weeping into my keyboard

Twas the night before Culloden

Twas the night before Culloden, and all thru the fandom
came cries of despondency, each sounding in tandem.

A Bonnie Prince would lead Scots on the morrow,
and for James and Claire, parting truly would be sorrow.

For it was from out of their love, a wee baby grew
but where there should be three, there now would only be two.

They held each other close, these bless’d moments would be last
until time no longer separated them, they prayed t’would be fast.

Tomorrow would dawn, and all hope would be lost
for the Highlands destruction, did the prince’s dream’s cost.

That is Art, Bitch, that is Art.

Let’s just take a moment to talk about the Balcony Scene in “When Fates Collide.”  The acting, as always, is out of control in how good it is.  And the writing totally matches it in this episode and in this moment in particular.  This is a truly beautiful moment of masterful literary symbolism.  They’ve taken us into an alt world.  And so we get this scene that collapses their relationship and presents it in distilled microcosm. Behold the entire early stage of Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship in less than a one minute scene. 

Xena looks over, and she sees Gabrielle, unexpectedly.  She gets so overwhelmed, she basically has a panic response.  Xena hides.  She hides!  You guys, XENA hides.  Never at any point in this entire show does Xena panic, run, or hide from anything,.  Ever.  The sight of Gabrielle so overwhelms her that she responds in a manner completely unique in the spectrum of her character’s emotions.  Then Xena comes out into the light and looks at Gabrielle.  And Gabrielle gets shy and looks away, then actually goes away.  Then she comes back, looking for Xena again.   

Has anybody seen the first two seasons of this show?  How stiff Xena is at first?  How closed off she is with Gabrielle?  How she doesn’t even tell Gabrielle when she has been poisoned?  Then she ends up weeping over her body at the end of season one?  How Gabrielle goes off to Athens, then gets married for a second?  Then a handful of episodes later, the subtext marriage starts to really unfold. 

It’s the same thing collapsed into one tiny, poignant scene.  And it gives me so many feels, my heart explodes in a glorious shower of rainbow glitter and GCI Aphrodite-induced heart confetti, and I weep tears of narrative genius all over my keyboard.  I hope it waters my writing that’s kept in there.  I hope it sprouts a thousand tiny, perfect scenes just like this one. 

David Duchovny says, “When this script first came up I thought we had a chance to bring in a new dimension, one that wasn’t symbolic or typical of an ideal relationship. I said, ‘I don’t want Mulder to play the “you’re a brave little soldier,” beat’. The actual truth of the matter is that when you do that you’re hurting yourself, you’re hurting everyone.”

“I also wanted to get beyond ‘You should really get home and rest’ which is soap operatic, and get into some true semblance of a human relationship- which includes that people get angry with each other even when they’re dying. Especially when they’re dying. So I said to the writers: ‘If there’s anything I can do here, please let me be totally unsympathetic and be an asshole to her, because this is what people do. They go against their better instincts. They’re not always princes in this situation.’”

I Want to Believe: The Official Guide to The X-Files, Volume Three

My main headcanon for Steven Universe is that Steven realizes that she’s trans* in her late teens 

and of course Pearl feels that the concept of human gender is overall unimportant anyway and doesn’t see why Steven cares so much/is getting upset about her disregarding the whole ordeal and just using the same pronouns that she’s always used 

so Garnet comes in with the square mom authority voice and tells pearl that ‘It’s important because we love Steven.’ and will not tolerate anyone using the wrong pronouns so pearl comes around even if she still doesnt quite get what the big deal is 

Amethyst helps Steven become better at shapeshifting so that she can finally have a body that suits her and when Greg sees her new form for the first time he cries because she looks so much like Rose 

but mostly Steven is excited to get her hands on a cool magical girl outfit like garnet’s and is about to discover how much she loves spandex and legwarmers (well maybe she always knew how much she liked leg warmers)

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Olicity + I'm not that girl

With the foundry empty save for the two of them, John decided to put their rarely found quiet time to good use as he approached her desk.

“You’re taking it better than I expected,” he said, arms crossed loosely over his chest.

“Taking what better?” she wondered, tearing her eyes off her computer screens to lean back in her chair and see him. 

“Oliver and Sara,” he said simply. 

“Ahh…” She half-smiled, but there was little happy about it. “What should I be doing then? Weeping on my keyboard?” She tipped her head, a brow raised.

“You know that’s not what I meant…” He stared at her searchingly. “You and Oliver, there’s… something there.”

Felicity sighed, plucking her glasses off and massaging the bridge of her nose. “Yes, sometimes, in really intense situations, we have moments or a… a spark or something. But, we both know I’m not that girl.”

He frowned. “What girl?”

"We’ve seen Oliver’s conquests, Digg. The women he likes, that he dates, the have any chance with him; I’m nothing like them.” She gave a soft, resigned smile then. “And that’s fine. If Sara makes him happy, then I’m glad. He deserves that. Do I think that’s probably going to blow up in his face, like most things Lance-related do? Yes, I do. But that’s his business, not mine.” She shrugged. “So I’m okay with that. I’m okay with whatever happens here. He doesn’t owe me anything and I don’t owe him anything. Well, at least romantically. We do owe each other loyalty, support and respect as friends, but well, you know I meant…”

John stared at her a moment longer before he gave a nod. 

“Thank you though, for looking out for me,” she said, smiling up at him. 

“Always,” he assured. 

The door above opened then and the clomp of shoes told them Oliver had arrived. Felicity turned her chair back around to face her computers, returning to business as usual. 

Oliver walked toward them, but his gaze lingered more on his blonde counterpart, and John inwardly sighed.

No, Felicity wasn’t like any of Oliver’s previous conquests. She wasn’t a conquest at all. He didn’t know how long it would take, or how many times they’d have to go through this situation with either Felicity or Oliver dating someone else, but eventually they were going to get it right. While, frankly, he didn’t look forward to how long it was bound to take, he figured the payoff was enough for his two best friends. They deserved to be happy, and he knew that was going to be with each other, even if was going to take a lot of time and growth to get them there.