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“Milton stood next to him, frightened but curious— and loyal, too. Who else would have remained by Okun’s side for twenty years? Brought him orchids? Knitted him a scarf? No matter what else might be going wrong, no matter how dire the threats to humankind, Okun knew he had found the truest love a human being could find. One of these days he would tell Milton all of that…”

-Irvine, Alex. Independence Day: Resurgence: The Official Movie Novelization 


“I meant what I said before: You’re always here with me, ever since we first met. There’s no explaining it. Two people could not be any more different, but we work things out together. I know exactly what you would say: ‘Come now, leftenant. If there is an eternity before us, let’s face it with chin held high.’”

Grace Abigail Mills