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In case you wanted another feels angle for the ILY SCENE...

I just realized that there’s something else in Sherlocks expression when he utters the second and heart melting ILY. There isn’t just realization…there’s peace. Which sounds crazy, considering the circumstances. Think about that.

The rest of that phone call, before and after his declaration, he is bordering on panic. But in that moment of the second ILY, something visibly shifts. And you can see in his suddenly softer gaze that it’s almost like he’s been transported away from the fear for just the briefest moment. It’s like his words and that accompanying realization physically calms him, even in that horrifying scenario. And if this doesn’t fit with everything else we’ve ever been given of Molly and Sherlock, I don’t know what does.

That love is a force to be reckoned with and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Picking apart the ending of KHR, the thoughts I have about Tsuna’s final moments in the series.

The Vongola was originally meant to be a Peace Group that protects lives from danger and/or harmful thugs.

Tsuna in the end said he didn’t want to become a mafia boss, still not changing from the beginning, but, he ended his story with how he loved his friends, protecting people with them/and protecting the ones who are dear to him.

Let’s go back to the Future Arc when TYL!Hibari was training Tsuna and he went through that experience of meeting all the Vongola bosses, Giotto told him that he has to hold all the bloodshed created by the bosses after Vongola Primo/he would have to kill people no matter who they are, which Tsuna said he’d wipe out the Vongola before he would hurt innocent people.

Later when Byakuran and Tsuna are having the final battle in the Arc, Giotto appears and all of Tsuna’s allies/family gave their flames to him, giving Tsuna strength. They mended his wounds and heart, especially after Yuni and Gamma sacrificing themselves, it made him realize even more how much he wanted to protect the world, the living, from evil and pain.

Tsuna said his pride was his friends, Tsuna would not let Reborn die, Tsuna used his dying will to save everyone.

Going back to the end of the series, Reborn comes back to make Tsuna “Neo Vongola Primo” (a couple weeks after Tsuna turned Reborn down for becoming a mafia boss) and Tsuna seemed to be quite okay with that. What I am thinking with Tsuna’s character development and kindness, Tsuna created the thing Vongola Primo wanted all along.

When years go by, Tsuna becomes the new boss of the Vongola, a Peace Group that he made to protect his friends/innocent lives, and make the world a better place.

Tsuna’s never wanted to be a mafia boss, but over time he grew and grew, and found the path he really wants to take.

Tsuna makes the Vongola into the Peace Foundation Giotto strived for.

With his friends by his side, their flame will never go out.

This is Tsuna’s final resolve.

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whatever u do, do not think about how the last words harry ever heard sirius say were “come on, you can do better than that!”

whatever u do, do not think about how the last words sirius ever said to harry were “harry, take the prophecy, grab neville and run!” (it reminded harry of another time, 15 years before when another man shouted the same words to his wife in an attempt to save him)

whatever u do, do not think about how sirius black died with a smile on his face and laughter in his eyes, finally reuniting with the man who was the other half of him

whatever u do, do not think about how on this day, 18 june 1996, harry potter lost the closest thing to a father he had and screamed himself hoarse as he struggled to save him, struggled to save another person who had died to protect him

Headcanon: Cave of Origin

The Cave of Origin, or “Shrine of Awakening” is very important to Sootopolitan culture and the people. Every year there is an annual festival and ceremony to thank the cave for bringing life to Hoenn and Sootopolis. 

No one in Sootopolis except for Wallace, may enter the cave, but a shrine is created outside the entrance so everyone may partake in the ceremony. It is customary that everyone who lives joins, even if you live outside of the city.

Along with the ceremony, it’s custom that a young maiden (or girl in our current world terms) sing parts of the song of Lost Thoughts. She ends her duty and passes it to the next young girl, after she reaches the age of 20. Lisia, has been the maiden thus far, since her Uncle guards the cave of origin. 

“You are the ocean’s gray waves

  destined to seek, life beyond the shore

  just out of reach.

  Yet the waters ever change,

  Flowing like time,

  the path is yours to climb.”


“Sing with me, a song

  of birthrights and love,

  the light scatters to, the sky above.

  Dawn breaks through the gloom

  white as a bone,

  lost in thoughts, all alone.”

They are parts of a ancient song that has meaning to Sootopolis City’s history and the ancient people who once called it home. 


Phantomhive is a shadow, a phantom that exists solely to obliterate the sorrows of Her Majesty, The Queen. Step into its den, and you can never hope to return to the light.”
↳ Ciel Phantomhive