rly sad today and want to draw some fun stuff to make myself feel better 

offering 3 types this round :

headshot flat colour/simple shade : $25

BW halfbody sketch : $25

gemsona fullbody : $75 (not offering fullbodies of other types of OCs this time ;; )

email me with refs at tominanori(@)hotmail.com and we’ll work stuff out ;; thanks!

Things i want:

  • flower crowns that actually look like the flower they’re named for.  Actual Tulips on the tulip crowns.   roses on the rose crowns(also more colors.  White/blue/black/pink/yellow/orange a whole rainbow of roses).  
  • Also more flower crowns.  lilies.  hydrangeas. azaleas.  hibiscus. (LILIES GIVE ME LILIES GIVE ME TIGER LILIES) Maybe mixed crowns with leaves and berries in there with the flowers.
  • MAYBE SEASONAL CROWNS TO GO ALONG WITH THE BREEZES?  Dry leaves and acorns in an autumn crown.  Pinecones and holly and evergreen(or frosted) leaves in a winter crown.  Just  abig ridiculous pastel thing for spring.  A crown of bugs for summer