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I have a prompt, if that's ok. Also I want to mention I absolutely love these stories <3. My prompt for weird Wednesday is Tony gets deaged and the guardians have to take care of him. Maybe they are on earth and Cap along with the x-avengers visit because they heard what happened and Cap thinks their better to take care of kid!Tony?

Of course its okay so send a prompt! And also thank you! :)) ALSO THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SHORT STORY. BUT IT HAS OVER 2.7k WORDS. So watch out for the cut.

I really hope you like it…

“So he stays like that?” asks Peter and looks down at Tony. Doctor Cho shrugs.

“I don’t have an answer for that. But mostly magic loses their strength after a few weeks. But i will contact Thor and Doctor Strange.” is her answer and Peter nods.

Tony sits on the floor and looks at some toy blocks, but he doesn’t touch them. He looks incredible sweet like that.

“Okay thank you so much for your time.” says Peter and then lift Tony up. He seems like around three years old and is healthy. To be honest that is the only thing that matters.

“You were so brave.” says Peter to Tony when they leave the building. She had to take some blood from Tony and Peter thought he would cry at all the examinations. But he was quiet and really brave.

“Otay.” says Tony and smiles a bit. Peter wants to cuddle him. What a sweet boy.

“And?” asks Gamora, when Peter enters the Tower and he shrugs.

“Nothing she can do right now. But maybe Tonys other friends can help.” says Peter and he tries to sound happy, so he doesn’t upset Tony.

“Alright. Well i send Drax with Rocket and Groot to buy some things for him. So he doesn’t have to wear that big shirt all the time.” says Gamora and Peter groans.

“Why would you send these idiots?” asks Peter and Gamora laughs.

“Because i have a date!” she answers and is gone. Peter chuckles. There was a time where he would be jealous, but it changed a lot in the last year.

“Yondu?” yells Peter then and a moment later Yondu comes into the kitchen.

“What?” asks Yondu and he sounds annoyed. Tony giggles and holds his little hands out.

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… and I want to tell you something,
come close I want to whisper it, to pour
the words burning into you, the same words for each one of you,
listen, it’s simple, I’m saying it now, while I’m still sober,
while I’m not about to weep bitterly into my own glass,
while you’re still here — don’t go yet, stay, stay,
give me your shoulder to lean against, steady me, don’t let me drop,
I’m so in love with you I can’t stand up.
—  Kim Addonizio, “Glass”

Please note, I do not allow my translations to be taken elsewhere, nor do I wish for them to be used as a base for another Language.

DIABOLIK LOVERS LOST EDEN Opening Theme  [ 常夜KNOW UNDERSKIN ] - Full Ver. lyircs




Sakamaki Ayato (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)
Sakamaki Kanato (CV: Kaji Yuki)
Sakamaki Laito (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)
Sakamaki Shu (CV: Toriumi Kosuke)
Sakamaki Reiji (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki)
Sakamaki Subaru (CV: Kondo Takashi)

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Jackson Storm in A Shell-Nut
  • Jackson: I always ensure that whatever goes into my body is of the utmost quality.
  • Jackson: *digging into a box of Lucky Charms with his hands while balancing an unwrapped beef jerky in his mouth*
  • Jackson: Who needs the nightlife? I always tuck in 10:15, sharp. That way, I'm energized next morning, and ready to train.
  • Jackson: *up at three in the morning, wrapped in a quilt, watching old racing footage*
  • Jackson: And despite what my competitors think, I don't let a loss tear me up.
  • Jackson: *up at FOUR in the morning weeping bitterly and punching a pillow numbered '51'*
  • Jackson: I'm hardly competitive.
  • Jackson: *gets into shouting matches with kids online over Mario Kart*
  • Jackson: I started driving when my father gave me a hand-me-down Dodge Dakota. But I hated the thing.
  • Jackson: *named his truck the Storm-mobile, gave it a fresh paint job, spent night after night out on joyrides with his friends and day trips across the country until the damn thing broke down*
  • Jackson: My next vehicle was way better.
  • Jackson: *delivering pizza in his neighborhood and learning every elderly customer's name and order*
  • Jackson: Afterwards, my family came into a bit of money, and I got the freedom to do whatever I wanted.
  • Jackson: *walking out of his parent's house with a suitcase and his car keys*
  • Jackson: I always knew I would be a racer.
  • Jackson: *got caught up in drag races in high school, nearly wet his pants after his first race*
  • Jackson: I have a natural instinct for technology.
  • Jackson: *was 19 when he bought his first smartphone*
  • Jackson: I was brought up on it, you know.
  • Jackson: *played exclusively on the Commodore 64 and never upgraded*
  • Jackson: I've never let anyone else define my limits.
  • Jackson: I just focus on the race. It's all me out there.
  • Jackson: Nobody gets to me. I'm a one man show.
  • Jackson: ...
  • Jackson: And I DON'T waste my Time thinking about what Lightning McQueen gets up to when he's not on the racetrack.
  • Jackson: *reverently pats the dirt ground at Willie's Butte on his annual visit to Radiator Springs*
  • Jackson: I'm a one man show...
Deaged Part 2

So you all asked for it. Here it is :)

“You are pretty good with him.” says Gamora when Peter feeds Tony his bananas and apples.

“Well its pretty easy. He is such a good boy.” says Peter and Tony giggles.

Tony sits in his highchair and swings his legs a bit. He is pretty happy today. To be honest he is happy all the time.

“Can i have more please?” asks Tony when he finishes his last banana and Peter nods.

“Course, bambino.” answers Peter and goes towards the counter. Gamora looks at Tony and Tony waves shyly at her.

He likes all the Guardians a lot. Drax and Groot are always playing with him. And Gamora gives very good hugs and Rocket is really funny.

The kitchen door opens again and Peter looks up. Sam enters the kitchen with Bucky and Steve.

“Why not?” asks Steve angrily and Peter sighs. These kids are so frustrating.

“I told you. You had enough sweets for today.” says Sam and he smiles at Peter. He looks pretty bad, like he didn’t sleep at all.

“But he gets to eat sweets!” says Bucky and points at Tony in his highchair. Tony shifts around in his chair. He looks pretty nervous already.

“He isn’t eating sweets. He eats his fruits.” says Peter and shows Steve and Bucky the bowl.

Both gag at that and Peter rolls his eyes.

“Do you want to eat alone?” he asks Tony, because Tony likes to be feed by Peter, but when the other kids are with them, he feels embarrassed about that.

“Alone, please.” says Tony smiling and takes a piece of his apple in his hand.

He puts it between his teeth and grins. Peter laughs.

“Stop being so cute!” says Peter and steals a banana piece.

“No!” says Tony back and giggles. He kicks with his little shoes again and even Gamora laughs at that.

“Who would have thought that Tony Stark likes to be called sweet.” says Sam but he smiles. Tony grins shyly up at him.

“And yours? Still trouble?” asks Peter and winks. Sam groans.

“You have no idea.” says Sam and looks at Steve and Bucky. They are sitting on the ground and argue again. Seems like they still want their sweets.

“Petey?” asks Tony and Peter looks back to him.

“Yes bambino?” asks Peter back and Tony takes his bowl firmly in his hands.

“Can i go down?” he asks and Peter raises his eyebrows. He doesn’t know why Tony wants to be put down. Normally Tony likes it in his highchair next to him.

“Yeah i think so.” says Peter and picks Tony up. He sets him down and Tony holds the bowl even tighter.

Carefully he goes over to Steve and Bucky. He is still unsure on his feet. Peter thinks it was more important to Howard that Tony could talk perfectly and work with robots than to walk.

Tony wobbles and then sits down in front of Steve and Bucky.

He holds the bowl out.

“Sam! What does he want from us?” asks Bucky and he looks angry at the bowl. Sam growls quietly.

“I’m sure he wants to share his dessert with you.” says Sam and Steve laughs.

“We don’t want fruits!” says Steve to Tony and pushes Tonys shoulder.

“Thats not nice!” says Tony and stands up again.

He holds his bowl out again. Peter isn’t sure if he should interact or just wait.

“Fruits are imp-po… good! You need to eat them!” says Tony and takes a banana for himself. Peter smiles.

“No!” says Steve and pushes him again. This time Tony falls on his butt.

“Steve!” says Sam and goes over. Peter jumps up at that, too. He wishes so bad Steve and the others would be nice to Tony.

“Oww.” says Tony and then he weeps bitterly. Peter is there in a second.

“Oh bambino. I’m sorry. Don’t cry please. Does it hurt?” Peter is nearly hysterical.

“M-mean.” stutters Tony and sniffles.

“Say sorry!” says Bucky now and he looks angry at Steve. Sam is still scolding Steve.

“What?” asks Steve and looks at his brother.

“You were mean to him! He cries because of you.” says Bucky and Steve looks guiltily at Tony.

“ ’m sorry Tony.” says Steve angrily. Tony sniffles again.

“ ’s okay.” whispers Tony but Sam shakes his head.

“It’s not okay. Steve we don’t push people and we also don’t yell at them. Go to the corner. Ten minutes.” says Sam and Steve goes grumpily.

Tony calms down at that and looks at Steve.

“What is in the corner?” he asks then and Peter chuckles. He picks Tony and his bowl up.

Tony takes a banana immediately.

“Nothing. He just needs to sit there so he can think about what he did wrong.” explains Sam and takes Bucky on his lap, when he sits down at the table.

Bucky is quiet. He was in the corner two times yesterday.

“Oh. Please i will never have to go there!” says Tony and his big brown eyes look at Peter.

“Don’t worry. You are such an angel you will never have to go there.” says Peter and Tony looks relieved.

Peter kisses his forehead.


Later when they are all in the living room Peter reads a comic. This is the first time they are all quiet. Coulson left earlier to go to Shield and Peter was horrified at first.

But now the kids are all playing quietly.

Tony plays with Eddy alone. The rest plays together. But Tony doesn’t seem to mind that. He giggles with Eddy and draws Peter a picture.

Peter has already over twenty on his wall.

“Can i play?” asks Clint and Peter looks up. Because Clint is asking Tony.

“With me?” asks Tony and he looks so happy at that. Maybe he would finally get some friends.

“No with your raccoon.” says Clint and Tony looks down at that. His underlip wobbles but he doesn’t cry.

“Y-yeah.” says Tony then and gives Clint his Eddy.

Peter frowns.

Clint throws Eddy up in the air and then catches him. Tony doesn’t look happy anymore.

“Not so high. He… he doesn’t like that.” whispers Tony and Clint chuckles.

“He is a stuffed animal. He can’t like things.” answers Clint and throws Eddy again.

The other kids are now watching them and Natasha wants to take Eddy.

“Give him to me!” says Natasha and tugs at Eddys tail. Peter stands up at that, but its to late.

The seam tears and then Natasha has the tail in her hands and Clint the remaining part.

Peters heart breaks when he sees Tonys face.

Eddy loses his stuffing and Clints throws him on the floor.

“Oh oh.” he says and Natasha looks really afraid.

“Yeah oh oh!” say Coulson who stands in the doorway.

Peter doesn’t care about that. He picks Tony up, who is not crying and that makes it even worse. Then he takes Eddy as well. Carefully with the stuffing and the separated tail.

When they are back in their own apartment he sets Tony down on his blanket on the floor where he has all his toys.

Peter looks at Eddy. He doesn’t know what to do.

“They  - they made him owies.” whispers Tony eventually and Peter looks at him. Tony rubs his eyes and then he cries silently.

“Oh baby.” says Peter and kneels beside him. He hugs Tony and kisses his wet cheeks.

“I want him back.” cries Tony and Peter rubs his back.

“Of course you will have him back, hm? I’m gonna get him to the stuffed animal hospital and they will make him better, yeah?” asks Peter then and Tony rubs his eyes again.

“R-really?” he asks. And Peter nods seriously.

“I would do anything for you!” he says and Tony seems speechless.

“Promise?” he whispers and Peter kisses his cheek again.


Peter smiles at him.

“Why did you gave him away?” he asks then because he thought Tony would say no to Clint.

“It’s important to share.” whispers Tony and Peter can’t believe it.

He is so cute!


It takes him the whole night. But he watched Youtube videos and asked Jarvis for help and he sewed Eddy back together. It doesn’t look great. But the tails is back at his place and that matters.

“Eddy!” squeals Tony the next morning when Peter wakes him up and shows him Eddy.

“He told me that he missed you!” says Peter and Tony giggles.

“Raccoons can’t talk!” answers Tony and kisses Eddy on the nose. Carefully he examines the tail and then nods.

Peter sighs. So Tony approved of it then.

“Well i can.” says Rocket grimly and Tony giggles.

“You are weird.” says Tony then and taps Rocket on the nose. He does that a lot. Peter is afraid one day Rocket is calling him out for that but Rocket just shakes his head.

“Yeah? And you are…!” he starts and Tony looks with his big eyes at him. Rocket struggles visibly.

“…cute.” ends Rocket than and Tony looks down.

“The other kids don’t like me.” whispers Tony then and Peter smiles sadly at him.

“Thats because they are assholes.” says Rocket and Tony gasps.

“No bad word!” he giggles and points at a corner. Peter laughs.

“Yeah bad word Rocket. Ten Minutes in the corner for you.” says Peter and Rocket frowns.

“What? You can’t tell me that you actually want me to go in the corner? What am i five?” yells Rocket and Tony laughs.

“Corner!” yells Tony back and Rocket growls. But he goes to the corner. Peter bursts with laughter.

“Love you.” says Tony and blows Rocket a kiss.

“Jaja. Love you too, you incredible sweet human.” mutters Rocket and Tony smiles at Peter.

“You are our incredible sweet boy aren’t you?” asks Peter and kisses Tonys cheek loudly. Tony squeaks.

“Yes!” he giggles and Peter can’t help it. He likes this a lot.

Tony doesn’t need the other kids or avengers. He has them. Maybe one day he could be friends with them again. But he will always be their cute little boy.

don’t think about Sirius’s face when he first arrived at the Potters that night,
don’t think about how he must have felt when he realized they were gone, the way it must have hit him like a rush,
don’t think about how his whole face must have fallen when the despair washed over him as he realized what had happened, that it was Peter who betrayed him, that it was his idea that led to this,
don’t think about how desperately he must have tried to persuade Hagrid to let him take Harry, how his voice must have trembled as he said the word Godfather, how he tried not to let his voice crack when he said that James and Lily wanted him to be his guardian in case anything happened,
don’t think about how it must have felt to have Hagrid say no, that he had to take him to Dumbeldore, the ache in him being so strong that he let him borrow his motor-bike, probably his prizedpossesion, without any hesitation because it was the only thing he could do for Harry,
don’t think about how he must have felt the sadness, the grief rising inside of him as he watched Hagrid fly away with the his best friend’s son, the last Potter, the last of the family that always offered him warmth and love fly away from him for who knows how long, maybe forever,
don’t think about how that must have transformed into rage as it settled in that he had been betrayed, that he been lied and used, that James and Lily had been betrayed and he had unknowingly become a pawn in it,
don’t think about the desperate rage that must have clawed at his insides, the need to do something, to act, because this could not be ignored
don’t think about how it must have all exploded out of him when he confronted Peter and everything came out and he couldn’t handle all of the emotions and couldn’t understand how this had even happened
don’t think about the confusion and anger when Peter tricked him once again, when he killed 12 people and called out that Sirius was a traitor, a murderer, made him out to be behind it all and then escaped him
don’t think about how all of his emotions must have come together and he looked around to realize that in one night he had lost everything and he could do nothing and now he was going to Azkaban
don’t think about him losing it completely and laughing when he was arrested because he had lost everything and the grief, the desperation, the anger was too much and how he felt so stupid because Peter turned out to be a brilliant little traitor so what else could he do but laugh because he couldn’t even cry really
don’t think about Sirius Black on that night

7 reasons you should try DAYS

1. The protagonist is constantly blushing. Like it’s literally part of his character model.

2. It’s one of the those sports animes where your beautiful protagonist doesn’t realize that THEIR TEAM IS THE VILLAIN TEAM (see: Haikyuu!!). It’s your teammates that are the terrifying af crazy-eyes in all black tracksuits scaring the shit out of the other feel-good teams at the joint training camps and inter-highs. In the front of which is this sprinting, blue-eyed happy-go-lucky main character that is just delighted that he gets to play on such a wonderful team.

3. You know those characters that communicate their sports and life logic only through shitty sound effects? (see: Hinata Shouyo & Kotaro Bokuto) In DAYS, that’s your terror of a team captain. He’s a stoic, cold-hearted, tunnel-visioned leader that makes other regional teams’ captains weep bitterly into their pillows at night whose only advice during training is “your foot has to go ‘boof’ more

4. There is constantly great shit going on in the background. Like, cool side characters are nice, but cool side characters madly scaling a chain link fence in the background of a regular conversation in a desperate bid to reign in their injured sports-hungry captain is even better. Important monologue happening? Better have a high school girl soundlessly shouting at you behind that window.

5. Speaking of, you know the stuck-up prodigy character that all sports animes have to contrast against the main character’s inept, bumbling, warm-hearted approach to the game? In DAYS, the prodigy is that blonde lady killer that looks like a Pantene ad loafing around in all the promo art. And he loves the main character. Not in a tsundere, reluctant admiration way, but he genuinely beats the shit out of people for being mean to the protagonist and laments to himself at how bad a friend he is and thinks of ways he can apologize. He’s ornery and lazy and a bit of a jerk, but he’s not socially incompetent or a clueless asshole, and frankly that’s refreshing. Also he has inexplicably nice hair.

6. The token female manager that’s always such a tragically unfulfilled character? She’s amazing. She’s aggressive, polished and social with realistic philosophical problems, and she’s incredibly intelligent in general and loves literature and writing. Her internal monologues are some of the most profound discussions in the whole show. She also bullies the hell out of the protagonist, and takes absolutely no shit from anyone because why should she? She’s beautiful and already has friends and you’re in her way. Move.

7. Finally, the animation of the whole show is shockingly well done. When I first ran into DAYS I avoided the hell out of it, because there have been a wealth of shoddily-adapted sports animes these last few summers after Free! and KuroBasu’s success. But even the opening sequence is nice, the art is clean and pleasing, and the camera angles and details (both literal and in content) are just enjoyable.

So there you have it! If you haven’t given DAYS a try, you can find it on Crunchyroll with minimal ads. It’s full of gems like the stuff I listed above and is super, super worth your time to at least check out–so get to it! Summer’s almost done!


Meet Lafit! (or Lafitte?)

He’s the merchant of the “illegal map shop”. Not everyone’ll dare to write such a name on the sign. But Lafit is a risky man, and he got away with it. Might be because nobody reads signs in dark dirty alleys anyway.

In the initial sketches he had a more sinister look so that until the last moment he’d be the main suspect. Later he became rounder and funnier, more appealing.

He also could have had a little pet, like a real pirate, so that at the end this pet could weep bitterly on his shoulder, but then we decided that that would be a little too much :)

Accurate Titles for Kino no Tabi Episodes
  • Episode 0: The Country that Really Likes to Play Jenga
  • Episode 1: The Country that Fucked Up and Now Has to be Run by Robots
  • Episode 2: Those Three Guys with Good Intentions who are Actually Scary in the End
  • Episode 3: Pretty Much 2012 All Over Again
  • Episode 4: The Country that Literally Ruins Childhoods
  • Episode 5: Those Poor Railroad Guys
  • Episode 6: The King is a Jerk, They All Try to Kill Each Other, and It's Pretty Much Hunger Games with Kino as Katniss
  • Episode 7: Hunger Games Part 2
  • Episode 8: The Country with the Girl a Lot of People Can Relate to Because She Has Dreams that None of Her Peers Support; Also One of the Only Episodes with a Happy Ending tbh
  • Episode 9: The Country that is Essentially a Library Full of Crazy People
  • Episode 10: Really Sad Robot Story
  • Episode 11: That Dying Old Guy Was Pretty Cool, Wasn't He?
  • Episode 12: The Country that Thinks Genocide is Somehow Okay
  • Episode 13: The Country that Will Rip Your Fucking Heart Out
  • OVA 1: The Normal-at-First-but-Fucked-up-Later Events that Happen after Episode 4
  • OVA 2: Is Your Heart STILL in Your Chest after All of That? Not Anymore! Kiss It Goodbye and Weep Bitterly

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I'm sorry I have two questions, if you want to just choose one. 1. For your Fibro!Tsuna AU, why didn't Mochida challenge Tsuna to a complain-off? Tsuna can't complain/refuse about /that/ challenge (huehuehue) because that is his (totally) rightful THING, and Mochida gets his challenge. Even though he'll probably loose (miserably, but then he got something to complain about, so more points??? I don't know anymore...). 2. Is it ok if I /kinda/ stalk you on Tumblr? (I may check your AO3. Sometime.)

1. i’m sure he Tried….

mochida: i challenge you to see who can complain the most!
tsuna, the deadest look in his dead tired eyes: i have complained more in the past two days than you ever will in your entire life
tsuna: are you Sure you want to accept this challenge
mochida: *drags hands down face, storms away with an anguished cry. again.*
tsuna: he’s trying so hard. it’s kinda cute.
tsuna: i mean uh. not like that. not that kind of cute.
kyouko: *pats him on the shoulder*
tsuna: i like you the most, kyouko
kyouko: you’re free to like us both, tsuna.
tsuna, weeping bitterly inside: but that’s so much Effort

2. stalking is Not Good don’t do it. but you are free to follow along any of my tumblrs 8U and my twitter. and my ao3. and anything.

laytonscreencaps  asked:

For the ask: Clive, naturally ;)

Meme Man himself, huh?

Here’s one. Young Clive did get to see his mother and father one last time. They were eventually rescued from the rubble of the flat and admitted to hospital where the doctors worked tirelessly to revive the two. But in the end it was no use. They succumbed to their severe burns, dying slowly, agonisingly until their final breaths. Clive, weeping bitterly at their bedsides, wanted so desperately for them to return he had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the lobby. There, he cried himself dry until exhaustion pulled him into a sleep as restless and agonising as his parents’ deaths.

Good Friday by Christina Rosetti

Sitting here attempting to write my own Good Friday poem, and I discovered this on the Internet. Not sure how I’ve never read it, but… that last stanza. Oh my.


Am I a stone, and not a sheep,
That I can stand, O Christ, beneath Thy cross,
To number drop by drop Thy blood’s slow loss,
And yet not weep?

Not so those women loved
Who with exceeding grief lamented Thee;
Not so fallen Peter weeping bitterly;
Not so the thief was moved;

Not so the Sun and Moon
Which hid their faces in a starless sky,
A horror of great darkness at broad noon –
I, only I.

Yet give not o’er,
But seek Thy sheep, true Shepherd of the flock;
Greater than Moses, turn and look once more
And smite a rock.


listen to the beat
of your throbbing heart
as it jumps in your chest
listen to the tick and the tock
of the metronome you possess

listen to how it changes pace
how it throbs and aches
and when it’s overjoyed
it hops in place,

listen to how your heart weeps
and when those tears are wiped away
and your heart continues it’s way

listen to your heart
when it’s late
and time has passed
your hair is all gray
and you’ve aged

looking up at your family
as you lay like a child
reminiscing loving,
and feeling complete all the while
and smile,
you did it.
you lived life to the fullest
and took the biggest gulp of life until there was none left to drink

the windows to your soul
are closing,
as the curtains flail wildly
and silently
you bid adieu

[#Kanji of the Day] Monday April 24, 2017 (Heisei 29):慟哭

Japanese Romaji: doukoku
Japanese Meaning: wailing / lamentation / wail / lament

dou - be sad / grieve

koku(ne, na) - weep / wail / moan

Chinese Pinyin: tòngkū
Chinese Meaning: to weep bitterly / to wail / to cry one’s heart out

tòng - extreme grief / deep sorrow / sadness / weep bitterly / wail / mourn / be moved

kū - to weep / to cry / to sob / to wail / to whimper

Kanji Count | Word Count: 2812 | 1758

alternativegothicweirdo-deactiv  asked:

How do I make my acquintances,parents friends etc get the point I'M NOT in love with somebody?

It is likely too late.  Announcing things with a capital NOT leads to suspicion.  (“There is NOT a prisoner in my basement,” for instance, is likely to summon the police.)  Wander around weeping bitterly, and perhaps others will believe that, while you were in love previously, it has ended dramatically and left you bitter but wiser.

“Pheu pheu, ti prosderkesthe m ommasin, tekna;”
[[Alas, alas, why do you gaze at me with your eyes, my children.]]—Medea.

Do ye hear the children weeping, O my brothers,
     Ere the sorrow comes with years ?
They are leaning their young heads against their mothers, —
     And that cannot stop their tears.
The young lambs are bleating in the meadows ;
  The young birds are chirping in the nest ;
The young fawns are playing with the shadows ;
  The young flowers are blowing toward the west—
But the young, young children, O my brothers,
     They are weeping bitterly !
They are weeping in the playtime of the others,
     In the country of the free.

Do you question the young children in the sorrow,
     Why their tears are falling so ?
The old man may weep for his to-morrow
     Which is lost in Long Ago —
The old tree is leafless in the forest —
  The old year is ending in the frost —
The old wound, if stricken, is the sorest —
  The old hope is hardest to be lost :
But the young, young children, O my brothers,
     Do you ask them why they stand
Weeping sore before the bosoms of their mothers,
     In our happy Fatherland ?

They look up with their pale and sunken faces,
     And their looks are sad to see,
For the man’s grief abhorrent, draws and presses
     Down the cheeks of infancy —
“Your old earth,” they say, “is very dreary;”
  “Our young feet,” they say, “are very weak !”
Few paces have we taken, yet are weary—
  Our grave-rest is very far to seek !
Ask the old why they weep, and not the children,
     For the outside earth is cold —
And we young ones stand without, in our bewildering,
     And the graves are for the old !“

"True,” say the children, “it may happen
     That we die before our time !
Little Alice died last year her grave is shapen
     Like a snowball, in the rime.
We looked into the pit prepared to take her —
  Was no room for any work in the close clay :
From the sleep wherein she lieth none will wake her,
  Crying, ‘Get up, little Alice ! it is day.’
If you listen by that grave, in sun and shower,
  With your ear down, little Alice never cries ;
Could we see her face, be sure we should not know her,
  For the smile has time for growing in her eyes ,—
And merry go her moments, lulled and stilled in
     The shroud, by the kirk-chime !
It is good when it happens,” say the children,
     "That we die before our time !“

Alas, the wretched children ! they are seeking
     Death in life, as best to have !
They are binding up their hearts away from breaking,
     With a cerement from the grave.
Go out, children, from the mine and from the city —
  Sing out, children, as the little thrushes do —
Pluck you handfuls of the meadow-cowslips pretty
  Laugh aloud, to feel your fingers let them through !
But they answer, ” Are your cowslips of the meadows
     Like our weeds anear the mine ?
Leave us quiet in the dark of the coal-shadows,
     From your pleasures fair and fine!

“For oh,” say the children, “we are weary,
     And we cannot run or leap —
If we cared for any meadows, it were merely
     To drop down in them and sleep.
Our knees tremble sorely in the stooping —
  We fall upon our faces, trying to go ;
And, underneath our heavy eyelids drooping,
  The reddest flower would look as pale as snow.
For, all day, we drag our burden tiring,
     Through the coal-dark, underground —
Or, all day, we drive the wheels of iron
     In the factories, round and round.

"For all day, the wheels are droning, turning, —
     Their wind comes in our faces, —
Till our hearts turn, — our heads, with pulses burning,
     And the walls turn in their places
Turns the sky in the high window blank and reeling —
  Turns the long light that droppeth down the wall, —
Turn the black flies that crawl along the ceiling —
  All are turning, all the day, and we with all ! —
And all day, the iron wheels are droning ;
     And sometimes we could pray,
'O ye wheels,’ (breaking out in a mad moaning)
     'Stop ! be silent for to-day ! ’ ”

Ay ! be silent ! Let them hear each other breathing
     For a moment, mouth to mouth —
Let them touch each other’s hands, in a fresh wreathing
     Of their tender human youth !
Let them feel that this cold metallic motion
  Is not all the life God fashions or reveals —
Let them prove their inward souls against the notion
  That they live in you, or under you, O wheels ! —
Still, all day, the iron wheels go onward,
     As if Fate in each were stark ;
And the children’s souls, which God is calling sunward,
     Spin on blindly in the dark.

Now tell the poor young children, O my brothers,
     To look up to Him and pray —
So the blessed One, who blesseth all the others,
     Will bless them another day.
They answer, “ Who is God that He should hear us,
  While the rushing of the iron wheels is stirred ?
When we sob aloud, the human creatures near us
  Pass by, hearing not, or answer not a word !
And we hear not (for the wheels in their resounding)
     Strangers speaking at the door :
Is it likely God, with angels singing round Him,
     Hears our weeping any more ?

” Two words, indeed, of praying we remember ;
     And at midnight’s hour of harm, —
'Our Father,’ looking upward in the chamber,
     We say softly for a charm.
We know no other words, except 'Our Father,’
  And we think that, in some pause of angels’ song,
God may pluck them with the silence sweet to gather,
  And hold both within His right hand which is strong.
'Our Father !’ If He heard us, He would surely
     (For they call Him good and mild)
Answer, smiling down the steep world very purely,
     'Come and rest with me, my child.’

“But, no !” say the children, weeping faster,
     " He is speechless as a stone ;
And they tell us, of His image is the master
     Who commands us to work on.
Go to ! “ say the children,—"up in Heaven,
  Dark, wheel-like, turning clouds are all we find !
Do not mock us ; grief has made us unbelieving —
  We look up for God, but tears have made us blind.”
Do ye hear the children weeping and disproving,
     O my brothers, what ye preach ?
For God’s possible is taught by His world’s loving —
     And the children doubt of each.

And well may the children weep before you ;
     They are weary ere they run ;
They have never seen the sunshine, nor the glory
     Which is brighter than the sun :
They know the grief of man, without its wisdom ;
  They sink in the despair, without its calm —
Are slaves, without the liberty in Christdom, —
  Are martyrs, by the pang without the palm, —
Are worn, as if with age, yet unretrievingly
     No dear remembrance keep,—
Are orphans of the earthly love and heavenly :
     Let them weep ! let them weep !

They look up, with their pale and sunken faces,
     And their look is dread to see,
For they think you see their angels in their places,
     With eyes meant for Deity ;—
“How long,” they say, “how long, O cruel nation,
  Will you stand, to move the world, on a child’s heart, —
Stifle down with a mailed heel its palpitation,
  And tread onward to your throne amid the mart ?
Our blood splashes upward, O our tyrants,
     And your purple shews your path ;
But the child’s sob curseth deeper in the silence
     Than the strong man in his wrath !”


The Cry of the Children

Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Graphic - James Jean