I’m Cryin.

So I commissioned someone who is NOT on Fr and don’t knows the site to draw Kain a while ago. Yesterday while I wasn’t pying attention they accepted.
Took the ref and finished today.

And i come to my Inbox to find a picture of HD april fools Kain drawn for me. 

At the same time I can’t blame the person at all because they thought this was his legitimate fucking ref I’m weeping.
Its such bad timing it’s hilarious. 


AH! More doodles from yesterday! A more ‘traditional’, younger Dib with Dib buying candy for Zim cause.. yeah, why not. You can make Zim do so much if you get enough >w> And finally a picture for @peabnaut !! They’re SUCH A SWEETIE! Can’t believe we met so soon after meeting QwQ! I love them dearly!! But yeah there’s some more zadr for yall~~ 


My piece for @voltronauzine

When there is too many ideas, but not enough time, it makes me appreciate what I’ve managed to get done. I had a lot of fun with this, and hope you will enjoy the zine!! 

Keith x Pidge - Down Time Shenanigans

I haven’t drawn anything outside of the Manga lately, so I’ve decided to draw some fluffy teasing with wax lips. :P enjoy! (read right to left)

done in Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop

They’re gonna steal 20 dollars from Lard, who’s probably a rich kid. No worries, Zim’s done this many times, he knows how to get in :> 

I felt bad there wasn’t a lot of Human Zim QwQ All the fanart and such I dug this up and decided to color it!! <3 Thanks again everyone >3< 

//please do not use my human Zim design for any RP blogs or faceclaims. Please ASK if you’d like to use any art at all//