weeping flowers

for a tragedy, les miserables is too fucking funny. i mean this is where ive gotten to so far

  • that time jvj was sent back to prison for steal the equivalent of $5 from a child
  • anytime a charitable strong man shows up and vicky hugo pretends it could be some other than jvj
  • when jvj went to tell the court that he was man who broke parole and everything on the trip went wrong, but he still showed up just in time to get a life sentence in prison
  • jvj faking his death, finding a kid in the woods and saying, well this kid is probably the one i need
  • jvj going to dig up his woods money and someone recognizing it and not saying anything
  • when fauchelevent took in jvj, his logic was, this guy is looking real shady and he’s probably a murder but he saved my life so its probably cool
  • that weird nun that slept in a coffin
  • fauchelevent almost burying jvj alive
  • marius trying to be a baron and a lawyer, apparently you can’t
  • also marius buying flowers and weeping over the grave of his father, a man he never met
  • really any part with marius
  • especially when javert gave him a gun