock in the hospital waiting room fidgeting with a manic anxiety waiting to hear about John. I want Mycroft and Lestrade to be there silently giving support. I want to see Lestrade call Mrs Hudson to update her on John’s situation, telling her how he’s never seen Sherlock so human before. I want Sherlock to weep uncontrollably to Mycroft, asking “Is this how he felt? Is this what i did to him? How could anyone endure this torture and continue their own life afterwards?” I want John to pull through. I want Sherlock to stay at his bedside day after day, night after night without fail. I want John to wake up and feel his palm is sweaty from Sherlock holding it for many hours. I want to hear John sigh, “Oh Sherlock” and I want to hear Sherlock shakily reply, “John”. I want to see them look into each other’s eyes, smiling first then laughing the tension away. I want to see Sherlock pull John’s hand up to his smile and kiss the back of it, never breaking eye contact. I want to see John fail at keeping in his tears. I want the camera to cut away to a nurse walking through the hospital, presumably bringing John a change of morphine, and as she walks through the door to his room we see John in his bed, arms around Sherlock who’s taken up half of the bed now, too.


1.10 // 1.05 

“I have loved that man as I have loved no one else.

I do not say I loved him more than I love your mother. But that the way I loved him was different. But if you have heard there was anything improper in our bond, there was not. That was not what we were to one another.

What we had went beyond that.”    


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