weeping silently into my drink

awwww man, Emily bought me a skull glass as a PERFECT grad/goodbye gift (I have four plastic ones already, each purchased at the beginning of a new school year, so it’s a legit thoughtful/symbolic present) and I am just so stoked that I had the opportunity to spend eight months with these flawless babes.

I’m going to miss all my roomies SO MUCH :(

Seriously not exaggerating when I say that I actually wept through the entire 10 minute process of finding out that this is a thing that’s happening, discovering that there are still tickets available, and then frantically messaging Kayleigh/Zani/Court because the BRAND NEW CLIQUE IS ETERNAL (paging Ryan and Jac to this post). Really though, as much as I love using the phrase “bummer summer,” I think it just became irrelevant to my life.